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Launch feature-rich e-learning app similar to Unacademy app. We offer comprehensive solutions for students and educators to connect via Unacademy clone

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Unacademy Clone Script App

Get the most powerful online learning platform similar to Unacademy

Onmobee’s offers an Unacademy clone script, a perfect on-demand learning platform. Our online e-learning platform includes features like online classes, exams, result scores, study material, etc. We have a readymade solution to kick start the streamline operations of your schools, colleges, educational institution, etc. Onmobee is ready to provide you customized solutions according to your educational app needs. With the Unacademy clone script, you can easily connect educators and students in a single platform, it would be the best way to conduct classes online.

We have highly skilled designers and developers to develop your Unacademy clone app from scratch. Our online e-learning application is highly scalable and user-friendly to use for your students and eductor. Our e-learning app will surely fit any educational sector and help you run your institution. Contact us for the Unacademy clone demo.

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Why Do You Need An App Like Unacademy?

As you all know, Unacademy is the no.1 learning software application connecting millions of students and educators in a single platform. With Unacademy clone script, you can not only conduct classes, but you can also maintain students’ performance reports, clear doubts, conduct poll answers, download study material, automated certification after course completion, etc. Do you have any new ideas? We are ready to work on your ideas.

Our Unacademy clone app helps students to browse and find the course online and take up classes at the respective timings. Our on-demand learning application provides a flexible solution to schedule, cancel and reschedule classes online for the educators anytime. We have a lot more unique inbuilt features more than Unacademy clone. Our on-demand learning application offers.

  • Calender
  • Audio & Video classes
  • Chat / Instant messenging
  • Automated certification
  • Doubt session
  • FAQ, etc.

Our Unacademy clone deliverables

Onmobee’s Unacademy clone script can be owned by any entrepreneur or schools or colleges or any other educational sector, etc. We offer the Unacademy clone script on both the web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS). We offer comprehensive deliverables to kick start your online learning application. Get the perfect on-demand educational app.

  • Web back end panel for Admin
  • Web and mobile (Android & iOS) app for students
  • Web and mobile app for educators/schools

Unique features of our Unacademy clone App

Get a customized online learning platform

Daily live classes

Educator provides students with daily live classes. That makes students feel like they are in classrooms.

Practice and revise

Students are provided with homework practices and they can revise the subject via Unacademy clone script

Exam category

Our Unacademy clone script offers various exam categories such as bank exam, railway, UPSC, SCC, foreign studies, etc.

Video lessons

In our Unacademy clone script, students can browse and view pre-recorded videos of the respective subject anytime from anywhere

Minutes watched

In our Unacademy clone script, keep note of the number of minutes watched on videos. Tracks overall watched minutes for the day

Choose goals

Students are allowed to choose the goal or set their own customized goals to study in our Unacademy clone script

Pick languages

Our Unacademy clone script offers multiple language options for the students to choose and study the courses or subjects

Doubt solved

In case if any student’s doubts are to be clarified, they can request doubts clarification from any educators, which will be cleared in 2 days

Chat with educator

For the premium plan subscription, students can have live chat with educators to get more details about the subjects

Answer interactive polls

Our Unacademy clone script offers multiple language options for the students to choose and study the courses or subjects.


For the premium version in the Unacademy clone script, students can themself choose the top educator for preparing the subject or courses.

Track your preparation

In our Unacademy clone script, students can keep track of their preparation progress such study / preparation / revision / test / result process.

Schedule & reschedule

Unacademy clone script, allows students to schedule and reschedule again for the class anytime from anywhere

Live tests & quizzes

To track the performance of the students, the Unacademy clone script allows students to attend live tests and quizzes after the class

Subscription plans

You can set subscription terms and plans based on the duration of the course, availability of premium features in the Unacademy clone

Get your on-demand app like Unacademy now

Why choose the Unacademy clone script from Onmobee?

Our Unacademy clone script offers the best online learning platform. Here are some of the reasons for choosingOnmobee’s Unacademy clone app

100% source code

We offer a complete 100% source code of Unacademy clone script on web and mobile platforms.

Highly customizable

Get customizable solutions for your on-demand learning / educational app for your schools /colleges.

White label solution

We offer a white-label solution for a demand learning application in your brand name and logo.

Free installation & set up

Onmobee offers Unacademy clone installation & setup done on your server free of cost.

Continuous support

We offer continuous 3 months of free support and maintenance after the delivery of the project.

Latest technology

Onmobee uses advanced tools and technology to maintain the performance of the app.

How does our Unacademy clone app work?

