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Teladoc clone app development

A white-labeled solution with complete source code

The Teladoc clone script for the healthcare industry is witnessing huge demand and popularity in these modern days. The online Teladoc clone app lets healthcare professionals carry their work in a streamlined manner with ease. An app like Teladoc lets the patients to reach their preferred healthcare professionals and get their assistance on time.

Online healthcare and telemedicine apps like Teladoc clone offer videoconferencing as well as the telephonic consultation process to enrich the end-user experience. The Teladoc clone app provides end-to-end support along with cutting-edge technologies. An app like Teladoc clone provides virtual consultations for users via the mobile platforms(Android and iOS).

What are you waiting for? Develop a robust Teladoc clone app for your virtual healthcare and telemedicine industry with the help of our dedicated team of professionals with no time and provide your assistance to the patients without any disruptions.

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Listed consultations in our Teladoc clone app

Text message / chat consultations

The patients can reach to respective doctors via the text/chat options and can share their health-related reports and get their assistance accordingly.

Video call consultation

The patients can schedule their appointments with the doctors and connect them via video call to get on-spot consultations and can also record the session if needed.

Voice call consultation

The end-users can connect to the doctor right away via the Teladoc clone app’s voice chat and seek their consultations on time without any hurdles.

Why do you need the Teladoc clone app for your virtual healthcare platform?

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic situation has made people stay in their homes and follow the lockdown as per the norms provided. This affected a wide range of businesses as well as other industries and organizations in many aspects. It is a high risk for doctors to reach out to the people directly to offer them some medical help or assistance. In this worst case, the telemedicine and virtual healthcare industry like the Teladoc clone app came to the rescue. The Teladoc clone script is highly beneficial for both the doctors as well as the patients.

The patients can seek the assistance of their preferred doctors by scheduling an appointment by being at the comfort of their homes. The doctors provide their virtual assistance on time and share the digital prescription to the patient's email address. Developing an inclusive medical platform like Teladoc clone script is highly reliable and it eliminates the time and energy of the end-users in a significant way. Launch a virtual healthcare industry like the Teladoc clone app for your business now and enable the patients to reach the doctors without any disruptions.

The packages offered by our Teladoc clone app

The Teladoc clone script inclusive packages for the telemedicine and virtual healthcare industry

  • Patient Android app
  • Patient iOS app
  • Patient web app
  • Admin web app
  • Doctor Android app
  • Doctor iOS app
  • Doctor web app

Benefits of using Teladoc clone app

Hospital and health systems

Our Teladoc clone scripts are used in hospitals to manage the health records, monitor patients in real-time, and provide their assistance.


This featured section enhances the employees to access health-care and manages all the other benefits in an easier way.

Health plans

Our Teladoc clone app lets the doctor to offer their personalized medical consultations and assistance for the patients with an estimated time.

Individual practitioners

It lets both the doctors as well as the patients to schedule or book the appointments and save a lot of time and energy at the same time.

The working process of our Teladoc clone script

  • Login / register

    The patients can log in / register to the Teladoc clone app using their login credentials.
  • Browse for doctors

    The patients can browse for the specified doctors listed in the Teladoc clone script.
  • Consultation mode

    The patient can either choose the direct clinic visit or virtual consultations from their end.
  • Video/text/voice call

    The patients can get the doctors assistance via either video/text or voice call consultation.
  • Schedule appointments

    Patients can schedule their appointments with respective doctors by providing the reports.
  • Digital prescriptions

    The doctors can provide their assistance and process their digital prescriptions to the patients.
  • Initiate payment

    The patient can initiate their payment by choosing their convenient payment method in the list.
  • Feedback

    The patients can drop their feedbacks in the app like Teladoc clone about the service provided.

Why do you prefer to buy the Teladoc clone app from us?

White-labeled solution

We will provide the white-labeled solution along with the end-to-end support and cutting-edge technologies.

Complete source code

Our Teladoc clone app is highly customizable so we can add the key attributes according to your preference.

User-friendly system

An app like Teladoc clone offers a user-friendly app with extensive capabilities required for the business.

100% customizable app

Our Teladoc clone app can be easily customizable according to your business type and requirements.

Third-party integration

The third-party tools can be integrated into the Teladoc clone app to enhance your business development.

