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Ajio clone app development

A white-labeled solution with complete source code

The eCommerce marketplace like Ajio clone script has emerged on a huge rise in recent years and has witnessed tremendous growth globally all over the world. The Ajio clone app is a reliance retail digital eCommerce initiative and provides vast collections with exclusive offers, discounts, categorized products along with affordable prices for women, men as well as kids. The B2B eCommerce Ajio clone script scales up the small-scale and large-scale retailers business well-being in many aspects

An app like Ajio clone lets retailers easily transform their shops into fashion stores by offering end-to-end support and cutting-edge technologies. Our Ajio clone app incorporates the largest collections of brands and styles with guaranteed offers to fulfill the end-users needs. The online buying and fashion retail Ajio clone script offers customized features, functionalities and quality assured products that are delivered right away to customer’s doorstep. The Ajio clone app is flexible with both the web and mobile ( Android & iOS ) platform

Onmobee has a dynamic team of professionals to develop a ready-made Ajio clone app for your online shopping and fashion retail business in no time. Kickstart your eCommerce retail business with our Ajio clone script and offer the latest collections with new arrivals, designs every day. An app like Ajio clone eases your online shopping business by providing intuitive app deliverables. Get a sneak-peak into the Ajio clone app and streamline your eCommerce platform by maximizing more profit, grow sales and drive your business to a standard level

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Why do you need the prominent Ajio clone script for your business?

Extend your online buying and fashion retail marketplace with our Ajio clone app

Ajio clone- venture into the ultimate fashion and retail destination with best offerings, deals, trendy and standard products along with stylish clothes. An app like Ajio clone captivates a different perspective to your lifestyle by offering a fresh, unique, and accessible outlook to your style. The Ajio clone app incorporates a large collection of products, accessories, and international brands under one roof. The profit-making Ajio clone script facilitates paramount features, functionalities to design a user-friendly eCommerce platform for the end-users. Develop the reliable Ajio clone script for your online shopping and retail marketplace and widen your business all over the world. The various categorized products listed in our Ajio clone script is listed below

  • Men & women clothes
  • Kidswear
  • Home & kitchen
  • Accessories
  • Beauty
  • Fashion jewelry
  • Indie ( The artisan store)
  • Stores
  • Sneakerhead
  • Footwear

Outstanding features of our Ajio clone script

Onmobee provides intuitive features and functionalities for your eCommerce platform

Featured products/ads

The admin displays the features products and ads in the Ajio clone script to enrich more sales and growth

Multiple listings

The Ajio clone app offers a wide range of products/items along with multiple categories and sub-categories

Uninterrupted payment

Our Ajio clone script integrates various payment so that customer can choose their preferred payments

Multi-lingual support

The customer can choose their convenient language in an app like Ajio clone according to their convenience

Offers and discounts

The seller displays various offers and discounts in Ajio clone app to enhance more sales and shopping

Insights reports

The admin manages the complete Ajio clone app business insight reports in a consistent manner

Invite and earn

The end-users can share the Ajio clone script with their family or friends and earn reward points from that

Location-based search

This lets customer's search for the delivery of the products based on the location in our Ajio clone script

Access optimal routes

The delivery staff access the optimal routes to finds the shortest and fastest route and delivers the order

Social media sharing

Vendor can share their working process, products and advertise them on the social media platforms

Inventory management

The inventory is managed seamlessly by integrating the third- party tools into the Ajio clone app

Alert notifications

This feature lets the admin notify the customer’s about the orders, offers, new arrivals via notifications

Are you looking to develop Ajio clone app?

The packages offered by our Ajio clone app

Comprehensive stakeholders of Ajio clone script for fashion retailer business platform

  • Customer android app
  • Customer iOS app
  • Customer web panel
  • Web panel for admin
  • Vendor android app
  • Vendor iOS app
  • Vendor web panel
  • Delivery staff android app

The working function of the Ajio clone script

Quick login

The customer can log in to the Ajio clone app using username, email ID, or other credentials

Advanced search

Our Ajio clone script lets the customers search their preferred products in the search bar

Proceed to checkout

Customers can add selected product to the cart and proceed to checkout and place the order

In-app payment

An app like Ajio clone offers various payment options to enhance the customer's experience

Real-time tracker

The customers can track their order in the Ajio clone app anytime using the real-time tracker

Order delivered

The delivery staff delivers the order to the respective customer’s location in a timely manner

Why do you prefer to choose the Ajio clone app from us?

