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Launch a robust built multi service platform like Rappi clone app for your business

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Rappi Clone App app development

White-labelled multi service app like Rappi clone with complete source code

The Rappi clone app is one of the on-demand multi-service marketplaces that ensures online delivery in a timely manner. The Rappi clone script offers multiple deliveries under a single roof and lets multiple vendors deliver their products directly to the customers with ease. The multi-service Rappi clone provides end to end solutions along with cutting edge technologies.

An app like Rappi clone is beneficial for both the customers as well as the business professionals who wish to kick start their online delivery business in an efficient manner. The Rappi clone script offers customized features and functionalities along with white-labeled solutions. The Rappi clone app permits you to deliver a wide range of services by broadening its roots all over the world.

We have a dedicated team of professionals to design a profitable multi-service app like Rappi clone for your business and enhance your business in a standardized manner. The multi-service Rappi clone app is highly compatible with both the web and mobile (Android & iOS) platforms.

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Multiple delivery services offered by our Rappi clone script

We provide your comprehensive support and service to your multi service app like gojek.

Food delivery

Get your food delivered by ordering it online from the nearby restaurants.

Grocery delivery

Order your grocery essentials with ease and get it delivered to your doorstep on time.

Medicine delivery

Book your medicines online in the Rappi clone app and get it delivered accordingly.

Alcohol delivery

We offer speedy alcohol delivery so that the customers can order their favourite drink.

Courier delivery

This ensure a fastest and simple courier delivery service with top notch features.

Flower delivery service

Let your customers order and get flowers delivered to their location from our Rappi clone app.

Bakery delivery

Allow your customers to order bakery and other eatables items from Rappi clone app.

Gas & fuel delivery

Take your business to the next level by supplying gas and fuel from Rappi clone script.

Other essential delivery

The users can also avail the other essential delivery services at any time and anyday.

What do you get from our Rappi clone script?

The inclusive packages incorporated in the multi service Rappi clone app

  • Customer Android App
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Customer iOS App
  • Vendor Android App
  • Vendor Web Panel
  • Vendor iOS App
  • Delivery Boy Mobile Apps
  • Admin Dashboard

Why choose our Rappi clone script app from us?

Onmobee offers an all-in-one delivery solution. Our ready-made Rappi clone helps your manage the complete ordering and delivery process. We are ready to offers customized Rappi clones supporting all kinds of delivery services to the end-users. A perfect one-stop solution for all kinds of delivery needs. Contact us for a customized Rappi clone script.

  • Complete Source Code

    We provide complete Rappi clone script web and mobile source code for your business
  • User-Friendly System

    Our Rappi clone app is drafted in a simplified way along with user friendly interfaces
  • White Label Solution

    We offer you white-labelled solution along with advanced features and functionalities
  • Installation & set up

    Onmobee’s developer offers free installation of the Rappi clone and takes care of the setup process.
  • Easy Customizable

    The Rappi clone app can be easily customized according to your business requirements
  • Third Party Integration

    The third party tools can be integrated with the Rappi clone app to enrich the business
  • Support and Maintenance

    Our Rappi clone app’s technical team offers complete support and maintenance anytime
  • End to end support

    Onmobee offers Rappi clone script with complete support on design, development, testing, maintenance.

Working module of the Rappi clone app

User can easily login / register by providing their basic credential

Using the search/filter option the customer can choose their preferred service

Users can place the order request for the specific service they want

Users can choose their convenient payment methods on their

Users can track their ordered delivery status at anytime

Drivers delivers the orders to the customer within an estimated amount of time

Ready to build your own on-demand multi service business platform?

Features of Customer App - Rappi Clone

rappi- multi service ordering app
  • Login

    The customer can login to the Rappi clone app using their username or other credentials
  • Surf for service

    The customer can surf / browse for the service or product they want in the Rappi clone app
  • Place order

    The customer can select the respective service they want and place the order from their end
  • Order history

    The previously ordered item can be viewed in the order history tab of the Rappi clone app
  • Schedule order

    Customer can also schedule the delivery for later according to their preferred date and time
  • Payment options

    This feature lets the customer to choose their convenient payment method accordingly
  • Real-time tracker

    The customer can track the status of their order anytime with the real-time tracker system
  • Ratings and reviews

    Customer’s drop their ratings and reviews about the service provided in the Rappi clone app

Features of Admin App - Rappi Clone

  • Dashboard

    The admin monitors and manages all the ongoing activities of the Rappi clone appropriately
  • Manage orders

    Admin manages all the processing orders, dispatched, pre-ordered, cancelled etc efficiently
  • Manage customers

    This feature lets the admin to manage the complete customer database in a secured manner
  • Manage vendors

    The admin manages all the details of the vendors registered to the Rappi clone app safely
  • Promotional deals

    Admin sets the offers, coupons for the entire or individual product in the Rappi clone app
  • Manage items

    The items or products are managed by the Rappi clone app’s admin in a significant way
  • Push notifications

    The admin notifies the customers about the orders update, new arrivals, deals and offers
  • CMS settings

    Admin can update, delete or modify their websites content, images in this features section

Features of Delivery App - Rappi Clone

rappi-multi service delivery app
  • Login

    The delivery staff can login to the Rappi clone app by providing their user credentials
  • Accept or deny

    The delivery staff either accept or rejects the order request according to their priority
  • Manage orders

    All the incoming order requests are managed by the delivery staff in a simplified manner
  • Geo location

    This feature lets to find and reach the exact location of the respective customer promptly
  • Reward earned

    The delivery staff can refer the Rappi clone app to their friends, family etc and earn rewards
  • Track pickup location

    The delivery staff can also track the pickup location with the help of the navigation system
  • Access optimal routes

    By accessing the optimal routes the delivery staff can find the shortest and fastest route
  • Feedbacks

    The customer as well as the delivery staff can drop their feedbacks about their experience

Features of Vendor App - Rappi Clone

  • Register

    The vendors can register their product or service to the list in the Rappi clone app
  • Store or product info

    Vendors can upload their store or product info such as name, location, phone number etc
  • Manage orders

    The vendor manages all the incoming order request of the customer in an simplified way
  • Accept or reject

    The vendor can either accept or reject the incoming order request according to their priority
  • Manage availability

    Vendor can manage their availability, closing, opening hours etc according to their comfort
  • Manage categories

    The categories, sub-categories etc are managed efficiently to make the purchase even easier
  • Add or delete

    The vendor can also add, delete or modify the products or items according to their priority
  • Customer support

    The customer can reach to the support team anytime for any help or assistance if needed

Frequently asked questions our Rappi clone

We have provided some FAQs for your reference

Yes, we will provide you with white-labeled solutions that can be integrated according to your business needs.
Yes, we provide the complete web and mobile source code for your business. We just host the app on the server-side.
We can integrate multiple payment methods in the Rappi clone app such as COD(Cash on delivery), UPI pay, credit/debit card, etc according to your business needs.
We assist you in launching the Rappi clone app on all major platforms such as google play store and apple play store and also in your company’s server.
The development process completely depends upon the features, functionalities, and requirements of the app.
Yes, the Rappi clone app is 100% customizable loaded with highly advanced features and functionalities.
We provide our full support anytime. So do not worry we won't leave you as such even after your final release.

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