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GoFudme clone app development

A white-labeled solution with complete source code

The GoFundme clone is the most trusted online fundraising platform that allows people to raise funds for programs ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging incidents like accidents, illness, etc. An app like GoFundme clone supports millions of people, individuals, charities, etc by raising funds for their dedicated causes. Our GoFundme clone script is compatible with the web, mobile and iOS platforms. The fundraising platform like GoFundme clone bridges the gap between the donors and campaign owners with ease

With the GoFundme clone script crowdfunding platforms, the users can get funds from the desired investors for multiple categorized projects. The investors can view the respective users' projects on the GoFundme clone app or website and invest their payment for the projects. The GoFundme clone crowdfunding platform offers customized attributes along with white-labeled solutions. Apart from other crowdfunding platforms, the GoFundme clone app takes an indulgent stance on target and disputes

What are you waiting for? Get started with our ready-made GoFundme clone for your crowdfunding platform and manage the funds for your projects through this intermediary platform. We have a dynamic team of professionals to develop an app like GoFundme clone for end-users to begin their projects with no time constraints. The GoFundme clone app crowdfunding platform is equipped with comprehensive deliverables and paramount features, functionalities along with user-friendly interfaces

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The packages offered by our GoFundme clone script

Become the highly scalable and robust fundraising platform to raise funds for a cause

  • Fundraiser android app
  • Fundraiser iOS app
  • Fundraiser web panel
  • Admin web panel
  • Investors android app
  • Investors iOS app
  • Investors web panel

Why do you prefer to choose the GoFundme clone script?

The profitable crowdfunding platform like GoFundme clone for your business

100 % source code

Our GoFundme clone offers the complete web and mobile source code for your crowdfunding business platform

User-friendly system

A crowdfunding platform like the GoFundme clone script offers end-to-end support and cutting-edge technologies

White-labeled solution

We will provide you a white-labeled solution with top-notch features, functionalities, and user-friendly interfaces

Highly customizable app

Our GoFundme clone app can be easily customizable according to your business offering and other requirements

Third-party integration

The third-party tools can be seamlessly integrated into an app like GoFundme clone to enhance your crowdfunding platform

Support and assistance

We have an energetic team of professionals to offer their support and assistance anytime in our GoFundme clone script

Why the need for crowdfunding platforms
like GoFundme clone?

The leading online fundraising marketplace for your business

The GoFundme clone is a popular known fundraising platform, unlike other crowdfunding platforms. The easy-to-use GoFundme clone app crowdfunding platform serves as an intermediary platform for the fundraisers to receive funds/donations from the investors to begin their desired projects. Our crowdfunding platform like the GoFundme clone script also permits people to raise money/funds for personal needs, events, charities, etc. The fundraisers can draft a theme, campaign for their projects and share the same to the social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and seek the help of the investors to develop their projects further

Onmobee provides a user-friendly platform like the GoFundme clone app that creates life-changing experiences for both investors and fundraisers. The GoFundme clone platform has been used by many business professionals, entrepreneurs, individuals around the world, including you, and has begun to broaden its industry. So, if you're one of the hopeful business professionals waiting to build a prominent crowdfunding platform for your business? Then I would strongly recommend you to go ahead with the GoFundme clone and cater your service globally in a streamlined manner

Highlighted features of GoFundme clone app

Onmobee offers exclusive features and functionalities for the crowdfunding platform

  • Easy management tools

    Our GoFundme clone script capabilities, skill sets, methodologies, etc are evaluated in an appropriate manner

  • Responsive designs

    A crowdfunding platform like the GoFundme clone app is adaptable for all the mobile search engines devices

  • Advanced search and filter

    This section lets the investors/donors surf the preferred projects in the Gofundme clone using advanced search

  • Multiple listings

    Our GoFundme clone script manages and maintains the multiple project listings with various categorized fields

  • Email and SMS notifications

    The GoFundme clone app sends customized messages to the end-users using the email and SMS notifications

  • Ratings and reviews

    The end-users can drop their ratings and reviews in the crowdfunding platform like the GoFundme clone script

  • Multi-language

    The end-users can choose their convenient language in an app like GoFundme clone according to their priority

  • Multi-payment method

    The crowdfunding platform like GoFundme clone offers various payment options to ensure secure payment

  • In-app chat

    Both the investors and fundraisers communicate with each other using the GoFundme clone in-app chat

  • Invite and earn

    The end-users can also share the GoFundme clone script with their family or friends and earn reward points

  • Social media share

    The fundraisers can also share their projects, themes, images, descriptions, etc in the social media platforms

  • CMS settings

    The admin manages the crowdfunding platform web contents, images, descriptions, and edit pages accordingly

Looking for a GoFundme clone script to start your crowdfunding platform business?

