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Launch your on-demand multi service app with covering all Car Riding & Rental Services, Ordering & Delivery, Pickup & Delivery, and Handyman Services to support multiple businesses.

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Gojek Clone Script app development

Our Gojek clone comes with whitelabelled solutions for multiple services in order to enhance the growth and reputation of your business. Gojek clone offers multiple services in one app. Our Gojek clone application includes all requirements for customers like taxi service, food delivery, parcel delivery, grocery delivery, vehicle service, plumbing service, electronic service, etc. By choosing the Gojek clone script, you can promote multiple on-demand services online. We have a ready-made solution to kick start your Gojek clone business. Onmobee is ready to provide customized solutions as well to suitable for any business type as per your business needs. Onmobee lets you launch your multi-service application business on both the web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS). Still,l looking for a Gojek clone script for your start-up business? Then you are at the right place. Contact us for the Gojek clone demo.

What do we provide you with our Gojek clone app?

OnMobee provides you with a comprehensive solution for all your problems! We not only offer a single app, we offer multiple services with user-friendly platforms.

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Why should you utilize a GoJek clone script app?

A GoJek clone script allows you to combine all on-demand service options into one app. Collect enough support to get your on-demand business off to a good start. Our gojek clone app guarantees a customer-centric strategy for greater income and automates business management with feature-rich solutions.

Following the pandemic, our lives have undergone numerous adjustments. It can be described as a complete breakdown of our way of life. We humans are constantly inventing new ways to create our lives safer, more secure, and more comfy. Following the curfew, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of smartphones, and mobile apps are proving to be a lifesaver.

For inescapable reasons, these gojek-like multi service app ideas are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, there is a demand for one app solutions that can provide different on-demand services. That's one called the Gojek clone app.

An application like Gojek clone attracts your customers and increases your business revenue. Using the single app for single-purpose is gone. An app like Gojek clone offers 60+ services under a single platform in just one click. This provides a safe shopping experience for your customers. Onmobee’s Gojek clone is provided with rich features and highly customizable solutions to meet the requirement of your business. Major benefits of using the Gojek clone app are

Wide range of 90+ services in one platform - Gojek clone

Our Gojek clone application is suitable for any business type and model.

We offer a wide range of services for our customers. Our customers can avail for any service they wish and get it delivered right away to their doorstep. Some of the major services are listed below

  • Food deliveryFood delivery
  • Grocery DeliveryGrocery delivery
  • parcel deliveryParcel delivery
  • Flower Delivery Flower delivery
  • Alcohol Delivery Alcohol delivery
  • Medicine Delivery Medicine delivery
  • Laundry DeliveryLaundry delivery
  • Stationary DeliveryStationery delivery

We provide user-friendly ride app service to save your time and cost. It's just like an Uber Taxi with Rental and Pool. The user can choose their convenient service accordingly. Some of the categories of the ride services are listed below

  • Taxi bokking Taxi Ride
  • Moto booking Moto Ride
  • Taxi ride Taxi Rental
  • Moto Rental Moto Rental

We do offer On-Demand and other 52+ Services, which are online or application based platforms. Here, we have provided various categories of services such as,

  • Home services Home related services
  • technician Handyman services
  • Sanitization services Sanitization services
  • Electrician services Electrician services
  • Massage & Spa services Massage & Spa services
  • Repair serviceRepair services
  • Interior serviceInterior service
  • Security Guard serviceSecurity guard services
  • plumbingPlumber
  • Tutor serviceTutors
  • Carpenter serviceCarpenter
  • Mechanic servicesMechanic
  • Beautician ServicesBeautician
  • DJ servicesDJ
  • Body massage serviceMassage
  • Tow truck services Tow Truck
  • Painting ServicesPainting
  • Car wash services Car Wash
  • PhotoGraphy ServicesPhotoGraphy
  • Doctors bookingDoctors
  • Dog walking Dog Walking
  • Baby Sitting Baby Sitting
  • Fitness Coach Fitness Coach
  • Maid serviceMaids
  • Pest control Pest Control
  • Home Painting Home Painting
  • PhysioTheraphy Services PhysioTheraphy
  • Catering services Catering
  • Dog GroomingDog Grooming
  • Vet ServicesVet
  • Snow plows Snow Plows
  • WorkersWorkers
  • Travel agentTravel Agent
  • Tour guide Tour Guide
  • Insurance agentInsurance Agent
  • Security GuardSecurity Guard
  • Lawn Mowing Lawn Mowing
  • BarberBarber
  • Interior Decorator Interior Decorator
  • Lawn Care Lawn Care
  • Carpet RepairerCarpet Repairer
  • gojek-clone Computer Repairer
  • CuddlingCuddling
  • Fire FightersFire Fighters
  • HelpersHelpers
  • LawyersLawyers
  • Mobile Technician Mobile Technician
  • Office Cleaning Office Cleaning
  •  Party Cleaning Party Cleaning
  • PsychologistPsychologist
  • Road Assistance Road Assistance
  • Sofa RepairerSofa Repairer
  • SpaSpa
  • TranslatorTranslator