Extraordinary functionalities offered by fashion and lifestyle brand Ajio clone

100 % source code

White-labeled solution

User-friendly system

Highly customizable app

Third-party integration

Support and assistance

Features of Ajio clone app for customer app

Our Ajio clone script serves the best shopping and fashion retail marketplace for the customers

  • Social media login

    The customer can log in or register to the Ajio clone app by using the social media login credentials
  • Browse products

    The customers can also browse the various range of products/items listed in an app like Ajio clone
  • Place the order

    After selecting the respective product the customer can add the item to the cart and place the order
  • Product category

    Customers can surf for their preferred products under respective category and purchase them easily
  • E-wallet

    The customers can directly pay their payment by using our Ajio clone app secured e-wallet pay option
  • Avail deals

    The customers can search for the featured products under deals and purchase them and avail the discounts
  • Add to favorites

    This section allows customers to add their favorite items to the wish list and purchase it later accordingly
  • Order history

    All the previously made orders in an app like Ajio clone can be reviewed in this order history portal

Features of Ajio clone app for vendor app

The vendor manages and executes the orders from the customers in an appropriate way


The vendors can easily register their stores to the Ajio clone app by providing the necessary information

Store setup

This feature lets vendor set up their store by providing details such as name, location, mail ID, etc

Verify documents

The authenticity of the documents are verified to run the online shopping and retail business smoothly

Manage orders

The vendor manages all the assigned orders, delivered, canceled, yet to deliver, etc in a significant way

Multiple categories

The seller manages and maintains all the products/items categories in a proper and organized manner

Accept or deny

This feature lets the vendor either accept or reject the incoming order request from the customer

Availability Status

The vendor can also manage their availability status in the Ajio clone app according to their preference

Customer support

An app like Ajio clone has a dedicated team of professionals to offer their full support and assistance

Assign orders

With our ajio clone, vendors also can assign the delivery orders to the drivers

Features of Ajio clone app for delivery staff

The delivery staff navigates to the customer’s location and delivers the orders promptly

  • Login/register

    The delivery staff login/register to the Ajio clone script using their registered phone number or email id
  • Proof documents

    All the documents, reports are checked and verified clearly for safety purposes before getting to work
  • Manage Orders

    This featured section lets the delivery staff manage the assigned orders in an appropriate manner
  • Enable availability

    The delivery staff can also enable their availability in an app like Ajio clone according to their preference
  • Accept or reject

    The delivery staff can either accept or deny the incoming order request from the customer accordingly
  • Track pickup location

    The delivery staff can also track the pickup location via the Ajio clone app and reach the destination
  • GPS tracking

    The delivery staff follows the GPS tracker and delivers the order to the respective customer's location on time
  • Review earnings

    The delivery staff can review the earnings for a day/week/month in the Ajio clone script earnings portal

Features of Ajio clone app for admin panel

The delivery staff navigates to the customer’s location and delivers the orders promptly

Dashing dashboard

The admin monitors and manages all the operations of your online shopping and fashion retail business

Manage vendors

The information and documents of the vendors registered to the Ajio clone script are managed by the admin

Manage customers

Our Ajio clone app admin maintains and manages the customer database in a safe and secured manner

Order management

The Incoming and outgoing orders are managed and monitored by the admin in an appropriate way

Categories management

Admin manages the listed categories, subcategories of our Ajio clone script in a well-organized manner

Promotional code

The admin sets the offers and discounts for the respective products of the Ajio clone app at the back end

Payment reports

The payment transactions of the business are executed and monitored by admin in a secured way

Deduct commission

The admin deducts the commission to the respective seller’s bank account after order completion

CMS settings

Admin can modify page settings and contents on the website with help of our ajio clone

The earnings of an app like Ajio clone

The revenue models of Ajio clone script eCommerce marketplace

Shopping advertisements

Advertising a product listed in the Ajio clone app will scale up the business to a wide network and lets the parties involved in the business earn huge profit

Commission for sales

The vendors are charged a respective commission for every sale that taken place in the Ajio clone script and earns a constant revenue from these eCommerce platforms

Setup listing fee

An eCommerce retailer platform charges each and every vendor with a respective amount as a listing fee in our Ajio clone app

Subscription type

The customers can sign up for monthly/yearly subscriptions in our Ajio clone script and earn more benefits such as free delivery, offers, discounts, etc

Frequently asked questions

FAQs for your fashion retailer platform like the Ajio clone app

Yes, we will provide you with personalized white-labeled solutions that can be integrated according to your business requirements
You are the one and only owner of your business source code. We only host the Ajio clone app on the server-side
Yes, the Ajio clone app is 100% customizable loaded with top-notch features, functionalities, and user-friendly interfaces
We assist you in launching the Ajio clone app on all major platforms such as Google play store, Apple play store, and also in your company’s server
We can integrate multiple payment methods in your Ajio clone script according to your business requirements
We will broaden our support and assistance anytime even after the Ajio clone app post-production launch
There is no such specific number. Many end-users can log in to the Ajio clone app and access it simultaneously
The development process completely depends upon the following essentials such as features, functionalities, and other such requirements

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