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Groupon clone app development

A white-labeled solution with complete source code

The Groupon clone script is an American eCommerce marketplace that connects subscribers with local sellers by offering activities, goods, and services online. An app like Groupon clone is the most profitable and reliable eCommerce platform to start your own online store business and widen your customer base globally. Our Groupon clone app works like a coupon management platform that provides deals, discounted gift certificates, schemes, etc .

The ready-made Groupon clone script lets the customer explore the wide range of deals in accordance with respective categories and sub-categories. Our Groupon clone app enhances the customers to surf for the deals according to their preferred location and avail them by making the payment via the integrated payment gateway offered by an app like Groupon clone. Onmobee offers the Groupon clone app compatible with both the web and mobile platforms

Develop a trustworthy Groupon clone app for your daily deals eCommerce business platform designed with end-to-end support and cutting-edge technologies. We have a dedicated team of professionals to build the lucrative Groupon clone script for your online eCommerce business marketplace in no time. Streamline your business by offering them the vast range of deals with exclusive benefits and enrich more growth sales and profit

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The working function of the Groupon clone script

Social media login

The customer can log in/register to the Groupon clone app by using their login credentials

Advanced search

This feature lets customers view the best deals along with the price, ratings and city, etc

Add to wishlist

Our Groupon clone script lets customers add their favorite coupons and deals to wishlist

Integrated payment

The customers can checkout using the preferred payment option in our Groupon clone app

Instant notification

An app like Groupon clone notifies the customers about the latest arrivals and deals promptly


The customers can drop their feedbacks in an eCommerce platform like Groupon clone app

The packages offered by our Groupon clone script

Stakeholders of the daily deals eCommerce platform like Groupon clone app

  • Android app for seller
  • iOS app for seller
  • Web panel for seller
  • Web panel for admin
  • Android app for customer
  • iOS app for customer
  • Web panel for customer

Why do you prefer to choose the Groupon clone app from us?

The most reliable daily deal app development for your business

Complete source code

Our Groupon clone script offers the complete web and mobile source code for your business

White-labeled solution

We will provide you a white-labeled solution along with unique features and functionalities

User-friendly system

An app like Groupon clone offers a user-friendly system with major capabilities for your business

Highly customizable app

Our Groupon clone app can be easily customized accordance with your business requirements

Third-party integration

The third-party tools can be integrated into the Groupon clone script to enhance the business

Support and assistance

Groupon clone app has a dedicated team of professionals to offer their support and assistance

Daily Deals and Coupon management platforms like
Groupon clone script

Various essentials offered by our custom-built eCommerce platform

The eCommerce marketplace like the Groupon clone app has gained immense popularity due to its wide array of offerings and additional benefits. An app like Groupon clone caters to business professionals by providing multiple categorized products, sub-categories, exclusive deals as per their location, pricing, cost, etc. Our Groupon clone script enriches small-scale and large-scale businesses in many aspects by offering them extraordinary deals and coupon management platforms. The daily deal platform like the Groupon clone app has been used by many business

professionals globally, including you, to post tickets, deals, and coupons to the customers by providing categories, titles, deal description zip codes, and magnifying their eCommerce platform all over the world. If you are hopefully waiting to build a successful daily deal eCommerce marketplace like Groupon clone app for your business? Then I would strongly recommend you to go ahead with the appealing Groupon clone script for your business. The products offered by the Groupon clone script are listed below

  • Food & drink
  • Beauty & spas
  • Health & fitness
  • Home services
  • Personal services
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Things to do
  • Goods
  • And other services

Add-ons of our coupon management platform like
Groupon clone script

Onmobee offers exclusive features and functionalities for your eCommerce marketplace

  • Easy Management Tools

    Our Groupon clone app capabilities, skill sets, methodologies, etc are calculated in an appropriate manner

  • Multiple deals

    An app like Groupon clone offers a wide range of deals along with multiple categories and subcategories

  • Uninterrupted payment

    The Groupon clone script provides customers with various payment options to enrich their experience

  • Multi-language support

    Our Groupon clone app supports multiple languages for the customers to choose their preferred language

  • Analytical reports

    The admin manages the full-fledge Groupon clone script business reports in a systematic manner

