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Etsy clone app development

White-labeled Etsy clone script with complete source code.

Etsy clone script is a buyer and seller based eCommerce marketplace that lets the buyers explore a wide range of products and shop their favorite products or items online that are listed by sellers around the globe. Our Etsy clone app is highly compatible with both the web and mobile platforms. The Etsy clone app lets multiple vendors sell their products or items online directly to customers all over the world without any disruptions.

OnMobee provides a user-friendly Etsy clone app for all small-scale and large-scale businesses. What are you waiting for? Develop an online buyer and seller app like Etsy clone for your business. We have a dedicated team of professionals to assist you in the development of the Etsy clone app. Kickstart your business with the Etsy clone app and enrich more growth sales and profit.

We provide you a customized Etsy Clone app along with a white-labeled solution. Onmobee’s Etsy clone script provides a remarkable online platform to bring buyers and sellers under a single platform. Onmobee has skilled designers and developers to get your Etsy clone script customized according to your business needs. Contact us for the Etsy clone demo.

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Why Choose Our Etsy Clone Script?

Our Etsy clone app is an online e-commerce marketplace which brings both the buyer and seller under one roof. An app like Etsy clone lets the buyer sell their products directly to the customers via online without any disruptions. Our Etsy clone script is highly beneficial for both the buyers as well as the sellers because of its user-friendly systems .

The cost-effective app like Etsy clone has been used by many business professionals and entrepreneurs all over the world. So if you are one among the entrepreneurs hopeful waiting to kick-start an online buyer and seller ecommerce platform? Then go ahead with the profitable and productive Etsy clone app and streamline your business in a lucrative manner.

  • 100% Customizable
  • Full Source Code
  • White Label Solution
  • Free Technical Support
  • Free Installation Setup
  • Third Party Integrations
  • User friendly Platform
  • Multi Languages

What do we provide with our Etsy clone app?

  • Web Front-End For Buyers
  • iOS App For Buyers
  • Android App For Buyers
  • iOS App For Sellers
  • Android App For Sellers
  • Web Back-End For Admin

Highlighted Features of Our Etsy Clone Script?

We will provide you customized Etsy clone app along with a white-labeled solution.

Easy product listings

The products or items are well organized and listed in the Etsy clone app

Deals and offers

The admin sets the deals and offers for the respective products at the back end

Easy checkout

The buyer chooses the product from their end and then checkout to place the order

Setup listing fee

An e-commerce platform like the Etsy clone app charge a listing fee from the seller

Location-based shop

This feature allows the end-users to plan their shopping based on the location

Pick up options

This section allows the buyer to choose their convenient or preferred pickup options

Buyer and seller chat

Both the seller and buyer can communicate easily with each other via a custom chat process

Featured shop

The featured shop showcase only the specific item or products for the buyers to view

Sub-admin & Moderators

This section checks whether overall server is safe and also offers any assistance if required

Secured & reliable

Onmobee ensures to provide secured and reliable solutions for Etsy clones.

Multiple payments

Numerous payment options are included in the Etsy clone script.

Multi-language & currency

Our Etsy clone script supports both multiple languages & currencies.

Are you ready to develop an e-commerce platform like the Etsy clone app for your business?

The working process of the Etsy clone script

  • Login / register

    The user login/register to the Etsy clone app using the login credentials.
  • Browse the items

    The user can browse for the preferred item or product in the Etsy clone app.
  • Place the order

    This feature lets the user select the product or item and place the order.
  • Payment gateway

    The user can pay their bills by choosing their preferred payment method.
  • Track the order

    This lets the user track the status of the order anytime using live-tracker.
  • Order delivered

    The delivery staff delivers the order to the desired customer’s location.

Features of Etsy Clone Script For Buyers

  • Social media login

    The user can login to the Etsy clone app by using the social media login
  • Browse products

    The users can surf for the respective product they want in the Etsy clone app
  • Search nearby shops

    This feature lets the user to search for the nearby shops from their location
  • In-app chat

    The buyers can communicate directly with the sellers by using the in-app chat.
  • Easy checkout

    Once after selecting the product the customer can checkout to place the order
  • Add favorites

    The buyers can also add their favourite items or products and purchase it later
  • Purchased history

    All the previously purchased products along with its cost and details can be viewed

Features of Etsy Clone Script For Admin?

Analytical Dashboard

The admin monitors all the operational activities of the Etsy clone app significantly

Manage profile

This feature lets the admin manage all the registered user's profiles in a secured manner

Manage listings

The admin manages all the products offered by the Etsy clone app in an effective way

Manage complaints

This feature lets the admin to maintain all the complaints from the users appropriately

Manage categories

This help the buyers to make their purchase easier by selecting their preferred category

Payment reports

The admin monitors and maintains every payment transaction of the Etsy clone safely

Analytical reports

This feature lets the admin manage analysis the business growth and earnings reports

CMS settings

Admin can update, add, delete or modify their websites, images in this featured section

Newsletter management

This feature lets the subscribers and the customers to engage with our products and offerings

Features of Etsy Clone Script For Sellers

Features of Etsy Clone Script For Sellers

  • Setup profile

    The seller can set up their profile by providing the details such as name,email ID, contact etc
  • Manage listings

    The seller checks and organizes the number of listed items in the Etsy clone app from their end
  • Manage availability

    This feature lets the seller to enable their availability by providing the opening and closing hours
  • Social media sharing

    The seller can also share their works process, products etc in the social media platforms
  • Chat with Buyers

    This feature permits the seller to interact with the buyers via the Etsy clone app’s chat process
  • Stats and reports

    The Etsy clone app’s stats and reports are managed and maintained by the seller securely
  • Review earnings

    The seller can reviews their earnings for a particular week/day/month in the Etsy clone app
  • Manage reviews

    The seller manages all the uploaded reviews and suggestions by the end-users significantly

Value added features in our Etsy clone scripts

Google map integration

This feature lets to check the live location of the end-users, find the shortest routes etc

SMS and Email integration

This section manually sends an SMS and email to the end-users about the business orders

Google analytics integration

It offers the basic statistics and analytical tools for the search engine optimization purpose

Multi language integration

App like Etsy clone supports multi-lingual system to enrich the end user's experience

Payment gateway integration

We can integrate the multiple payments options according to your business necessity

Third-party tool integrations

We can add any third party integrations tools such as POS, Shippings and Analytics etc

The revenue model of our Etsy clone app

The revenue models for earning a consistent income in your e-commerce marketplace.

Earn Commission

The sellers are charged a respective commission for every sales and earns a consistent revenue from these ecommerce platforms.

Run ads

Advertising a products will scale up the business to a wide network and lets the parties involved in the business to earn huge profit.

Subscription type

The customers can sign up for a monthly / yearly subscriptions and earn more benefits such as free delivery, offers, and discounts.

Transaction fee

Businesses can charge the product's seller a transaction fee for every transaction made through them after the transaction completed.

Frequently asked questions

We have provided some FAQs for your reference and understanding

Yes, we will provide you a white-labeled solution along with an end to end support and cutting-edge technologies
Yes, the Etsy clone app can be easily customized according to your business requirements.
Yes, we will provide the complete web and mobile Etsy clone script source code for your business.
We will assist you in launching the Etsy clone app on all major platforms such as google play store, Apple play store and on also in your company’s server.
We will provide our full support and assistance anytime. So don’t worry, we won’t leave you as such even after your post-delivery launch.
The development process completely depends on the following factors such as features, functionalities, and other requirements for the business.
The development of the Etsy clone script depends on the requirement of the project, scope, features, and functionality, etc. Our developers are ready to provide a customized Etsy clone app for your business.

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