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Amazon clone script app development

Amazon clone script offers a multi vendor ecommerce platform for all your businesses. Onmobee offers an online shopping and delivery service with the Amazon clone script. With the help of the online presence the business professionals enriches their business growth and development in a profitable manner. This enables the vendors to broaden their business growth by selling their products online globally. The vendors can connect to their customers all over the world with a single medium in a hassle free manner. We have designed the Amazon clone app with cutting edge technology with highly scalable attributes and functionalities. Our Amazon clone app is compatible with the ios, mobile and web platforms.

Our amazon clone app is highly customizable and also white labelled solutions. We provide a top notch shopping and delivery platform for large scale and small scale businesses. Any number of vendors can register to the Amazon clone app with their products, categories and subcategories etc. The Amazon clone app can be personalized from end to end to uplift the business in a lucrative way. All the single and multiple vendors can register to the Amazon clone app and enjoy the seamless service. Planning to start your own online business similar to Amazon? Onmobee provides a custom solution and readymade Amazon clone script to kick start your online business. Our Amazon clone script has excellent inbuilt features and functionality to attract your customers and increase your business revenue online. Our software application similar to Amazon has multiple categories and subcategories with a wide range of products. Ready to launch an eCommerce platform with our Amazon clone script? Get intuitive design and customized development is done with our Onmobee developers. We develop an Amazon clones with the latest technology to maintain the performance of the app.

Reliable features in our Amazon clone script

Onmobee has a readymade solution to kick start your online ordering and delivery business. Our Amazon clone script is highly customizable providing complete solutions as per your business needs. We are ready to offer more features and functionality more than Amazon. Contact us for an Amazon clone demo. Launch your eCommerce website with our Amazon clone script.

  • Product comparison
  • Product description
  • Customer ratings & review
  • Price comparison
  • Zoom & zoom out option
  • New arrivals
  • Enhanced product page
  • Delivery area checking

Benefits of Amazon Like App For Your Business

In today's digital environment, an online marketplace platform may help businesses contact a focused audience and swiftly boost brand value Our Amazon clone script allows you to expand and grow your business, considering all features of Amazon clone we provide a complete end-to-end solution. Our Amazon clone script has standalone features, that allow you to kick start our eCommerce store. Our software application gets an easy way to start an eCommerce store and sell any products with our fully featured Amazon clone. Businesses may benefit from top E-Commerce applications for iPhone or Android in a variety of ways. Among them are the following:

  • The introduction of a new product into the market should be done quickly.
  • Product marketing and promotion is simple.
  • Product marketing and promotion is simple.
  • Increased the number of sales conversions
  • There are no limits to the number of customers you can have.
  • Customers are responded to quickly.
  • Payment options that are safe and secure.
  • Reduces operational expenses, for example.

What We Provide You? App Deliverables of Amazon Clone Script

Amazon clone app provides comprehensive solutions for all your problems and offers individual panels for customer, admin, vendors and delivery representatives.

  • Web App For Customers
  • Android App For Customers
  • iOS App For Customers
  • Web App For Sellers
  • iOS App For Sellers
  • Android App For Sellers
  • Mobile Apps For Drivers
  • Web App For Admin

Why do you prefer to buy Amazon clone script from us?

  • 100% source code
  • One time payment
  • User-friendly platform
  • Multiple language(RTL,LTR)
  • Easy customizable
  • End to end support
  • Security and reliability
  • White label solutions

Get your customizable and white label multi vendor ecommerce platform with our Amazon clone

How does our Amazon clone app work?

  • Login

    The user can login / register to the Amazon clone app by using their email ID or phone number and set up the profile by entering the basic informations
  • Place the order

    The user can surf or browse for the product and place it in cart and proceed to checkout and place the order
  • Initiate payment

    The user can choose their convenient mode of payment such as credit / debit card, COD, netbanking, e-wallet etc
  • Order delivered

    The delivery representative delivers the orders to the desired location of the customer in a timely manner
  • Payment transfer

    The admin receives the initiated payment from their end and allocates the respective amount to the seller

Features of Amazon Clone For Customer Panel

  • Login / register

    The customer can login or register to the Amazon clone app by using their email ID, phone number or other
  • Product search

    The customers can surf for the products from the listed categories with the help of search and sort option
  • Wish lists

    The customers can put all their favourite items in the wish list and purchase it later according to their convenience
  • Payment gateway

    The customer can choose their convenient mode of payment method such as COD, credit or debit card etc
  • Add to cart

