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Alibaba clone app development

A white-labeled solution with complete source code

The Alibaba clone script is a retail multiple vendor and robust-built eCommerce marketplace which serves multiple customers with high quality and standard services. The captivating eCommerce app like Alibaba clone provides C2C(consumer-to-consumer), B2C(business to consumer), and business to business(B2b) sales services with astonishing features and functionalities.

Our Alibaba clone app enables buyers and sellers to sell and purchase their products or items in a convenient manner. The retail and e-commerce platform like the Alibaba clone script lets the end-users sell and buy the essentials via the website or the Alibaba clone app. We provide you with end-to-end support as well as cutting-edge technologies. The Alibaba clone app is highly compatible with both the web and mobile platforms(Android & iOS).

Are you looking forward to starting your retail and e-commerce platform like Alibaba clone app business? Then you are in the right place! We have a highly talented team of professionals to guide you through the development of the Alibaba clone script for your business. Get started with your Alibaba clone app and bloom your retail and e-commerce business in a streamlined manner.

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The packages offered by our Alibaba clone app

The comprehensive app deliverables and intuitive packages offered by the Alibaba clone script.

  • Android for buyer
  • iOS for buyer
  • Web for buyer
  • Web for admin
  • Android for seller
  • iOS for seller
  • Web for seller

The working module of the Alibaba clone app

  • Login

    The user can log in/register to the Alibaba clone app using the login credentials
  • Search and filter

    The user can search for the preferred item or product in the app like Alibaba clone.
  • Place the order

    This feature lets the user select their respective product/item and place the order.
  • Payment gateway

    The user can pay their bills by choosing their convenient payment method with ease.
  • Track the order

    This lets the user track the status of the order anytime by using the live-tracker.
  • Order delivered

    The delivery staff delivers the respective order to the desired customer’s location.

Alibaba clone script offers a wide range of services

Our Alibaba clone app is a retail and eCommerce platform that sells all the essentials and non-essentials products as well as food and beverages. The cost-effective Alibaba clone script is highly beneficial for both the customers and the business professionals to gather a vast array of people under a single roof. The services offered by the Alibaba clone app is mentioned below for your reference .

  • Agriculture & food beverages
  • Apparel, textiles & accessories
  • Auto & transportation
  • Bags, shoes & accessories
  • Electronics
  • Electrical equipments
  • Gifts, toys & sports
  • Health & beauty
  • Home, light & construction
  • Machinery, industrial parts & tools
  • Metallurgy, Chemicals, rubber & plastics
  • Packaging, advertising & office

Widen your business with our custom-built Alibaba clone app for your business

The eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic situation highly impacted our cost of living in many ways. Many industries and businesses witnessed a huge downfall due to this situation. People were afraid to get out of their homes to purchase their necessities so they started to order their essentials via digital apps like Alibaba clone by being at the comfort of their homes and getting the items delivered to their doorsteps

Our Alibaba script is an online B2B and retail e-commerce marketplace which brings both the buyer and seller in one roof. The magnificent Alibaba clone app lets the buyer sell their products directly to the customers online without any disruptions. The Alibaba clone script has been used by many business professionals and entrepreneurs all over the world. So if you are one among the entrepreneurs hopeful waiting to kick-start your business with the B2B and retail e-commerce platform? Then go ahead with the profitable and productive Alibaba clone app and streamline your business in a lucrative manner

Why do you prefer to buy the Alibaba clone app from us?

White-labeled solution

We will provide the white-labeled solution along with the end-to-end support and cutting-edge technologies.

Complete source code

Our Alibaba clone app is highly customizable so we can add the key attributes according to your preference.

User-friendly system

An app like Alibaba clone offers a user-friendly system with extensive capabilities required for the business.

100% customizable app

Our Alibaba clone app can be easily customizable according to your business type and requirements.

Third-party integration

The third-party tools can be integrated into the Alibaba clone app to enhance your business development.

Support and assistance

We have a dedicated team of professionals to offer their full support and assistance anytime if required.

Highlighted Features of Our Alibaba Clone Script

We will provide you customized Alibaba clone app for your retail and e-commerce platform.

Easy product listings

All the products or items listed in the app like the Alibaba clone are managed and organized significantly.

