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Dunzo Clone Script

A flexible solution capable of delivering anything and everything.

OnMobee, a Dunzo clone allows you to handle multiple service online ordering and delivery operations under the one solution. Our multi service delivery script has advanced immersive features that help to run business easily. You can now effortlessly launch and run your multi-service delivery with help of our dunzo clone and also it's allowing you to manage your entire business from the palm of your hand. We offer a user-friendly application for the dunzo clone script on both the web and mobile platforms (Android and iOS). Our dunzo clone app can be customised to your liking and also we provide white-lable solution. You can add any of the services to your business such as food, grocery, medicine, and alcohol, courier delivery, based on your business needs.

Dunzo clone comes with an admin backend panel, vendor panel that works on a web platform, a customer front end panel that runs on a web and mobile device, and a driver app. You can quickly automate your multi-service business with our dunzo clone. This aids in the growth of your company's revenue. We have all of the necessary elements to get your on-demand delivery service off the ground, comparable to the Dunzo clone. Get our prefabricated dunzo clone script to run your business up. Try out our live dunzo clone demo right now.

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Why Do You Need a Dunzo Clone App?

The eCommerce industry is rapidly changing. On-demand apps are growing at an astounding rate in terms of popularity. In the midst of the pandemic, these apps have completely transformed the traditional economic paradigm. Dunzo and similar apps make delivery services more convenient. That provides grocery, food, medicine, meat, and other essential delivery services. The demand for delivery services is growing with the advancement of online services and eCommerce. The Dunzo clone app on the other hand offers more revenue alternatives. However, how effective these apps are in the current covid situation is a question.

Dunzo Clone App Deliverables:

Connect local vendors and service providers under the one platform to serve seamless service to your customers. Here you go the application that provides your brand name.

  • Web Frontend App For Customer
  • Web Backend App For Admin
  • Web Backend App For Vendors
  • Mobile Apps For Customers
  • Vendors Mobile Apps
  • Driver Mobile Apps

What Services Can Dunzo Clone Offer

Our dunzo clone satisfies all of its consumers' needs in a fantastic way. When a Dunzo clone app is available, a person does not need to go to the shop to buy the necessary items. Dunzo clone provides a wide range of services to its subscribers. All of them have been listed below:

  • Food Service
  • Grocery Service
  • Send Gifts and Packages
  • Medicine Delivery
  • Meat and Fish Delivery
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Pet Supplies
  • Pick and Drop Service

Profitable Features of Dunzo Clone Script

Here we listed some major features of our dunzo clone. Get your customized on-demand ordering and delivery service app with complete source code to launch your own application.

Whislist and Add to cart

The customers can add their preferred products to wishlist and purchase them later by adding it to cart

Schedule delivery

This feature allows the customers to schedule the delivery according to their preferred date and time

Wallet and offers

The customers can avail the offers displayed in an app like Dunzo clone and pay directly using e-wallet

In app chat/call

The customers and vendors can communicate with each other via the Dunzo clone app chat/call option

Accept/deny order request

The vendors can either accept or deny the incoming order request according to their convenience

Real-time tracking

Our Dunzo clone script lets the customers to track the status of their anytime using real-time tracker

Commision management

Allow your customers to order bakery and other eatables items from Rappi clone app.

Add/modify product images

The admin can either add or modify the respective products images at the back end accordingly

Push notifications

Our Dunzo clone app notifies the customers about the order, new arrivals, offers etc via push notifications

Multi payment options

An app like Dunzo clone also incorporates various payment options to enrich the end-users comfort

Social media integration

The vendor can also easily integrate their multi-service Dunzo clone script to the social media platforms

Generate reports & analytics

Admin maintains the full-fledged reports and analytics of your multi-service business platforms effectively

Kickstart Your On-Demand Multi Delivery Services With Dunzo Clone App

How Does the Dunzo Clone App Work?

Dunzo clone app is an online delivery application that allows customers to get almost anything from their local retailers at affordable pricing. A consumer can place orders via a mobile application or website, and service providers will receive and deliver the order inside the area. It would be extremely useful for business owners because employing permanent labour is more expensive, however using the Dunzo clone allows them to transport items at very low costs. This solution follows the steps listed below:

  • Select the service you want in the listed categories
  • Find all of the stores that are close to the customer's location.
  • Look through the many catalogues to select a dish that the customer enjoys.
  • Pay selected service online with desired payment method.
  • Chosen service delivered to a specified location.

Features of Dunzo Clone Script For Multi Service Delivery Business

We can assist you in developing legitimate Dunzo clone apps with enhanced and adaptable features in order to reach out to best customer service and, as a result, measure additional revenue possibilities through the app. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to increase your business by implementing newly updated strategies. Our dunzo clone app has four components.