Features of GoFundme clone for admin panel

The admin takes care of the ongoing functionalities in the crowdfunding business platform

Analytical dashboard

The admin monitors and manages all the operational activities of your crowdfunding business efficiently

Manage fundraiser

The admin manages the complete database of the fundraisers registered to the GoFundme clone app

Investors management

An app like GoFundme clone admin manages the details of the investors in a safe and secured manner

Manage projects

The admin monitors and organizes the projects uploaded in the crowdfunding platform like GoFundme clone

Category management

The admin notifies customers about their properties, new arrivals, various rentals, etc via push notification

Payment reports

The admin maintains and manages the listed categorized projects in our GoFundme clone script effectively

Campaign management

TThis featured section lets the admin manage the project campaigns in the GoFundme clone significantly

Analytical and insight reports

Admin manages the complete GoFundme clone app business analytics and insight reports consistently

Manage inventory

The inventory is managed seamlessly by integrating the third-party tools into the GoFundme clone script

Payment transactions

The admin monitors and executes each and every payment transaction of our GoFundme clone conservatively

Features of GoFundme clone for investor app

The inventors can browse and initiate funds for the projects in the crowdfunding platform

  • Profile setup

    The investors can set up their profile by providing the necessary details such as name, email address, etc
  • View project details

    This section lets the investors check the project details of the specific fundraiser in the GoFundme clone app
  • View project listings

    Our GoFundme clone lets the investors view and explore the wide range of projects listed with ease
  • Select the projects

    An app like GoFundme clone lets the investors select their preferred projects and start the funding process
  • Secured payment

    The investors can fund the fundraisers using their convenient payment option in the GoFundme clone script
  • Follow fundraisers

    This allows the investors to follow their preferred fundraiser in the crowdfunding platform like GoFundme clone
  • Save projects

    The investors can also save the respective projects listed in the GoFundme clone app and fund them in future
  • Upload comments

    The GoFundme clone app also lets the investors upload their valuable comments and suggestions

Features of Gofundme clone for fundraiser app

The fundraisers can post their projects and receive funds on the Gofundme clone script

  • Easy onboarding

    The fundraisers can easily board into the GoFundme clone app crowdfunding platform using login credentials

  • Profile management

    This section lets the fundraiser manage their profile by providing name, email address, project details, etc

  • Post projects

    The fundraiser can post the desired projects in the GoFundme clone script and seek help from the investors

  • Project listings

    All the listed projects in the GoFundme clone app are managed by the fundraiser in a neat and proper manner

  • Share projects

    This feature lets the fundraisers share the respective projects with the investors via the GoFundme clone

  • Collaborators management

    The fundraiser manages and maintains the collaborators of the projects in crowdfunding platform effectively

  • Manage notifications

    Our GoFundme clone script notifies fundraisers about investors who view and initiate funds for the projects

  • Withdraw funds

    An app like GoFundme clone lets the fundraisers easily withdraw the funds/donations without any hurdles

How to earn revenue using the Crowdfunding platform like the GoFundme clone app

The GoFundme clone monetization model for earning a consistent income

Membership fee

The end-users should sign up for the monthly/yearly membership fee to avail the exclusive benefits in the GoFundme clone script crowdfunding platform

Listing fee

An app like GoFundme clone charges a set up listing fee for the respective fundraisers/campaign owners who post their projects on the crowdfunding platform

Website commission

The Gofundme clone website earns a specific amount as commission for every successful financial transaction via the finest crowdfunding platform


Advertising the projects in our GoFundme clone app will boost your crowdfunding business to a wide sector and lets the parties involved in the business earn huge profit

Frequently asked questions

We have provided some FAQs for the GoFundme clone crowdfunding platform

Yes, we do provide white-labeled solutions along with cutting-edge technologies and end-to-end support in the GoFundme clone app
The GoFundme clone can be easily customized according to your crowdfunding platform business requirements
Yes, we will provide the complete web and mobile GoFundme clone app source code for your business
We will assist you in launching the GoFundme clone on major platforms such as the Google play store, Apple play store, and in your company’s server
We will broaden our full support and assistance even after the post-delivery launch of the GoFundme clone
There is no such specific number. Many vendors can access the GoFundme clone simultaneously and sell their products to the customers with ease
Yes, we can integrate multiple payment options in our GoFundme clone app according to your business requirements
The cost of the GoFundme clone completely depends on the following factors such as features, functionalities, and other such requirements involved in the business

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