  • Location-based search

    This lets the customer search for the deals based on their preferred location in our Groupon clone app

  • Setup listing fee

    An app like the Groupon clone eCommerce platform charges every seller with a respective amount as a listing fee

  • Social media sharing

    Sellers can share their work process, deals details, and advertise them on the social media platforms

  • Manage ads

    The admin manages the daily deals ads in the Groupon clone app eCommerce marketplace efficiently

  • Newsletter management

    This feature lets the subscribers and the customers get engaged with our Groupon clone script products

Features of Groupon clone app for seller app

  • Verify documents

    The authenticity of the documents are verified to run the eCommerce platform business efficiently
  • Deals management

    All the listed deals of our Groupon clone script are managed by the seller in a significant manner
  • Category management

    The seller manages and maintains the displayed deals categories and subcategories systematically
  • Accept/deny

    This feature lets the seller to either accept or reject the incoming deals request from the customer
  • Availability Status

    The seller can manage their availability status in an app like Groupon clone according to their preference
  • Redeem voucher

    This featured section also lets the end-users redeem the purchased voucher from their end if necessary
  • Resolve inquiries

    This section lets the seller to resolve all the inquiries and concerns of the customers in a timely manner
  • Earnings

    The sellers can view earnings for a particular day/week/month in the Groupon clone app earnings portal

Features of Groupon clone app for admin panel

The admin monitors and takes cares of the operational activities of your business effectively

Screening dashboard

The admin monitors and manages all the ongoing processes of your business in a streamlined manner

Manage sellers

The registered seller information and documents are maintained by our Groupon clone script admin

Manage customers

The admin maintains and manages the Groupon clone app customer database in a protective way

Manage deals

Admin manages all the listed deals in an app like Groupon clone in a proper and well-organized method

Payment transactions

Every payment transaction took place in the Groupon clone app is monitored and taken care of by the admin

Manage categories

The admin manages the categories, subcategories displayed in the Groupon clone script efficiently

Manage inventory

The inventory is managed seamlessly by integrating the third-party tools into an app like Groupon clone

Push notifications

This feature lets the admin notify the customer about the new deals arrivals, prices, categories, etc

Manage reviews and ratings

The admin manages the reviews and ratings uploaded by the customers in our Groupon clone script

Features of Groupon clone app for customer app

  • Secure login

    The customer can log in or register to an app like Groupon clone using the username or login credentials
  • Browse deals

    This feature section lets the customers to explore the various deals listed in the Groupon clone script
  • Deals category

    Customers can surf for deals under respective category and purchase them in the Groupon clone app
  • Payment gateway

    The customers can pay the respective amount by using the Groupon clone script payment gateway
  • View seller

    This feature lets the customers to view the seller’s detailed information in our Groupon clone script
  • Order history

    Previously purchased deals along with their cost, the price can be viewed in the Groupon clone app history portal
  • In-app chat

    This feature permits both the customers as well as the sellers to communicate with each other easily
  • Invite and earn

    The customers can share the Groupon clone script with their family or friends and earn reward points

The monetization model of Groupon clone script

The revenue stream of a profit-making Groupon clone eCommerce marketplace

Commission via sales

The Groupon clone app charges the desired commission on every transaction whenever any deals or coupons are sold on our eCommerce marketplace

Third-party ads

The third-party business professionals can post the promotions or ads of their products in an app like Groupon clone and earn a constant revenue

Freemium subscription

The customers can sign up for the Freemium subscriptions in our Groupon clone script and gains additional benefits such as free delivery, offers, and other perks

Frequently asked questions

FAQs of your daily deals platform like Groupon clone app

Yes, we do provide white-labeled solutions along with cutting-edge technologies and end-to-end support in our Groupon clone app
The Groupon clone app can be easily customized according to your daily deals platform business requirements
Yes, we will provide the complete web and mobile Groupon clone app source code for your business
We will assist you in launching the Groupon clone app on all major platforms such as the Google play store, Apple play store, and in your company’s server
We will provide our full support and assistance even after the post-delivery launch of the Groupon clone script
The cost of the Groupon clone script completely depends on the following factors such as features, functionalities, and other such requirements involved in the business

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