Customer App | Admin Panel | Delivery Boy App | Vendor Panel

Features of Dunzo Clone For Customers App

  • Account settings

    This feature lets the customers to manage their account settings by providing the necessary details
  • Advanced search

    The customers can explore the preferred products in the Dunzo clone app using advanced search
  • Order history and Pre-order

    Our Dunzo clone lets customers to pre-order the products by checking the previously ordered history
  • Real-time tracking

    The customers can also track the status of their order anytime using the real-time tracking system

Features of Dunzo Clone Script For Admin Panel

Robust dashboard

The admin monitors and maintains the functional activities of your multi-service business significantly

Manage users and vendors

All the registered users and vendors complete database are managed in a safe and secured manner

Manage offers and discounts

The admin manages the displayed offers and discounts of products in an app like Dunzo clone efficiently

Other manageables tools

This section manages the refunds, allocated drivers, feedbacks, service categories, invoice generated etc

Analytical insights

The entire analytical insights of the multi-service Dunzo clone is managed by the admin consistently

CMS Settings

The admin manages all your business web contents, images, descriptions, and edit pages simultaneously

Features of Dunzo Clone For Driver App

  • Manage availability

    The driver can manage their availability, opening and closing hours in the multi-service Dunzo clone
  • Accept/deny orders

    This lets the driver to either accept or reject the incoming order request according to their priority
  • Route navigation

    The driver can navigate to the respective customer’s location using Dunzo clone app route navigation
  • Track deliveries and earnings

    Our Dunzo clone lets the driver to the track the deliveries and earning for desired day/week easily

Features of Dunzo Clone App For Vendors

Profile settings

The vendors can set up their profile by providing the mandatory details in the Dunzo clone script

Receive order notification

Vendor receives an order notification once the customer place an order request from their end

Manage orders

This lets the vendors to manage all the assigned orders such as delivered, cancelled, etc appropriately

Manage products

The vendor manages all the listed products in the multi-service Dunzo clone in a simplified manner

Notify delivery personnel

The vendor notifies the specific delivery personnel about the incoming order request from the customer

Earning reports

The vendor can review their earning for a particular day/week/month in an app like Dunzo clone

Why Choose Our Dunzo Clone Script From Us?

OnMobee, dunzo clone is a pre-built multi service delivery app with an efficient and listed on advanced features. And also our dunzo clone script is an easily customizable solution and white label platform.

Full source code

OnMobee provides complete source code of dunzo clone script. You have grantee access to edit and modify with adding new features in the source code based on your business needs in future.

Customizable platform

Any new features can be added to the dunzo clone at any moment from the admin, vendors back-end panel along with mobile apps of your dunzo clone script

Whitel-Lable solution

Our dunzo clone app is a complete white-label solution, it allows you to create a fully functional app in your own name without having to go through the lengthy app development procedure.

Installation and support

OnMobee offers a dedicated crew that will be free of charge to install the dunzo clone script on your server. We also give ongoing assistance and maintenance for three months after the project is completed.

Bug free app

For your business, we provide a high-quality bug-free dunzo clone application. As a result, it is beneficial to establish your own on-demand ordering and delivery service right away.

Ready-made solution

Are you looking for a ready-to-go platform for your on-demand delivery company? OnMobee provides a dunzo clone script that allows you to start your own on-demand ordering delivery business right now.

User-friendly system

OnMobee, dunzo clone script offers complete user friendly application of the admin, vendor panel and mobile apps that helps to run your on-demand ordering delivery business easily

Third-party integration

OnMobee offers to integrate the any third party tools in the dunzo clone script such as a payment gateways, SMS and email integration and automations tools according to your business

One-time investment

Our dunzo clone app is a one-time investment plan only, You need not have to pay for it on any subscription basis. and also we have three different payment terms and delivery phase models

FAQ   about Dunzo clone

We have provided some FAQs for your reference and understanding

Yes, we will provide you a white-labeled solution along with end-to-end support and cutting-edge technologies
The Dunzo clone script can be easily customized according to your business requirements
Yes, we will provide the complete Dunzo clone app web and mobile source code for your business
We will broaden our complete support and assistance even after the Dunzo clone script post production launch
The Dunzo clone can be launched on all major platforms such as Google play store, Apple play store and also in your company’s server
The cost for the developing the Dunzo clone completely relies on the features, functionalities and other requirements
The Dunzo clone script is suitable for all the small-scale and large-scale business platforms
Yes, we can integrate multiple payment options in the Dunzo clone according to your business needs

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