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99acres clone app development

A white-labeled solution with complete source code

The 99acres clone script is India's number one property rental platform that lets both the agents and customers buy, sell or rent properties impeccably. A property rental platform like the 99acres clone app offers around nine lakhs property listings in altogether 600+ cities in India. An ultimate aim of the reliable 99acres clone script is to serve the customer's desires in every aspect by providing them quality assured property rental services. An app like 99acres offers end-to-end support and cutting-edge technologies for your property rental business

An online property rental platform like the 99acres clone app permits the end-users to advertise their properties, browse/search for the preferred properties, develop your own property microsite, and keep yourself upgraded with the current trends and news about the real estate industry. The emerging property rental sector offers customized features, functionalities and user-friendly interfaces. Our 99acres clone script is flexible with both the web and mobile platforms

What are you waiting for? Build the fastest and smartest property rental app like 99acres clone for your real estate industry and offer your streamlined service to the customers. We have a dedicated team of professionals to develop the tremendous 99acres clone app for the property rental business in no time. Emerge into the real estate industry with our 99acres clone script and bloom your business in a revolutionized manner by earning additional growth sales and revenue

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Buy, sell or rent your property rental online with our
99acres clone script?

Kick-start your business with a profit-making app like 99acres clone

We offer a highly scalable real estate marketplace like the 99acres clone app for your property rental business. Our 99acres clone script has been used by many agents/brokers, property rental business persons globally including you, and enlarged their real estate business globally all around the world. If you are one of the hopeful property rental professionals waiting to build a pragmatic real industry platform for your business? Then I would strongly recommend you to go ahead with our 99acres clone app for your property rental business and cater your quality assured service to the customers. The offerings of an app like 99acres clone are listed beneath for your reference

  • Residential rental properties
  • Commercial rental properties
  • Other rental services

The packages offered by the 99acres clone app

Our real estate marketplace offers comprehensive app deliverables for your business

  • Mobile app for customer
  • Web app for customer
  • Web panel for admin
  • Mobiles app for agent
  • Web app for agent

The working process of the 99acres clone script

Quick login

The customer can log in to the 99acres clone app using their username or other credentials

Explore properties

This featured section lets the customer browse the properties listed in the 99acres clone script

Instant bookings

The customer can send a request to the respective agent to buy the desired property they wish

Secured payment

Customers can process their payment using the various option listed in the 99acres clone app

Approve booking

The customer receives a confirmation message once the agent approves the booking request

Commission deducted

The commission gets deducted to the respective real estate agent’s bank account promptly

Why do you prefer to choose the 99acres clone app from us?

The credible real estate marketplace for your business

Onmobee offers an optimistic 99 acres clone script for your property rental business with unique attributes and functionalities. The online property rental platform such as the 99 acres clone app makes large investments, passive revenue, tax advantages, diversifications and leverages your business in a streamlined way. An app like 99 acres clone acts as a digital space that gathers all real estate, home-sellers, home-buyers to get in touch with each other and buy, sell or rent their properties for a contract. Get a sneak-peek into the 99acres clone script and develop your business in a troublesome manner. We have listed the lucrative services offered by our property rental 99acres clone app below

  • Complete source code
  • White-labeled solution
  • User-friendly system
  • Fully customizable app
  • Third-party integration
  • Support and maintenance
  • Secure and scalability
  • Bug free application

Add-ons of real estate platforms like 99acres clone app

Onmobee offers exclusive features and functionalities for your property rental business

  • Multiple Listing

    An app like 99acres clone allows the real estate agents to list multiple properties along with the cost, image, etc

  • Featured property

    This section lets the admin display the featured rental properties in our 99acres clone script homepage

  • Check agent info

    The customers can view agent's details such as name, email Id, contact number, in the 99acres clone app

  • Calendar and reminders

    The customer can also optimize the calendar and plan their schedules according to their comforts

  • Responsive designs

    A property rental platform like the 99acres clone app is adaptable for all the mobile search engines devices

  • Manage inventory

    The inventory is managed seamlessly by integrating the third-party tools into the 99acres clone script

  • Insight report

    The quantitative and qualitative analytical reports of real estate business are managed effectively

