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Connect patients and doctors in a single platform with our Practo clone app. Launch your own customized doctor appointment booking app.

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Practo Clone Script App

Planning to start your own appointment booking app similar to Practo?

Practo clone is an online appointment booking app, allowing doctor and patient to communicate with each other. In our Practo clone software, patients can find and book for various doctors such as dermatologist, pediatrician, gynecologist, dentist, etc. Our practo clone application has a rich feature doctor appointment booking application for connecting millions of doctors and patients. The Practo clone script, streamline the appointment booking process. Onmobee offers readymade Practo clone script to kick start your online appointment booking business. We do offer customized solutions according to your business.

Onmobee has highly skilled designers and developers to develop your Practo clone app from scratch. Our online doctor patient app is highly scalable, robust, and user-friendly to use for your customers. We develop a Practo clone app script using advanced tools and technology to maintain the performance of the app. Our software application will fit your online health care business model and let you run a perfect doctor appointment booking platform.

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Why Do You Need An App Like Practo?

As you all know, Practo is no.1 online doctor appointment booking platform, connecting millions of doctors and patients in a single platform. With Practo clone script, you can not just manage appointment booking, you can maintain patient records, order medicine, video & audio call consultation, check doctors profile and their reviews, send messages or chat with doctors, etc. All these helps patients to find and choose doctor of their own choice.

Our doctor appointment booking application provides a flexible solution to schedule, cancel and reschedule the appointments. We have unique inbuilt features more than the Practo app. Do you have any new ideas in your mind similar to Practo? Contact us. We are ready to develop a customized doctor patient appointment booking just like the Practo clone. With our Practo Clone app, you can .

  • Find verified doctor
  • Order medicine
  • Book appointment
  • Audio / video consultation

Our Practo clone deliverables :

OurPracto clone script can be used by any entrepreneur or clinic or hospitals or health care sectors, etc. We offer the Practo clone script on both the web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS). We offer comprehensive deliverables to kick start your online doctor appointment booking. Get the perfect doctor patient appointment booking app for your health sector.

  • Web and mobile (Android & iOS) app for patients
  • Web back end panel for Admin
  • Web and mobile app for doctor / clinic /hospitals

Unique features of our Practo Clone Script

Get a customized and white-label online doctor-patient booking app

List practice for free

Doctors can enroll themself for free too in our Practo clone script. These lists will be displayed for patients under the free

Verified doctor

For doctors to get verified in Practo clone script, they need to provide their registration number, & registration fee.

Book appointment

Patients can look for doctors in Practo clone and can instantly book appointments with them for consultation

Consult top doctors

In our Practo clone script, top doctors are listed based on their specialization, years of experience, ratings, etc.


Our Practo clone has an inbuilt pharmacy for the patients to buy medicine and health products online.


Patients can easily book the diagnostic test provided with various packages and pricing. Book for the medical test in Practo clone.

24/7 video consultation

Our Practo clone application allows patients to get in touch for consultation via video call with doctors


Calendar is found inbuilt in our Practo clone, patients get to know doctors available and unavailable status in prior.

Chat with doctors

Patients can instantly chat with doctors when they are online, else the text is notified as a message later

Digital prescription

Doctors provide medical prescriptions in the form of a digital method. Patients can download digital prescriptions from Practo clones


Regular patients can take up a membership account to avail offers and discount on consultation with doctors and medicine orders


Patients pay to doctors online or through wallets from our Practo clone script. The history of payment is maintained here

Why choose the Practo clone script from Onmobee?

Our Practo clone script offers the best doctors and patient connect platform. Here is the reason below to choose Onmobee for the Practo clone app .

100% source code

We offer a complete 100% source code of Practo clone script on web and mobile platforms.

Highly customizable

Get customizable solutions for your doctor-patient booking app for your clinic /hospital.

White label solution

We offer a white-label solution for Practo clone script in your own brand name and logo

Free installation & set up

Onmobee offers Practo clone installation & setup done on your server free of cost

Continuous support

We offer continuous 3 months of free support and maintenance after the delivery of the project

Latest technology

Onmobee uses advanced tools and technology to maintain the performance of the app

How does our Practo clone app work

  • Register / login

    Doctors, as well as patients, can register and log in to their accounts by providing the username and password.
  • Browse for the doctors

    Patients can look for various specialized doctors based on their years of experience, reviews, degrees, consultation fees, etc.
  • Book appointment

    Patients can book appointments on the Practo clone calendar depending on the doctor’s availability and holiday dates.
  • Take consultation

    Once the appointment is booked, patients and doctors get notified for the consultation of the day in the Practo clone app
  • Provide reviews

    After consultation with doctors, patients can provide ratings and reviews based on their consultation.