  • Register / login

    Students and educators can register and log in to their accounts by providing their username and password.
  • Browse for the courses

    Students can look for various courses and their fee, number of class, timings, exams, course volumes, etc.
  • Select courses

    Students can select the courses and plan instantly via online in our Unacademy clone script.
  • Online classes

    Once the payment is done, classes are conducted by the eductor on the respective timings and date.
  • Provide reviews

    After finishing the complete courses, students are requested to provide feedbacks based on the educator and courses offered.

Want to develop your own on demand learning app like the Unacademy app?

Features of Unacademy clone app for Admin panel - Web app

  • Dashboard

    Onmobee’s Unacademy clone script is provided with a robust dashboard to manage the educational institution’s operations.
  • Push notification

    Admin gets an instant push notification on online classes, students payments, teachers absent for the day, pending classes, etc.
  • Manage Students

    Admin can effortlessly manage the students and their details such as class, attendance, exams, results, scores, feedback, etc.
  • Manager educator

    In the Unacademy clone script, the admin can manage the educators and their reviews, attendance, classes, new courses, etc.
  • Plans & subscriptions

    Admin can add/ edit/ delete new plans and subscriptions at any time in our on-demand online learning app.
  • CMS settings

    Admin has access to update and modify the website, content, layout, images, and other categories in the Unacademy clone script.
  • Students feedback

    Admin maintains the student’s feedback given to the eductor in confidentiality. Those are recorded on the admin backend panel.
  • Payments

    Admin can manage and monitor the payment collection of the student’s and educators’ salary from admin back end panel.
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Features of Unacademy clone app for Students - Web & Mobile app

myntra clone app
  • Register & login

    In our Unacademy clone script, the students can register & log in by providing the contact number and their mail id.
  • Students profile

    Students can maintain their profile with details such as name, profile pic, age, gender, classes taken, subscription plans, feedbacks, etc.
  • Live tests & quizzes

    Students can undertake live tests and quizzes anytime after the completion of the classes in our Unacademy clone script.
  • Live video classes

    Students can attend live video classes providing an interactive platform for the students and educators.
  • PDF learning materials

    Students are provided with the study material in form of PDF and documents which has to be downloaded.
  • Chat with educator

    Students can anytime get in touch with the educator via chat within the Unacademy clone script. Quick text messages can be dropped.
  • Schedule for class

    Students can choose the batch according to their time convenience, students get notified on online classes in the Unacademy clone script.
  • Track preparation

    Every step of the student’s class preparation for the exams can be tracked in our Unacademy clone script.
  • Recently started courses

    A list of newly started courses or premium courses is listed separated in our Unacademy clone script.
  • Choose top educator

    In our Unacedmy clone script, students can choose any top educator to teach them for premium subscriptions.

Features of Unacademy clone app for the educator - Mobile app

myntra clone delivery app
  • Register & login

    Educators can easily register and login into the Unacademy clone script using user names and passwords.
  • Educator profile

    In our Unacademy clone script, the educator maintains a profile with name, degree, years of teaching experience, specialization on the subject, etc.
  • Online classes

    Educators are notified of every online class and details of the online classes are recorded in the Unacademy clone script.
  • Doubt session

    Students can get in touch with the educator by scheduling a time for a doubt session. Only doubts of previous classes will be solved.
  • Plans & Payments

    Unacademy clone script can be made categorized into various plans based on the payments such as basic, silver, and enterprise plan.
  • Chat / audio / video call

    Students can interact with educators via chat or audio or video calls. The classes can be scheduled via audio/video.
  • Reports

    The educator can generate quick reports on each student based on their performance, class attendance, test, marks, etc.
  • Alters/reminder

    Educators are notified with reminders prior to the classes, students’ tests, subject doubts, etc in the Unacademy clone script.

FAQ on Unacademy Clone Script

Yes, we are ready to provide you customized Unacademy clone app according to your business needs. Any new features or functionality can be added according to your ideas to the app.
The delivery time of an Unacademy clone app depends on several factors such as customization requirements, features, functionality, deliverables, the scope of the project, etc.
Onmobee offers continuous 3 months of free support and maintenance after the delivery of the Project. We guide you in running the business smoothly.
Apart from the regular chat system, we can also include WhatsApp API integration, Facebook messenger API, Google Hangout API, another chat app that can be integrated into your Unacedmy clone app to enable perfect audio/video call classes.
Yes, we provide you the complete 100% source code of the Unacademy clone app. You have all the right to edit or remove the code from the admin back-end panel.
Yes, We can provide your customized solution by enabling only video call class features to your software. Making a simple online video call class app.
The cost of the Unacademy clone application depends on your requirement of the project, deliverables web or mobile, the scope of the project, features and functionality, etc.
We have highly skilled designers and developers, who are ready to offer you the Unacademy clone app for your schools or colleges or any other educational institution with multiple educators and students login in a single platform. Contact us for a customized solution.

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