Setup listing fee

An e-commerce platform like the Alibaba clone app charges the seller with a small amount of fee

Deals and offers

The admin sets forth the deals and offers for the respective products or items at the back end

Multi-language support

Our Alibaba clone app supports multiple languages to enhance the end-users experience.

Featured shop

The featured shop showcases only the respective item or products for the buyers to review

Integrated payment

The end-users can choose their convenient payment method from the Alibaba clone script

Inventory management

The inventory is managed by integrating the third-party tools into the app like Alibaba clone

Location-based shop

This feature allows the end-users to plan their shopping in accordance with their preferred location

Pick up options

This featured section allows the buyer to choose their convenient or preferred pickup options

Buyer and seller chat

Both the seller and buyer can communicate easily with each other via the custom chat process

Sub-admin & Moderators

This section checks whether the overall server is safe and also offers any assistance if required

Newsletter management

This feature lets the subscribers and the customers engage with our products and offerings

Features of Alibaba clone app for admin panel

  • Analytical Dashboard

    The admin monitors and manages all the ongoing activities and functionalities of your business
  • Manage profile

    This feature lets the admin manage all the registered user's profiles of the Alibaba clone app safely
  • Manage categories

    This section helps the buyers to make their purchase easier by selecting their preferred category
  • Product listings

    Admin manages all the products listed in the Alibaba clone app in a well-organized manner
  • Payment transactions

    The admin monitors each and every payment transaction of our Alibaba clone script safely
  • Push notifications

    This feature notifies the users about the orders, offers, and discounts, etc via push notifications
  • Analytical reports

    This feature lets the admin to manage the analysis of business growth and earnings reports
  • CMS settings

    The admin can update, add, delete or modify their websites, images in this featured section

Features of Alibaba clone app for seller app

The seller manages all the sales, orders effectively and enriches more growth sales and profit

  • Verify documents

    The authenticity of the documents are verified in order to run the business in a streamlined manner.
  • Profile set up

    The seller can set up their profile by providing the necessary details and list their multi-offerings.
  • Accept or reject

    The seller can either accept or reject the incoming order request from the customer’s accordingly.
  • Manage orders

    The seller can manage all the processing, delivered, canceled, yet to deliver orders, etc appropriately.
  • Manage products

    All the listed products in the Alibaba clone app are managed and maintained by the seller consistently .
  • Sold out history

    The seller can check the previously sold-out products or items along with the date and time in this portal.
  • Availability toggle

    The seller can manage their store’s availability such as the closing and opening hours in a timely manner.

Features of Alibaba clone app for buyer app

  • Easy onboarding

    The buyer can board into the Alibaba clone script by providing their username or social media credentials.
  • Browse products

    This feature lets the buyer browse their preferred products in the app like alibaba clones accordingly
  • Proceed to checkout

    Once after selecting the respective product the customer checkouts to place the order from their end.
  • Add favorites

    The buyers can also add their favorite items or products in the Alibaba clone app and purchase them later
  • In-app chat

    The buyers can communicate directly with the sellers by using the in-app chat and resolve their queries.
  • Invite

    The buyer can also share the Alibaba clone app with their family or friends and earn rewards from that
  • Purchased history

    All the previously purchased products or items along with their cost and details can be viewed in this portal.
  • Ratings and reviews

    The customer drops a feedback once after the delivery staff delivers the order to his / her location.

The revenue model of the Alibaba clone app

The revenue stream for earning a significant income from the retail and eCommerce business.

Transaction charges

The business persons can charge the seller with specific transaction fees/amounts for every successful transactions.


Advertising a product or item will scale your business to a wide range of networks and lets the parties involved in the business profit.

Commission for sales

The sellers will be charged a respective amount for each and every sale and earns a constant amount.

Subscription type

The customers can sign up for a monthly/yearly subscription and get additional perks such as free delivery, offers, and discounts

Frequently asked questions

We have provided some FAQs for your reference and understanding

Yes, we will provide you a white-labeled solution along with an end to end support and cutting-edge technologies!
Yes, the app like Alibaba clone script can be easily customized according to your business requirements
Yes, we will provide the complete web and mobile Alibaba clone script source code for your business.
We will assist you in launching the Alibaba clone app on all major platforms such as google play store, Apple play store and on also in your company’s server.
The development process completely depends on the following factors such as features, functionalities, and other requirements for the business
We will provide our full support and assistance anytime. So don’t worry, we won’t leave you as such even after your post-delivery launch.

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