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Taskrabbit clone app is a prominent e-commerce platform incorporated with multiple features and functionalities

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Taskrabbit Clone Script

Custom built On-demand home service platform for your business

Taskrabbit clone app is an online e-commerce platform that lets the end-users perform their day-to-day tasks like cleaning, plumbing, gardening, home services, etc. The Taskrabbit clone app is highly customizable and offers top-notch features and functionalities along with white label solutions.

The Taskrabbit clone app enhances customers to request the service they have and get it fulfilled by the service providers within an estimated amount of time. The Taskrabbit clone app acts as a bridge between the customers and the freelancers. The Taskrabbit clone app is compatible with the web, mobile and iOS platforms. The app-like Taskrabbit clone script is highly scalable and productive due to its inclusive attributes. The customer can avail the service they want just with a single click and enjoy the seamless service experience

Stakeholders of taskrabbit clone app

The Taskrabbit clone app offers intuitive stakeholders for your business

Customer app

The customer can surf for the service listed in the Taskrabbit clone app and place the request via the mobile or web app

Admin panel

The admin monitors all the ongoing activities of the Taskrabbit clone app in an appropriate manner

Service provider app

The service provider can list the services they offer in the Taskrabbit clone app and manages them in an efficient way

Inclusive services offered by Taskrabbit clone app

We offer user-friendly and highly customized multi-services in our Taskrabbit clone app

  • Home-based services
  • Delivery services
  • Home cleaning
  • Electrical appliances
  • Car wash
  • Gadgets repair works
  • Plumbing
  • Beauticians and fitness etc

Cost-efficient Taskrabbit clone app for your business

The Taskrabbit clone offers a first-class service along with comprehensive features and functionalities. The app-like Taskrabbit clone enables the service providers to streamline their services online and profitably enrich their business. By using the taskrabbit clone script the customer can easily opt for the service they want without any trouble. Launch your robust and cost-efficient Taskrabbit clone app and get a sneak-peak to your business

Progress your business to the next step with the help of Taskrabbit clone app packages

Our Taskrabbit clone app offers multiple packages to streamline your business in a significant way

  • Customer android app
  • Customer web app
  • Customer iOS app
  • Service provider android app
  • Service provider web app
  • Service provider iOS app
  • Dispatcher panel
  • Web app panel for admin

The working process of the Taskrabbit clone app

Login / register

The users can login / register to the Taskrabbit clone app using their credentials

Surf services

The customer can surf for their preferred service listed in the Taskrabbit clone app

Place the request

The customer can place the request once after selecting the respective service

Initiate payment

Taskrabbit clone app offers wide array of payment options for the customers

Confirm request

The service provider accepts / denies the requested service from their end


Once the service is delivered the commission gets deducted to the provider

Taskrabbit clone app for admin panel - Web app

  • Dashboard

    The admin monitors all the operational activities of the Taskrabbit clone app significantly
  • Manage customers

    All the registered customers database are managed by the Taskrabbit clone app’s admin safely
  • Manage service providers

    The admin manages and maintains the details of the service providers in appropriate manner
  • Push notifications

    Admin notifies customers about services offered, newly added services via push notifications
  • Manage service

    The admin manages and maintains the multiple services listed in the Task rabbit clone app
  • Manage payment

    The admin manages every payment transactions of the Taskrabbit clone app in a secured way
  • Inventory management

    The inventory is managed by integrating the third party tools into the Taskrabbit clone app
  • Deduct commission

    The admin manages the records about the commission deducted to the service providers

Taskrabbit clone app for customer app - Web and mobile app

  • Login

    The customer can login to the Taskrabbit clone app using their username or other credentials
  • Browse the service

    The customer can browse / surf for their preferred service listed in the Taskrabbit clone app
  • Place a request

    Customer can choose the service from the nearby location and place a request from their end
  • Integrated payment

    This feature lets customer to opt their convenient payment method in the Taskrabbit clone app
  • Schedule later

    The customer can also schedule the service for later in accordance to their date and time
  • Real time updates

    The Taskrabbit clone app sends real-time updates to the customer about the offered services
  • Live support

    The customer can reach the support team anytime in case of any queries or assistance required
  • Ratings and reviews

    The customer can upload their ratings and reviews in the Taskrabbit clone app about the service

Why should you prefer to buy the Taskrabbit clone app from us?

100% source code

We offer the complete Taskrabbit clone script web and mobile source code for your business

End to end

We offer end to end support along with cutting edge technologies in our Taskrabbit clone app

White-labeled solution

Taskrabbit clone app offers white-labeled solution along with comprehensive features

Payment gateway

Our Taskrabbit clone script offers multiple payment gateways according to your business requirements

User-friendly system

Our Taskrabbit clone app is designed in a user-friendly manner to enhance the user experience

Support and maintenance

Taskrabbit clone app has a dedicated support team available 24x7 to provide their full support and assistance

Frequently asked questions

Even Though we offer multiple features and functionalities, we could completely understand that lots and lots of queries are bothering your mind. We have provided some FAQs for your reference for a better understanding

Yes, we do provide the white labelled solution in our Taskrabbit clone app along with top-notch features and functionalities
Yes, the Taskrabbit clone app is highly customizable. It can be customized according to your business requirements
We provide the entire Taskrabbit clone script source code to you. You are the owner of the Taskrabbit clone script source code. We just only host the application on the server-side.
There is no such specific cost, it completely relies on the requirements, features, and functionalities involved in the development of the Taskrabbit clone app
Yes, we do extend our full support anytime. So please do not worry we won't leave you as such even after your final release
The Taskrabbit clone script can be launched on all major platforms such as google play store, Apple play store, and on the company’s server
Yes, we can integrate multiple payment methods in the Taskrabbit clone app according to your business requirements

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