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The Zocdoc clone app for your telehealth and medical appointment booking platform

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Zocdoc clone app development

A white-labeled solution with complete source code

The reliable Zocdoc clone script is a telemedicine and medical appointment booking platform which permits the patients to get in touch with their preferred doctors without any hurdles. The Zocdoc clone app lets the patients clarify their doubts and get the doctor’s consultations by being at the comfort of their homes. Our Zocdoc clone script allows doctors, hospitals, therapists, and clinics to provide quality services to their patients in a hassle-free manner

The online medical appointment booking marketplace allows the patients to ascertain their preferred doctors or specialists remotely. Our Zocdoc clone app offers their work anytime (24x7) by allowing the patients to schedule their appointments and get the doctor's consultations on time. An app like Zocdoc clone is highly beneficial for both the web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS)

What are you waiting for? Develop a prominent Zocdoc clone script with the help of our dedicated team of professionals in no time. Our Zocdoc clone app enhances the medical appointment booking platform and offers highly scalable and comfy virtual healthcare services for the patients in a timely manner without any disruptions

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What does Zocdoc clone app offer?

The inclusive packages offered by Zocdoc clone script for telemedicine and healthcare industry

  • Android app for doctors
  • iOS app for doctors
  • Web app for doctors
  • Web panel for admin
  • Android app for patients
  • iOS app for patients
  • Web app for patients

Why do you prefer to choose the Zocdoc clone app from us?

The advent of the internet has revolutionized many businesses, industries, and many other organizations like telehealth and medical appointment booking platforms like the Zocdoc clone app to streamline their business in a lucrative way. Onmobee offers a profitable Zocdoc clone script that permits the patients to book their appointments with specialists, primary care, dentists, psychiatrist, etc., and get their consultations via text, voice, or video calls accordingly. An app like Zocdoc clone is highly helpful for both the doctors as well as the patients in this pandemic situation. On the other hand, these telehealth Zocdoc clone app saves a lot more energy and time of the end-user

  • White-labeled solution
  • Complete source code
  • User-friendly system
  • 100% customizable app
  • Third-party integration
  • Support and assistance

The Telehealth and medical appointment platforms like the Zocdoc clone app

Our Zocdoc clone script benefits a wide range of Telehealth industries


Our Zocdoc clone app lets the hospitals, clinics, etc to enrich their operational activities in a simplified way and enhances their assisted services in a standardized manner


The interactive Zocdoc clone script lets the patients easily avail themselves the appointment slots and get their preferred doctor’s consultation without any hurdles


As an entrepreneur, you can kick-start your virtual healthcare platform with the alluring app like Zocdoc clone and broaden your services globally all over the word

The working module of our Zocdoc clone app

Login to the app

The patients can log in / register to the Zocdoc clone app using their login credentials

Doctor’s availability

The patients can search for their preferred doctor's availability in the Zocdoc clone script

Schedule appointments

Patients can schedule their appointments with respective doctors by providing the reports

Slot confirmation

The doctors either accepts or rejects the requested appointment according to their comfort

Consultation mode

The patient can either choose the direct clinic visit or virtual consultations from their end

Digital prescriptions

The doctors can provide their assistance and process their digital prescriptions to the patients

The Highlighted features of the Zocdoc clone script

Onmobee offers innovative key-features to meet our patients concerns and needs

  • Doctors dashboard

    This provides users with a list of doctors in the Zocdoc clone app with their specializations and experience

  • Schedule/cancel appointments

    The patients can schedule or cancel their appointments in the Zocdoc clone script according to their priority

  • Remote video consultations

    The patients can schedule the video consultation with the specific doctors based on their availability

  • Appointment tracker

    This feature lets the doctor, as well as the patients, track their scheduled appointments using a tracking system

  • Multi-payment

    This featured section lets the patients choose their preferred payment listed in the Zocdoc clone app

  • Multi-language

    Our Zocdoc clone script provides multiple languages in order to enhance the end-user experience

  • Inventory management

    The inventory is managed and maintained by integrating the third-party tools into the app like Zocdoc clone