Our gojek clone customers app screens for your review

Delivery Service

Empower your restaurant with food ordering & delivery application

Want to launch a highly secured app like Gojek clone? Onmobee helps to boost your online ordering and delivery business. Our on-demand Gojek clone platform offers a multi-service model providing a wide range of services for your food business. We are ready to offer solutions for any kind of food business such as

  • Single vendor ordering
  • Multi-vendor ordering
  • Food aggregator
  • Delivery application service

Allow your customer to explore a variety of products with multiple choices

Want to connect your customers and delivery service at a single platform? We have the right solution to kick-start the Gojek clone app. Admin can maintain multiple products and serve millions of customers daily via the Gojek clone app. Looking for a customized solution? Contact us for the grocery delivery application system. The app includes

  • Customer ordering application
  • Vendor back end app
  • Admin back end app
  • Delivery app for the delivery agent

Speed up the delivery process with the automated delivery system

Get enhanced Gojek clone application with unique features from Onmobee. We have skilled developers, who are ready to develop an on-demand app for parcel pick and drop at your doorsteps. The application helps to manage the complete shipping process of various delivery services. The admin back end includes features such as

  • Manage - Vehicle type, parcel info, delivery agent
  • Parcel delivery date & time
  • Parcel live tracking status
  • Verification code from customers

Boost your sales with end-to-end ordering & delivery application

Simplify your online flower delivery with our classic flower ordering and delivery application. Onmobee has a readymade Gojek clone application to instantly kick-start your flower delivery business. Contact us for a customized solution for ordering and delivery business. Want to know what we provide?

  • Native web and mobile app
  • Customer ordering application - Web & mobile
  • Admin management app
  • Delivery app for a deliverer

Get powerful features for alcohol delivery management system

Having multiple branches within the city? We help you provide a robust system to get complete visibility for your alcohol business. We offer solutions for both single vendor / multiple vendor/aggregator models. Get extended features to kick-start your alcohol delivery business. Why wait? Contact us for the Gojek clone demo. Some of the admin features include

  • Stock & order summary
  • View scheduled orders
  • Canceled orders
  • Analytics reports on vendors, customers, delivery staff
  • Order management

Complete technology suit that empowers the medicine industry

The concept of medicine home delivery has been taken to the next level now. Onmobee offers a perfect solution for the medicine delivery system. The Gojek clone offers multiple products/services under a single platform. Some of the features you find in our medicine delivery include

  • Prescription upload
  • Order medicine
  • Stock update / Availability
  • Manufacturer, brand, price , discount details

A perfect solution for doorstep wash & dry clean service

We are not just another pick up dry clean and delivery service. We offer the best laundry delivery application with customer interactive features. Get the affordable Gojek clone application from us. Just with a few clicks you can schedule, manage and get the laundry service done. Some of the services include

  • Find nearby laundry service
  • Invoice generation
  • Multiple booking options
  • Real-time tracking
  • Active order management

Strengthen your business with our Gojek clone application

Onmobee is ready to offer application with features more than Gojek clone. We help you run a successful stationery business with our power-packed features. We are ready to provide a customized solution as per your business requirement. Contact us for a readymade Gojek clone software system. The app includes

  • Admin/stationery owners app
  • Distributors/retailers app
  • Customers app
  • Delivery app

Reliable features of Gojek clone

We provide your comprehensive support and service to your multi service app like gojek.

Profile settings

The user can maintain a profile by updating their name, contact details, location, profile pic, and other information. Which are viewable by the public.

Saved address

The user can save the list of the address which are frequently used. Thus can install track the address under the saved address.

Schedule booking

Schedule booking will make it easy. Allowing your customers to choose the respective date and time zone for their delivery orders.

Booking records

The history of the deliveries along with the date, time, destination, delivery id, price, and other information is recorded.

Multiple payment methods

Onmultiapp allows your customers to pay through various modes of payment like cash, online payment, and wallet transaction.

