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Udemy provides highly customized attributes integrated with e-learning platform

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Udemy clone script app

Develop your own customizable online teaching and learning platform now

Udemy clone app is the highly profitable online tutoring and e-learning platform used by millions of learners all over the world. The Udemy clone script is in high demand as it connects the bridge between the expertise and the learners. The learning is made simple and easier with the help of this app like Udemy. Our Udemy clone app is designed in a user-friendly way in order to make things simple as such. The learners can access this Udemy clone e-learning platform anytime and anywhere.

OnMobee offers whitelabelled solution along with personalized features and provides interactive e-learning and online tutoring portals. Our Udemy clone script comes with comprehensive deliverables such as learners panel, admin panel, faculty panel. The learners can sign up and surf for the course they want and proceed with the payment and start learning. Udemy clone is one the most prominent e-learning software.

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Why do you need an app like Udemy?

Onmobee’s Udemy clone includes a wide range of advanced features that increases user engagement. Our Udemy clone script allows your users to learn and improve skills. Onmobee has highly skilled developers, to build a better eLearning marketplace like Udemy. Some of our excellent features of the Udemy clone script are course reminders, course discussion, referral links, certificates, learning management, promotions & marketings, etc.

E-learning apps like Udemy provide learners, individual peoples and professionals with an ever-increasing choice of eLearning resources while learning anew from the comfort of their own homes during the COVID-19 circumstance by linking them with the top teachers online from all over the world.

What do we offer in our Udemy clone app?

Our udemy clone script is much more than a simple app; it is a powerful elearning system that can be adjusted and developed to meet your specific needs. So go ahead and reinvent the way you deliver a variety of captivating courses using a comprehensive online platform.

  • iOS app for Learners
  • Android app for Learners
  • Web app for Admin
  • Web app for Instructors
  • Mobile app for Instructors

Why choose our Udemy clone script app?

Our Udemy clone app offers end-to-end solutions with cutting-edge technologies. Are you looking to launch your own online learning platform like Udemy? Onmobee is ready to offer customized solutions and ready-made scripts to kick start your eLearning platform. Get the best Udemy clone app from Onmobee. The major benefits of the Udemy clone app are listed below


The dashboard manages and maintains all the ongoing activities of the Udemy clone in an appropriate manner

Browse lectures

The learners can browse for the lecture notes listed in the udemy clone app and choose according to their preference

Sell courses easily

The udemy clones app also sells course, lectures online and generate a payment link and get paid accordingly

Questions and Answers

The app like udemy clone provides inclusive questions and answers for wide range of topics

Feedbacks and reviews

The learners/instructors admin can manage their feedbacks and reviews about your services

Social login

Our udemy clone app offers single sign in option using the social media accounts such as facebook, twitter etc

How does our Udemy clone app work?

  • Signup

    The user can sign up to the Udemy clone app by providing their credentials such as email ID, phone number or other social media accounts
  • Browse the course

    The user can browse the course he / she which to choose in the Udemy clone app and then proceed
  • Add to cart

    The user can add the course they want to the cart and then proceed to checkout in order to buy the course
  • Proceed to pay

    Once the checkout process is completed. The user can pay the respective amount for the desired course
  • Get the course

    The user can get the complete access to the course and can login to the Udemy clone app anytime
  • Live support

    The user can get back to the technical team for any support and assistance. The team is available 24x7
  • Ratings and reviews

    The user can upload their ratings and reviews in the Udemy clone app once the course gets completed

Want to develop your own eLearning platform like Udemy App?

Features of Udemy clone app for Admin panel - Web app

The admin carries away the process in a lucid manner and seamlessly works with our expertise in an effective way.


The admin manages and maintains all the on-going activities of the udemy clone app in an appropriate manner

User management

The admin manages and maintains the user’s profile in a secured manner

Blog management

Our udemy clone app manages the blog in an effective way in order to increase more popularity

Page management

The udemy clone app displays all the pages on the site which involves hidden pages, users pages, other authorized pages etc

Commission management

The admin manages the commission process and deducts it in a proper way once after the course gets completed

Manage courses

The admin manages all the courses in the udemy clone in an appropriate manner

Manage profiles

Our udemy clone app manages the learners, faculty profiles in a safe and secured way

Payment transaction reports

The admin takes care of the complete payment transactions of the udemy clone app in a secured manner

Analytic report

The admin maintains the complete analytical reports about the udemy clone app in order to enhance more sales

Features of Udemy clone app for Learners - Web and mobile app

Some of the major features of our Udemy clone app for the learner's panel is listed below

Profile setup

The learners can set up their profile easily with social accounts and providing the basic informations such as name, email id etc.

Browse course materials

The learners can browse for the available course materials in the udemy clone app according to their preference.

    Multi language support

    The udemy clone app supports multiple languages so that the learners can choose their convenient language from the list.

My courses

The udemy clone app offers wide range of courses in order to empower the knowledge of our learners in a skilled way.

udemy clone

Multi payment gateway

The app like udemy clone offers multiple payment options in order to make the payment process a simplified one.

Download the lectures

The learners can download their lectures from the udemy clone app for their references.

Course completion certificate

Our udemy clone app offers the course completion certificate to the learners once after they complete the respective course .

Live support

The learners can reach the support team for any assistance or inquiries. The team is available (24x7).

Features of udemy clone for faculty panel - Web and mobile app

The faculty consistently maintains all the presentations and lectures for the learners and updates it in the Udemy clone app.

Login / register

The faculty member can login or register to the udemy clone app by providing the email address or other social media accounts

Tutor dashboard

The faculty member can manage the course details, learners details, multiple courses, lectures etc in our udemy clone app.

Manage lectures

The faculty staffs manages and maintains all the lectures in the udemy clone app in an appropriate manner.

Add / update notes

All the notes updates or new notes can be added by the faculty members in our udemy clone app.

Resolve inquiries

The faculty members can resolve all the inquiries and doubts in the udemy clone app.

Schedule meetings

The faculty members can schedule their meetings in the udemy clone app according to their availability.


Our udemy clone app will send notifications to the faculty regarding the upcoming lectures, learners queries etc.

Setting Q/A sessions

The faculty members can set the Q/A sessions for the learners in the udemy clone app.


The users can upload their feedbacks in the udemy clone app regarding the lectures, and notes etc.

Frequently asked questions

Although we have portrayed the attractive features and functionalities of our Udemy clone app, we could understand that lots and lots of queries are bothering your mind. We have provided some FAQs for your reference.

Yes, we do provide white labelled solution in our Udemy clone app that can be integrated according to your requirements
Yes, the Udemy clone app is highly customizable loaded with top notch features and functionalities
Yes, we provide you with customized white labelled solutions that can be integrated according to your business requirements.
We provide the complete Udemy clone script source code to you. You are the one and only owner of the source code, we only host the application on the server side
The Udemy clone app offers multilingual support. The user can choose the language they want from the list in the application
The development process completely depends on the features and functionalities you would like to add in the application

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