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Grab clone script app development

Launch your own multi service based online marketplace business now

We provide you with detailed solutions for all your problems. We offer a multi service app with a user friendly platform for your on-demand multi service business. OnMobee provides the Grab clone app to start your own on-demand marketplace business. We have a ready made solution that helps to launch your multi service business immediately. In case you're searching for a customizable with white-label solution, OnMobee offers personalized features and functionalities to launch your multi service business. Our grab clone script is especially developed to simplify multi service delivery business processes in a single place.

Our grab clone script comes with a web admin backend panel and vendor panel, customer ordering portal and mobile app, driver app. Implementing a grab clone solution will make it easy for your multi service business to automatize and enlarge your business online. We offer our assistance for you to get a successful grab clone app to launch your own on demand business.

Onmobee’s Grab clone script is an online taxi booking platform also offering online food ordering and delivery payment services as well. We have a ready-made script to instantly kick start your online taxi booking business. We are ready to provide a Grab clone script customized with multiple online service businesses. Allowing multi-service booking script to make service providers organize and manage many on-demand services to the customers. Our Grab clone script offers an excellent platform to run a business. We offer customer-centric Grab clone features to manage all in one service platform.

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Why should you opt for a multi-service app like Grab?

The pandemic created a big mess in our lives. People are hesitant to get out of their house to purchase their essentials, even business professionals are experiencing a huge downfall due to this lockdown. In this case, the on-demand delivery service like the Grab clone app came to the rescue. The Grab clone app incorporates multi-services such as taxi, food, grocery, handy service, etc under a single platform.

The Grab clone app lets the customer opt for the respective service they wish just with a single click and get the assisted service on time. Multi-service apps like Grab clone are gaining huge demand and popularity due to their unique attributes day by day. This app helps to eliminate the cost, time and also reduces the storage of mobile phones as well.

If you wish to streamline your business into a profitable one? Then develop an app like Grab clone for your business and provide standardized solutions to the end-users. This on-demand multi-service app lets you enrich your business in a seamless way and earn more growth and profit.

Why Do You Prefer To Buy Grab Clone Script From Us?

Onmobee’s Grab clone script offers an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to run businesses. We have developed a readymade Grab clone script using the latest tools and technology. We provide the perfect solution to take your on-demand business to new heights. Onmobee has highly skilled designers and developers the best on-demand taxi booking software. Contact us for a customized Grab clone script app.

100% source code

Our Grab clone script is offered with 100% source code. You have complete access to edit and update the code from the backend.

One time payment

Our Grab clone script is not monthly subscription-based. We offer the software with a one-time payment mode.

Multiple languages

Our application support multiple language platforms supporting RTL (Right to Left) and LTR (Left to Right) feature.

End to end support

Onmobee team offers complete end-to-end support starting from Grab clone design, development, set up, and maintenance.

Easy customizable

Onmobee Grab clone script is provided with a highly customized solution. You can add multiple on-demand services.

Security & realiablilty

We offer the Grab clone script with high security and a reliable solution for your on-demand taxi booking service.

App in your brand

We are ready to offer you the Grab clone script in your band name and logo. Get it customized according to your business needs.

All in one service platform

With our Grab clone script, we are ready to add multiple on-demand services to the application. Get all in one platform.

Customer-centric feature

We provide the Grab clone script with user-friendly features and providing a better online shopping experience for your customers.

Ready to build your own on-demand multi service business platform?

Major Features of Our Grab clone script for your business

We provide your comprehensive support and service to your multi service app like gojek.


The admin monitors and manages all the operational activities of the Grab clone app in an appropriate manner.

Commission fee setup

Once the requested service is provided the admin deducts the commission fee to the respective vendor.

Third-party integrations

The third party tools can be integrated into the Grab clone app in order to enhance the business development.

Push notifications

Admin sends notifications about order completion, assigning delivery staff, payments etc via push notifications.

Payment gateway

The online payment gateway is integrate with the e-commerce platform to make and receive payments.

GPS tracking

With the help of the GPS tracking the delivery staff can find the exact location of the customer and then deliver the order.

Develop your own multi service app like Grab clone

We offer a vast range of services just with a single app. The major services provided are listed below,

We provide multiple delivery services for our fortune customers. The customer can browse and complete the payment of the service they want and get the item / product delivered to their doorstep.

