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Launch your own ecommerce platform with our Flipkart clone app for your online businesses including web and mobile platforms

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Flipkart clone script app development

Flipkart clone script app development

OnMobee offers online shopping and delivery systems like the Flipkart clone script. It allows the vendor to easily connect to their customers in a single location without any discomfort. We provide you comprehensive solutions for all your products and services. Flipkart clone app is compatible with the ios, mobile and web platforms. We offer a ready-made Flipkart clone app to enhance your business development in a profitable way. With the help of this Flipkart clone script, the vendor can easily track their orders live with the help of the GPS tracking and also ensure that the order is delivered to the customers in a timely manner. There is no such specific number. Any number of vendors can register their store to the app with multiple products, categories, subcategories etc. Hoping to sell your products in a safe and secured manner? Then the Flipkart clone script is the best choice for you. Flipkart is one of the top online stores, well know for product options. Onmobee’s Flipkart clone provides an extensive range of shops for your customers. Our Flipkart clone application offers both on-demand ordering and delivery app.

We provide white labelled solutions along with personalized features and functionalities in accordance to your business requirements. Our Flipkart clone is applicable for both the single and multiple vendor businesses. We have designed the app in a user-friendly and lucrative manner to make things simple to understand. Our featured-packed Flipkart clone script lets you seamlessly manage your e-commerce system. Our software application is highly flexible to meet the specifications of your business. Onmobee has skilled developers, who use robust technology to deliver a better shopping experience for your customers. Contact us for the Flipkart clone script.

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What do you get with our Flipkart clone app?

The e-commerce platform has reached the greatest heights in recent times. We offer you multi-vendor eCommerce platforms for all your business. Our Flipkart clone application supports both single and multi-vendor platforms providing a solution for any business type. Onmobee’s Flipkart clone allows connecting millions of customers with multiple vendors. This enables multiple vendors to expand their business growth by selling their products online all over the world.

We offer end to end solutions for your online shopping and delivery businesses. Our Flipkart clone app provides a seamless process along with customized features and functionalities. Many consumers use this Flipkart platform to broaden their business in a profitable way. It connects millions of people all over the world. With no doubt, Flipkart has proved to be the most promising eCommerce platform with its beneficial attributes. We provide your below listed app deliverables in your brand name.

  • Web app for customers
  • iOS app for customers
  • Android app for customers
  • Web app for Admin
  • Web app for service providers
  • iOS app for service providers
  • Android app for vendors
  • Mobile app for delivery agents (iOS and Android)

Why choose our Flipkart clone script?

The flipkart clone script is the ready made ecommerce platform used by millions of people all over the world. We offer highly customized white labelled solutions along with top notch features and functionalities in order to enrich your business. It is compatible with both the web and mobile platforms. The customers shop their orders online and get it delivered right away to their doorstep in a hassle free manner. Our Flipkart clone script has inbuilt features and functionality to explore your business and attract your customers to shop online. Now get a feature-rich readymade Flipkart clone website with advanced features. We have an eCommerce platform with relevant features and functionality of Flipkart.

User friendly system

Our flipkart clone app is designed in a user-friendly manner to enrich the user-experience

White-label solution

We offers white-label solution along with comprehensive features and functionality in our Flipkart clone app

Easy customizable app

The Flipkcart clone app can be easily customized according to your business requirements

Complete source code

We offer complete Flipkart clone script web and mobile source code for your business

Multi language support

The app like Flipkart clone offers multiple languages in order to enhance better user experience

Reduced cost and time

The Flipkart clone script reduces the cost and time of the end users in a significant way

Third party integration

The third party tools can be integrated with the Flipkart clone app in order to enhance the business growth

Multi payments options

The Flipkart clone app can incorporate multiple payment options such as COD, credit / debit etc according to your business needs

Support and maintenance

Our Flipkart clone app has a dedicated support team available 24x7 to provide their full support and assistance