Want to develop your own doctor appointment booking app like the Practo app?

Features of Practo clone app for Patients

  • Register & login

    In our Practo clone script, the patients can register by providing the contact number and their mail id.
  • Patient profile

    Patients can maintain their profile details such as name, profile pic, age, gender, address, health history, patients reports, feedback, etc
  • Patient Appointment

    Patients can reach doctors by booking appointments via the Practo clone app based on the availability of the doctor.
  • Patient lab test

    In our Practo clone script, the patient’s test report such as blood test, urine test, and other lab test reports is maintained here.
  • Patient medicine record

    In our Practo clone script, patients’ medicine prescriptions are maintained here. They can order online from the Practo clone app.
  • Online consultation

    A list of pending consultations with doctors is noted here with the respective date and time in our Practo clone script
  • Patient feedback

    The patients can provide feedback to the consulted doctors alone. That given feedback is maintained here
  • Medicine order

    Our Practo clone script allows your patients to order medicine via the Practo clone platform itself.

Features of Practo clone app for Admin panel


Onmobee’s Practo clone script offers an intuitive and robust dashboard to manage the patients and doctors online.

Push notification

Admin gets notified continuously regarding the doctor’s appointment booking, consultation update, payment process, reviews, etc

Manage Patients

he list of consulted patients is managed from the admin backend panel. The newsletter can be sent to them for any updates

Manager doctors

Verified doctors and practice for free doctors are managed and can be tracked from the admin back end panel


In our Practo clone script, reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly based on the new & old booking

Manage payments

Admin can add various payment methods in the backend panel for patients and also set up a commission easily

CMS settings

Admin has access to update and modify the website, content, layout, images, and other categories in Practo clone.

Manage doctors reviews

Admin has complete access to enable or disable the reviews provided by the patients to doctors


Admin receives commission automatically once the payment is done by the patient to the doctor via Practo clone

Features of Practo clone app for the doctor

  • Register & login

    Doctors can register and log in by providing the verification proof, contact details, number, mail id, etc.
  • Doctors profile

    In our Practo clone script, doctors’ profiles include medical specialization, degree, years of experience, city, bio info, profile pic, etc
  • Specialization

    The doctor’s specialization information and their consultation fee details are updated under these features
  • Doctors availability

    Doctors can set their available and unavailable timing and date in the Practo clone calendar for patient reference
  • Cancel appointment

    The doctor can send an appointment cancelation request to the patient at any time based on their schedule
  • Chat / audio / video call

    Patients can get in touch with doctors via chat or audio call or video call for the consultation in our Practo clone script
  • Reports

    Doctors can have complete insight into their work by tracking the appointment booking, calls, the number of patients attended, etc.
  • Alters/reminder

    In our Practo clone script, doctors get a gentle reminder regarding their today’s schedule after logging into the Practo clone

FAQ on Practo Clone Script

Yes, we are ready to provide you customized Practo clone app according to your business needs. Any new features or functionality can be added according to your ideas to the app
The delivery time of a Practo clone app depends on several factors such as customization requirements, features, functionality, deliverables, etc
Onmobee offers continuous 3 months free support and maintenance after the delivery of the Project. We guide you running the business smoothly.
Apart from the regular chat system, we can also include WhatsApp API integration, Facebook messenger API, Google Hangout API, another chat app that can be integrated into your Practo clone app to enable a perfect audio / video call consultation.
Yes, we provide you the complete 100% source code of the Practo clone app. You have all right to edit or remove the code from the admin back end panel.
Yes, We can provide your customized solution by enabling only appointment booking features to your software. Making a simple appointment booking app.
The cost of the Practo clone application depends on your requirement of the project, deliverables web or mobile, the scope of the project, features and functionality, etc.
We have highly skilled designers and developers, who are ready to offer you the Practo clone app for your hospital with multiple doctor and patient login in a single platform. Contact us for a customized solution.

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