Support and assistance

We have a dedicated team of professionals to offer their full support and assistance anytime if required.

Are you ready to develop clone app Teladoc for your business?

Scalable features of our Teladoc clone app

Doctors profile

This provides users with a list of doctors in the Teladoc clone app with their specializations and experience.

Integrated payment

Patients can make use of the payment methods listed in the Teladoc clone app to make a secured payment.

    Multi-lingual support

    The patients can choose their preferred language from the list in the Teladoc clone script from their end.

Inventory management

The inventory is managed and maintained by integrating the third-party tools into the app like Teladoc clone.

Appointment tracking

This feature lets the doctor, as well as the patients, track their scheduled appointments using a tracker.

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Instant notification

This notifies both the doctor and patient about the appointments, any tasks via the instant notifications.

Treatment details

This featured section allows the doctors to take notes about the provided treatment, consultations, etc.

Medical reports

This lets the patients share or upload their past medical reports for the respective doctor’s reference.

Multi-Level of Administrative

Our Teladoc clone scripts permit multiple admins to work at the backend to run the business seamlessly.

Recorded calls

This feature lets the doctor and patient record all the video/voice call consultations for their future reference.

Features of the Teladoc clone app for admin


The admin manages the complete operational activities of the Teladoc clone app.

Manage patients

All the registered patient's databases are managed by the admin in a secured manner.

Manage doctors

Our Teladoc clone script doctor’s details are maintained and managed appropriately.

Reminders and alerts

This feature notifies the end-users about the particular event, task, or appointments.

Payment transaction

Every payment transaction are managed by the admin in a safe and secured method.

Manage appointments

The scheduled appointments are managed by our Teladoc clone app’s admin promptly.

Stats and reports

The full-fledged stats and reports of an app like Teladoc clone are managed by the admin.

Push notifications

This updates the customer about the scheduled appointments via push notifications.

Features of the Teladoc clone app for patient

Easy login

The patients can log in to the Teladoc clone script using the social media credentials.

Profile setup

The patient can set up their profile by providing necessary details and health reports.

    Advanced search

    Patients can surf for the particular doctor they want based on their medical requirement.

Schedule appointments

This feature lets patients book the appointment according to the preferred date and time.

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Consultation mode

The patient can reach the doctors via the text/chat or voice or video consultation mode.


The previous consultations can be reviewed in history portal of the Teladoc clone app.

Uninterrupted payment

Patients can pay the consultation fees using the listed options in the Teladoc clone script.

In-app chat

The patients can directly communicate with the doctors by using the in-app chat option.

Features of the Teladoc clone app for doctor

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The doctors can board into the Teladoc clone app by using their login credentials.

Manage patients

A doctor can manage their profile by providing the details such as experience, sector, etc.


The doctors can also manage their calendar by providing the availability date and time.

Manage appointments

This feature lets the doctor manage all the scheduled appointments significantly.


The doctors can provide assistance to the patients via voice, video call, or text/chat.

Digital prescription

The doctors share the digital prescriptions to the patients through a secured medium.

Assisted history

The previous consultations along with the patient's name can be viewed in this portal.

Earnings portal

This feature allows the doctor to view all the earnings of a particular day/week/month.

How to earn revenue from the Teladoc clone app

The revenue model for earning a consistent income in your Teladoc clone app


Advertising an app like Teladoc clone script will uplift your platform to a wide range of networks and lets the parties involved in the business earn huge profit.

Commission-based model

A part of the doctor's consultation fee is deducted by the Teladoc clone app. It is one among the major income to earn a substantial amount.

Subscription type

The customers can sign up for a monthly/yearly subscription and get additional perks such as free delivery, offers, and discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teladoc clone

We have provided some FAQs for your reference and understanding

Yes, we do provide white-labeled solutions along with cutting-edge technologies and end-to-end support.
The Teladoc clone app can be easily customized according to your business requirements.
Yes, we will provide the complete web and mobile Teladoc clone app source code for your business.
We will assist you in launching the Teladoc clone app on major platforms such as the google play store, Apple play store, and in your company’s server.
We will provide our full support and assistance even after the post-delivery launch.
The cost of the Teladoc clone script completely depends on the following factors such as features, functionalities, and other such requirements involved in the business.

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