Major features of our Flipkart clone app

We provide customizable app and whitelabel solution for your ecommerce business

  • Intuitive dashboards

    We provide detailed analytics data and an easy-to-use dashboard to keep them updated about the activities
  • Search and sort option

    The user can search the item / product they want and proceed with the next process
  • Categories

    The item has been put into various categories accordingly and then picked up without any disrupt
  • Payment gateways

    We can integrate multiple payment gateways according to the business requirements
  • Push notification

    Notifying customers consistently regarding the latest updates, offers, discounts via the in app notifications
  • Real time tracking

    It is used to automatically identify the customer’s location, orders or the delivery agents location in real time
  • Management tools

    The management tools enhances the hierarchy of the tasks and activities of business in an efficient way
  • Social media

    It directly converse to the customers about the products and expand the online shopping platforms growth

How does our Flipkart clone app work?


Login or register

The customer can register or login by entering their credentials such as name, address, phone number etc


Place the order

The customers can browse, select, add in cart and then proceed to pay and place the order via the Flipkart clone platform.


Initiate payment

The customers can process the payment via the e-wallet, COD, UPI payment, credit / debit card etc


Order delivered

The delivery agent delivers the order to the respective customer in a timely manner


Payment transfer

The admin receives the initiated payment and then allocates the desired amount for the seller

Looking for Flipkart Clone Script App to Start
Your Ecommerce Marketplace Business?

Features that make our Flipkart like app unique

We have listed flawless features in our flipkart clone script that helps to launch your ecommerce platform easily

  • Login

    The customer can login or register to the app by using their email ID, phone number or other social media accounts
  • Surf items

    The customers can surf for the product or item they want with the help of search and sort options
  • Items category

    Items are categorized and subcategorized accordingly. The customers can opt for the item they want from them
  • Wish lists

    The customers can save their favourite items in the wish list and purchase it later accordingly
  • Add to cart

    The users can add the list of items to the cart by checking the price, availability etc and proceed to checkout
  • Place the order

    Once all the process are completed, the customer can proceed and place the order
  • Order history

    The user could view the previous orders, pricing details in the order history for their reference
  • Payment gateway

    The customers can choose their convenient mode of payment methods such as COD, credit / debit card etc
  • Shipping address

    The customer can edit or change the shipping address anytime according to their preferences
  • Live support

    The support team is available 24x7. The customer can reach to them incase of any inquiries
  • Dashboard

    The admin seamlessly manages all the ongoing activities in the ecommerce platforms in an efficient way
  • Manage products

    The admin can update, delete, add or modify the products or items according to their priority
  • Manage orders

    The admin manages the number of orders dispatched, cancelled, in process etc in an appropriate manner
  • Push notifications

    The admin updates the infos such as order completion, payments, assigning drivers via the push notification
  • Manage categories

    Admin manages the categories, subcategories and types of ingredients in an hassle free manner
flipkard clone admin
  • Promos

    The admin sets forth the offers and discounts which is applicable for the entire products or the individual products
  • Return on investment

    ROI is a financial metric that compares the gain and loss of the investment relative to its cost
  • Manage transactions

    The admin manages the payments and transactions in a safe and secured manner
  • Manage inventory

    The inventory is managed seamlessly by integrating the third party tools into the application
  • Manage ratings and reviews

    The admin manages the ratings and reviews uploaded by the customers in a secured manner
  • Register

    The vendor can register their store / product to the list in the application and login using their credentials
  • Product / store info

    The vendor can update about the product or the store info such as name, phone number, location, description etc
  • Product management

    The vendor monitors the availability of the product seamlessly and update its info etc
  • Add or delete products

    The vendor can either add or delete the products according to their comfortness
  • Category management

    The vendor manages the categories, subcategories availability in a effective manner
  • Order management

    The vendor can view the number of orders received, delivered cancelled accordingly
  • Deals management

    With the help of the deals and offers, the vendor enlarges their business growth and development
  • Inventory management