    The customers can add the items or products to the cart and then check out by completing the payment
  • Place the order

    The order gets placed once after completing all the process and then the estimated date of delivery will be notified
  • Order history

    The customer can check for the previous orders, price, date and time in the order history for their reference
  • Live tracking

    With the help of the live tracker the customer can track their order status anytime and anywhere

Features of Amazon Clone For Admin Panel

  • Dashboard

    The admin manages and maintains all the ongoing activities in the Amazon clone app in an efficient way
  • Manage products

    The admin can manage, add, delete, update the product or items according to their priority
  • Manage orders

    The admin maintains the number of orders delivered, arrived, cancelled etc in an appropriate manner
  • Push notifications

    Admin notifies the update of orders, orders completion, payment transactions etc via the push notification
  • Promo codes

    The admin sets the promo or offers in the Amazon clone app for the entire product or the individual order
  • Multi payment

    We can integrate multiple payment options such as COD, credit / debit card etc according to the business requirements
  • Manage payments

    The admin manages the payment and transactions in a safe and secured manner
  • Manage reviews

    The admin manages and maintains all the reviews posted by the customers in the Amazon clone app

Features of Amazon Clone For Delivery Staff

  • Login / register

    The delivery rep can register or login to the Amazon clone app by using their email ID, phone number or other social media accounts
  • Profile overview

    The delivery rep can set up their profile by entering the basic credentials such as name, location, phone number etc
  • Manage orders

    The delivery rep manages and maintains all the incoming orders in a simplified and elegant way
  • Accept or deny orders

    The delivery rep can either accept or deny the incoming order request from their end according to their preferences
  • Live tracking

    With the help of the live tracking the delivery rep can find the exact location of the respective customer and deliver the order
  • Access to optimal routes

    The delivery rep finds the shortest and easiest route by optimizing the respective location
  • Track the pickup location

    The delivery rep tracks the pickup location in a simplified way by using the navigation app
  • Feedbacks

    The customer drops a feedback once the delivery rep delivers the order to his / her location

Features of Amazon Clone Script For Vendor App

  • Register

    The vendor can register their product / store to the list in the Amazon clone app and login using their credentials
  • Product /store info

    The vendor can enter the basic informations of their store / product such as name, location, phone number etc
  • Category management

    The vendor categorizes the products accordingly in order to avoid the disrupts and confusion
  • Product management

    The vendor manages and maintains the product categories, subcategories in an organized manner
  • Order management

    The vendors can check for the number of orders dispatched, cancelled, received etc and manage it
  • Deals management

    The vendor sets up the deals and offers for a product in order to gain more customers and orders
  • Queries management

    The inquiries about the products, pricing , quality etc are answered and sorted out by the vendors in a perfect manner
  • Customer support

    The customer can contact the support team if any help is needed. The customer team is available 24x7

Why Do You Prefer To Buy Amazon Clone Script From Us?

White-labeled solution

Now you get a white-label solution for our Amazon clone script. You can get it in your brand name.

User-friendly system

Our application provides a user-friendly shopping experience for your customers. Contact us for an Amazon clone demo.

Complete source code

Our Amazon clone script is offered with 100% source code, you have complete access to the code.

Easy customizable

Our Amazon clone script is highly customizable you can add or remove features as per your choice.

One time payment

Our on-demand Amazon clone script is a one-time payment application. No monthly subscription.

Support and maintenance

Onmobee offers end-to-end support. Get free support after the delivery of the Amazon clone project.

Multiple languages

Our online ordering and delivery application support multiple languages both RTL and LTR feature.

Security and reliability

Onmobee has a highly skilled developer, who offers a highly secured and reliable application for your business.

Frequently asked questions

Although we offer customized features and functionalities for your business, we could completely understand that lots of inquiries are bothering your mind as a business person and customer.

Yes, we do provide personalized white labelled solutions that can be integrated according to your business requirements.
You are the one and only owner of the source code, we only host the application on the server side
There is no limit. Any number of products or categories can be added into the Amazon clone app
Yes the Amazon clone app is highly customizable loaded with highly advanced functionality and features
We will assist you in launching the Amazon clone app in all major platforms such as google play store, apple play store and also in your company’s server
The development process completely rely on the requirements, features and the functionalities of the Amazon clone app
We offer our full support anytime. So don’t worry we won't leave you as such even after your final release
Yes, we do provide multilingual support in our Amazon clone app. The customer can choose their convenient language from the list.

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