  • Live-tracking

    The customers can track agents locations using the live-tracking system incorporated in the 99acres clone app

  • Cancel/change bookings

    This featured section lets the customers cancel or change the bookings in an app like 99acres clone

  • In-app chat

    Both customers and agents can communicate with each other via the 99acres clone app chat option

Get your customizable and whitel label platform with our 99acres clone script

Features of 99acres clone app for admin panel

Admin monitors and takes care of the ongoing functional activities of your real estate business

Screening dashboard

The admin manages all the operations of the property rental 99acres clone script in an appropriate manner

Manage agents

The admin maintains and monitors the details of the agent/brokers registered to our 99acres clone app

Manage customers

The customer’s complete database is managed by our 99acres clone script admin in a secured manner

Manage properties

An app like 99acres clone admin manages all the listed property rental in a well organized way

Push notification

The admin notifies customers about their properties, new arrivals, various rentals, etc via push notification

Payment reports

Each and every payment transaction are monitored by the 99acres clone script admin securely

Banner and ads

This section lets the admin to manages the banner and ads of property rental in the 99acres clone app

CMS settings

This feature allows the admin to update, add, delete or modify the 99acres clone app property rental business

Features of 99acres clone app for agent panel

The agent manages the displayed rental properties and serves customers with quality service

  • Verify documents

    The authenticity of documents and proofs are checked thoroughly to run the rental business efficiently
  • Profile setup

    The agents can set up their profile by providing names, contact details, properties in the 99acres clone app
  • Property management

    This feature lets the real estate agents manage the listed property rentals in an app like 99acres clone
  • Property categories

    The agents can also categorize the rental properties in the real estate platform like the 99acres clone app
  • Accept or reject

    The agent either accepts or rejects the incoming request from the customer according to their convenience
  • Enable availability

    Property rental agents can enable their availability, working hours in our 99acres clone script accordingly
  • History portal

    Our 99acres clone app lets agents review all the previously sold-out properties along with cost and time
  • Resolve inquiries

    The agent resolves all the inquiries and concerns of the customers in a smooth and timely manner

Features of 99acres clone app for customer app

Our real estate platform addresses all the concerns and queries of the customers appropriately

  • Onboarding

    The customers can board into the 99acres clone script by using their social media login credentials

  • Search and filter

    The customers can search the listed rental properties in the 99acres clone script according to their budget

  • Check property details

    Customers to check all the details of the properties such as images, descriptions, etc in the 99acres clone app

  • View agents info

    The customers can check agents details, their property rentals, ratings, etc in our 99acres clone script

  • E-wallet payment

    The customers can pay the payment directly by using the e-wallet option an app like 99acres clone

  • Route navigation

    Our 99acres clone script provides the in-built map to provide the customers with optimized routes

  • Invite and earn

    The customer can share the 99acres clone app with their family or friends and earn rewards points from that

  • Ratings and reviews

    The customer can also drop their honest ratings and reviews in the real estate app like 99acres clone

The monetization model of our 99acres clone app

Earn a consistent revenue from our property rental platform

Commission for sales

The 99acres clone script earns a commission on every successful property sale. The more number of properties sold, the more commissions earned

Ads and promotions

This lets the third party business persons post the promotions or ads of their properties in our 99acres clone app and receive a constant income

Transaction fees

An app like 99acres clone charges the respective agents/brokers with a specific amount of transaction fee for fortunate success on sales

Frequently asked questions

The FAQs of real estate platforms like the 99acres clone app

We do provide white-labeled solutions along with top-notch features and functionalities in an app like 99acres clone
Yes, the 99acres clone script can be easily customized according to your business requirements
Yes, we will provide our guidance in launching the 99acres clone app on all major platforms such as Google play store, Apple play store, and in your company’s server
We will provide our support and assistance even after the 99acres clone script post-delivery launch
The cost of development completely relies on the following factors such as features, functionalities and other such resources to be incorporated in the 99acres clone app
There is no such specific number. Many users can access the real estate platform like the 99acres clone app simultaneously
Yes, we can integrate multiple payment options in our 99acres clone app according to your business needs
We will provide the complete web and mobile 99acres clone script source code for your business

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