    All the inventories such as stocked out products, availability products are managed
  • Solve customer queries

    All the queries about the item, price etc are answered and resolved by the vendor smoothly
  • Support and maintenance

    The customers can reach the support team anytime. They are available 24x7
  • Login or register

    The delivery agent can register or login to the app by using their email ID, phone number or other social media accounts
  • Profile overview

    The delivery agent can set his / her profile by entering the basic details such as name, age, location, phone number etc
  • Manage orders

    The delivery agent manages all the incoming order request in an efficient and timely manner
  • Accept or deny orders

    The delivery agent either accepts or rejects the incoming order request according to their priority
  • GPS tracking

    The GPS tracking enables the delivery agent to find the exact location of the customer and deliver the order
  • No to paper work

    The delivery agent can get rid of paperwork and manage everything easily with the help of this app
  • Access to optimal routes

    By optimizing the desired location the delivery agent can find the shortest and fastest route
  • Reward earned

    The delivery agent can refer the app to his family, friends or relatives and can earn reward from that
  • Track pickup locations

    By using the navigator app, the pickup location can be tracked in a consistent manner
  • Feedbacks

    The customer uploads feedback once the delivery agent delivers the order to his / her location

A Various Supports of Our Flipkart Alternative

Our flipkart clone script supports wide range of business that helps to start multi delivery business in one application

Food Delivery

Deliver nothing beyond happiness to your consumers with a dazzling on-demand food delivery platform that allows users to place orders, pay online, and have mouthwatering cuisine delivered right to their home.

Grocery Delivery

Our Flipkart clone app offers multi vendor grocery ordering and delivery marketplace for our fortune customers. The customers can place their orders anytime and can also schedule the delivery for later according to their preferences

Alcohol Delivery

The app like Flipkart clone lets the customers to browse their favourite drinks, beverages online and initiate the payment and get the ordered item delivered to their location within an estimated amount of time

Multi Service Delivery

Our Flipkart clone app offers other multi-service deliveries in order to provide user-friendly experience to the customers and enhance the business in a more reliable manner in order to earn more sales and revenue

Vehicle Rentals App

Our flipkart clone app offers the custom-built vehicle rental app with inclusive features and functionalities. The customers can select the vehicle they want and book it online and enjoy the seamless service

Hotel Bookings App

Our Flipkart clone app has featured the hotel booking app for the customers who are searching for online hotel booking apps during vacations. These online apps are drafted in a user-friendly manner and is compatible with both the web and mobile (android & iOS) platforms

Pizza delivery service

Want to take your pizza delivery business to next level? Our Flipkart clone script provides a complete end-to-end solution for the pizza ordering and delivery business. Our Flipkart clone app lets your customers order customized pizza.

Flower ordering business

Deliver flowers to customers’ places with our on-demand Flipkart clone app. Make it easy for your customers to order flowers and get them delivered to their location, on time. Contact us for the Flipkart clone demo.

Meat door delivery

Onmobee offers customized solutions for meat-selling business people too. Our Flipkart clone is highly suitable for any type or kind of business. Flipkart clone app comes with both ordering and delivery app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though we offer personalized features and functionalities for your business, we could completely understand that lots and lots of inquiries are snatching your mind as a customer and business person.

Our technical team will take care of the entire installation process and set up the application for you.
Yes, we will provide you with customized white labelled solutions that can be integrated according to your business requirements.
You are the one and only owner of the source code. We only host the application on the server side.
We can integrate multiple payment methods such as COD(Cash on delivery), UPI pay, credit / debit card etc according to your business needs
Yes, the Flipkart clone app is 100% customizable loaded with highly advanced features and functionalities
We provide our full support anytime. So do not worry we won't leave you as such even after your final release
We assist you in launching the Flipkart clone app in all major platforms such as google play store and apple play store and also in your company’s server
The development process completely depends upon the features, functionalities and the requirements of the app

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