Live vehicle tracking

Your customers can track the live vehicle tracking, This lets your customers track the current live delivery status.


This feature lets your customers know the feedback and quality of the product. This lets customers engage with your products online.

Estimated travel time

This feature lets you calculate the travel time for the journey. Calculate the travel distance to the destination and the approximate speed.

Trip rate estimator

Onmultiapp lets you calculate the trip cost between two locations. Help you track the approximate budget of the trip.

SMS/ Email notification

The Onmultiapp lets you receive an instant SMS or email notification to your customers regarding any booking or order process status.

Instant notification

Our Onmultiapp instantly alerts you with instant notification on users' order requests, delivery status, payment notification, and cancellation

Call feature

The Onmultiapp application has an inbuilt call feature, allowing your customers to call directly via the app without a contact number.

Promo code

The promo code feature encourages your customers to purchase on the website using the code. Providing a discount based on the code.


Geo-fencing is a location-based service where the application uses GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular data. Make it easy to track the customer's location.


Our Onmultiapp software application checks for the user's credential match in the database of authorized users.

Availability options

The software application allows the admin to determine the availability of the delivery staff. They can set the availability as per their work schedule.

Flexible vehicle option

Our Onmultiapp provides various vehicle options for your customers to select as per their choice. Users can choose any vehicle option.

Analytics tracking

The feature lets you track the complete analytics insight report. This report helps in better decision-making for your online business.

The benefits of using our Gojek clone script

Our Gojek clone app offers inclusive benefits to ensure user-friendly experience

  • 40+ Multi services

    Our Gojek clone script offers multi services under the one roof for your taxi to delivery service business of food, grocery and other handyman services
  • Minimum effort

    Launching app like gojek requires minimum effort from you to get a on-demand multi service app with customized advanced features
  • Scalable solution

    The robust build Gojek clone manages and maintains the scalability of the app in a seamless way and enriches the systems performance and growth
  • On-time delivery

    The app like Gojek clone lets the customers order (or) request the service they want and get it fulfilled within an estimated time.
  • Better ROI

    The ROI( Return on investment) is referred to as the financial metrics. It compares the gain and loss relative to its cost
  • Commutable design

    The commutable design is used for graphical user interface. It will adapt to any screen and size
  • Secured platform

    Our Gojek clone app provides high security and reliability so as to enrich the user-experience

How does our Gojek clone app software work?

  • 1

    Register / login

    The user can register / login to the Gojek clone app by providing their email ID or social media accounts like google, facebook etc

  • 2

    Surf the service or product

    The user can surf for the service or product they want in the Gojek clone app

  • 3

    Place the order

    The user can place the order from their end once they have selected their choice of service / product

  • 4

    Initiate payment

    The user can choose their comfortable mode of payment listed in the Gojek clone app

  • 5

    Order delivered

    The delivery staff delivers the order to the customer location in a timely manner

Features of Customer App - Gojek Clone

gojek multi service ordering app
  • Profile setup

    The customer can login to the app by entering their email ID, phone number or other social media accounts like google, facebook etc.
  • Products search

    The customers can choose the product / items on the application by using the advanced search and sort options
  • Nearby location

    The customer can choose the preferred service from the nearby location accordingly
  • Place the order

    Once after completing all the procedures from their end, the customers can place the order for the desired location.
  • Live support

    The customer can reach us anytime if incase of any query. Our team is available 24x7 to provide assistance
  • Payment methods

    The customer can choose their convenient mode of payment methods such as COD, credit / debit card etc
  • Order history

    The order history such as previous order, processing orders, orders delivered date and time are updated for the customers reference.
  • Instant alert

    Customers are updated about the orders status through the instant alert notification via sms, email etc.
  • Track orders

    Using the tracking system, the customer can view the status of their order anytime and anywhere
  • Ratings and reviews

    The customers can provide ratings and reviews about the service provided or the quality, taste etc.