  • Food delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Courier delivery
  • Alcohol delivery
  • Gifts delivery

We offer prominent transport services designed in a user friendly way. The users can avail the service they want according to their convenience. The wide range of transport service offered by us are listed below

  • Bike rental
  • Car rental
  • Taxi Rental
  • Moto Rental

We also provide other on demand services to grow your business and productivity. Some of the other categorized services are listed below,

  • Car wash service
  • Plumber work
  • Gardening service
  • Massage & Spa services
  • Security guard services
  • Carpentry service

Features of Our Grab Clone For Your Multi Service Business

Our Gojek clone script app offers inclusive benefits that ensures user-friendly experience for your business

Features of Grab Clone For Customer App

Our Gojek clone app offers inclusive benefits to ensure user-friendly experience

  • Choose services

    Users can choose their search for the service or product with the help of the advanced search.
  • Place the order

    Customer can avail the service or product once after completing all the process from their end.
  • Payment methods

    The customers can make use of their convenient mode of payment such as COD, credit / debit, UPI.
  • Order history

    In our Grab clone script, Customers can view the previously ordered and delivered in the history for their reference.
  • Track orders

    Users can track their delivery or order with the help of the tracking system anytime they want.
  • Ratings and reviews

    Users can upload their ratings and reviews about the quality of the food, service provided in the Grab clone app.

Features Of Grab Clone For Admin Panel

  • Dashboard

    Admin can get all business activities and insights in the intuitive dashboard section
  • Manage service providers / vendor

    The admin manages all registered vendors/drivers/service providers in the grab clone app
  • Manage customer

    The customer’s database are maintained by the admin of the Grab clone in a secured manner
  • Manage reviews

    Admin manages the reviews uploaded by the customers in the app in a secured manner
  • Manage CMS

    Admin can update the site contents and look with a user-friendly CMS integrations
  • Promotional code

    Admin creates the offers and discounts in the back end. It can be applied for entire or individual product
  • Push notifications

    Admin can send any alter notification messages to customers, service providers and drivers
  • Analytical reports

    It gathers the business stats and earnings to calculate the evolution of the growth and performance

Features of Grab Clone For Delivery Staff

grab-multi service delivery app
  • Login / register

    The delivery staff can login / register to the Grab clone app by using the email ID or other social media accounts such as facebook, google account.
  • Manage orders

    The delivery staff manages the incoming order request according to their preferences from the Grab clone app.
  • Accept or reject

    The delivery staff can either accept or reject the incoming order request from their end accordingly.
  • Order details

    Once the customer places an order, the delivery staff gets the customer details such as the name, location, & phone number.
  • Raise a query

    The delivery staff can raise a query if incase of any help or assistance required from our tech support team.
  • GPS tracking

    Users can track their delivery or order with the help of the tracking system anytime they want.
  • Access to optimal routes

    The delivery staff finds the shortest and fastest route by optimizing the desired location.
  • Feedbacks

    The customer drops a feedback once after the delivery staff delivers the order to his / her location.

Features of Grab Clone For Vendor and Service Providers

  • Easy register

    Vendor and Service provider can easily register their profile on the Grab clone app and can login by using their credentials
  • Service and Product details

    The manager can manage the service / product descriptions, name of the service, location, phone number etc
  • Manage orders and Service request

    The manager takes care of the entire orders and updates, delete, adds the service / products etc in an appropriate manner
  • Accept and Deny request

    The manager either accepts or rejects the incoming order requests from the customers according to their preferences
  • Add or delete

    The manager can also add or delete the products or services from their end according to their convenience
  • Manage availability

    The manager can notify their customers their availability time, opening and closing hours etc
  • Inventory management

    The inventory is managed by integrating the third party tools into the Grab clone app
  • Reviews and feedbacks

    Service providers and Vendors can manage their reviews and feedbacks that provided by customers

Frequently asked questions our Grab clone

Although we provide customized features and functionalities for your business, we could understand that lots and lots of queries are snatching your mind as a business person and customer.

We have provided you with some FAQs for your reference before you get in touch with our team. If you need more information, kindly contact us!
Yes we provide personalized white labelled solution that can be integrated according to your business requirements.
Yes, we do provide the entire source code. You are the one and only owner of the source code. We only host the app on the server side.
Yes we can integrate multiple payment gateways such as COD, credit / debit card, UPI payment etc according to your business requirements.
Yes, our Grab clone app supports multiple languages. You can choose your preferred language listed in the app.
The Grab clone app is highly customizable loaded with highly advanced features and functionalities.
The development process completely relies on the features, functionalities and requirements. There is no such specific time.
We will provide our support and assistance anytime. So don’t worry we won’t leave you as such even after your final release.
Yes the app can be launched on all major platforms such as google play store, apple play store and also in your company’s server.

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