Features of Admin App - Gojek Clone

  • Dashboard

    The admin manages the ongoing activities in the application and enhances the performance and business growth
  • Manage service providers

    All the service providers registered to the Gojek clone app is managed by the admin in an appropriate manner
  • Manage customers

    The admin manages and maintains the customers profile in a safe and secured manner
  • Manage drivers

    Our Gojek clone app’s admin maintains all the driver details in a significant way
  • Ratings and reviews

    Admin maintains the ratings and reviews uploaded by the customers in a safe and secured manner
  • Promo codes

    Admin can set up the promo code or discounts from their end which can be applied for entire or individual product
  • Pushup notifications

    The admin sends updates such as assigning delivery staff, order completion, payments etc through pushup notifications
  • Payment reports

    The admin maintains and manages each and every transaction taken place in a safe and secured manner.
  • Real time updates

    Admin gathers the real time updates and in order to enhance the productivity and business efficiency
  • Analytical reports

    It collects the qualitative and quantitative datas to evaluate the business process and growth
gojek clone software

Features of Delivery App - Gojek Clone

gojek clone multi service delivery app
  • Register

    The vendor can register to their store, restaurant to the list on the application and can login by using their credentials
  • Vendor details

    The manager can manage the store / restaurant details such as the name, location, address, phone number etc
  • Manage orders

    The manager manages the entire process such as adding / deleting, updating, order received and revenue earned etc
  • Accept / deny order

    The manager can either accept or deny the incoming order request from the customer according to their end
  • Add or delete items

    The manager can either add or delete the item from their end according to their availability and preference
  • Manage categories

    The manager manages the categories, subcategories, ingredient types and the cost of the products from their backend
  • Inventory management

    The store / restaurant manages their inventory by integrating the third party tools into the application
  • Pushup notifications

    The manager updates the customers about the orders and stuff through the instant pushup notifications
  • Payment gateway

    The online payment gateway integrated with the e-commerce platforms to make and receive the payments
  • Customer support

    The customer can connect to the support team in case any assistance is required. They are available 24x7

Features of Vendor App - Gojek Clone

  • Login/register

    The delivery staff can login / register to the app by using their phone number, email Id or other social media accounts like facebook, google etc.
  • Profile overview

    The delivery staff can set up their profile by entering the basic information such as name, address, phone number etc.
  • Manage orders

    The delivery staff can manage and maintain the incoming order request from the customers accordingly.
  • Accept/reject the order

    The delivery staff can either accept or deny the incoming order request from the customer according to their convenience.
  • Order details

    Once the order is placed by the customer, the delivery staff gets the customer details such as location, phone number, address.
  • Raise a query

    The delivery agent can raise a query if incase of any help required from the technical support team.
  • Geo location

    By using the Geo location, the delivery agent can find the exact location of the customer and then deliver the order.
  • Optimal routes

    The delivery staff can optimize the routes and then calculate the easiest and fastest route for the desired location.
  • Track pickup locations

    The delivery representative can track the pick up location by using the navigator and then reach the location in an appropriate time.
  • Feedbacks

    The customer provides the ratings and feedback about the service provided or about the quality of the food in the application.
gojek clone vendor app

Why do you prefer to buy Gojek clone script from us?

We provide your comprehensive support and service to your multi service app like gojek.

100% source code

We provide the complete Gojek clone web and mobile source code for your business

One time payment

The app like Gojek clone offers one time payment to enrich the business performance in a scalable way

Multi-language (RTL,LTR)

Our Gojek clone app supports multiple languages to enhance the customer experience in a better way

Easy customizable

Our Gojek clone app can be easily customized according to your business requirements

App in your brand name

We offer white labelled solutions for your business along with comprehensive features and functionalities

End to end support

We provide end to end support to your app like gojek to streamline the business performance

Latest technology

Onmobee uses the latest tools and technology on the development of the Gojek clone app to maintain the performance of the app.

Skilled developer

We have highly skilled designers and developers to work on your Gojek clone as per your choice.

Installation & set up

We offer installation and set up of Gojek clone application on your server free of cost.

Frequently asked questions about our gojek clone

Even Though we offer customized features and functionalities for your business, we could understand that many queries are disturbing your mind as a customer and as a business owner.

Gojek clone is web and mobile application for a on-demand business app that offers 40+ services such as taxi app, food, grocery delivery and other handyman services
Yes, it's very easy and simple to set up an application like gojek with our help of ready-made script of gojek clone.
Yes, we build complete on-demand business applications for your business with advanced features as you like.
Yes, we provide you with customized white labelled solutions that can be integrated according to your business requirements. Contact us for the Gojek clone demo.
You are the one and only owner of the source code. We only host the application on the server side.
Yes, we can integrate multiple payment methods such as COD, credit / debit card, UPI payment, netbanking etc according to your convenience.
Yes, the Dunzo clone app is highly customizable loded with top-notch features and functionalities.
We assist you in launching the Gojek clone app in all platforms such as google play store, apple play store and also in your company’s server.
We provide our support and assistance anytime. So don't worry we will not leave you as such even after your final release.
The cost of the application entirely depends on the features and functionalities that you would like to add in your application.

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