  • Alert notification

    This notifies both the doctor and patient about the appointments, any tasks via the alert notifications

  • Analytical reports

    The quantitative and qualitative analytical reports of the business are tackled by the admin effectively

  • Recorded calls

    This feature lets the doctor and patient record all the video/voice call consultations for their future reference

  • Medical reports

    This lets the patients share or upload their past medical reports for the respective doctor’s reference

  • Multi-Level of Administrative

    Our Zocdoc clone app permits multiple admins to work at the backend to run the business seamlessly

Features of the Zocdoc clone app for patient

The patients can reach the specialists with ease and get their consultations promptly

  • Login / register

    The patients can log in / register to the Zocdoc clone script using the login credentials
  • User profile

    The patient can set their profile by providing necessary information and health reports
  • Surf doctors

    Patients can surf for the particular doctor they want based on their medical requirement
  • Schedule appointments

    This lets the patients book their appointment with the respective doctors accordingly
  • Consultation mode

    The patient can reach the doctors via the text/chat or voice or video consultation mode
  • In-app payment

    Patients can pay the consultation fees using the listed options in the Zocdoc clone app
  • In-app chat

    The patients can directly communicate with the doctors by using the in-app chat option
  • Ratings and reviews

    The patients can drop their valuable ratings and reviews based on the assisted service

Features of the Zocdoc clone app for admin

The Admin takes care of all the operations of your business in a simplified way


The admin manages and maintains the entire operations of your business effectively

Manage patients

All the registered patient's databases are maintained by the admin safe and securely

Manage doctors

Our Zocdoc clone script doctor’s details are maintained and managed significantly


This feature notifies the end-users about the particular event, task, or appointments

Payment deals

The full-fledged payment deals of the Zocdoc clone app are managed by the admin

Manage appointments

The scheduled appointments are managed by our Zocdoc clone app’s admin promptly

Push notifications

This updates the customer about the scheduled appointments via push notifications

Stats and reports

The full-fledged stats and reports of an app like Zocdoc clone are managed by the admin

Commission deducted

Admin deducts the commission fee to the doctors after completing the consultation

Features of the Zocdoc clone app for doctor

The doctor manages all the scheduled appointments and provides quality service

  • Easy Onboarding

    The doctors can easily board into the Zocdoc clone app by using their login credentials
  • Manage patients

    A doctor can manage their profile by providing the details such as experience, sector, etc
  • Accept or reject

    This lets doctors either accept or reject an appointment based on their availability
  • Manage appointments

    This feature permits the doctor to manage all the scheduled appointments significantly
  • Availability status

    The doctors can also enable their availability status accordingly in the Zocdoc clone app
  • iCalendar

    The doctors can also manage their calendar by providing the availability date and time
  • Treatment history

    The previous consultations along with the patient's name can be viewed in this portal
  • Earnings portal

    Doctor’s can view the earnings of a particular day/week/month in the Zocdoc clone app

The revenue model of the doctor app like Zocdoc clone

Our Zocdoc clone app allows the admin to earn a constant revenue from various ways

In-app advertising

Advertising the offerings of the Zocdoc clone app will scale up your business to a wide range of people and lets the parties involved in the business earn huge profit

Commission based

This featured section charges the doctors, clinic, medical shops a respective amount as a commission fee and earns a consistent income from that

Subscription fee

Our Zocdoc clone script provides freemium features, functionalities along with other exclusive benefits and offerings for the end-users

Frequently asked questions

We have provided some Zocdoc clone app FAQs for your reference

We do provide white-labeled solutions along with comprehensive app deliverables and packages in the app like Zocdoc clone
Yes, the Zocdoc clone app can be easily customized according to your business requirements
Yes, we will provide our guidance in launching the Zocdoc clone app on all major platforms such as Google play store, Apple play store, and in your company’s server
We will provide our support and assistance even after the post-delivery launch. So don’t worry we won’t leave you as such
The cost of development completely relies on the following factors such as features, functionalities and other such resources to be incorporated in the Zocdoc clone script
We will provide the complete web and mobile Zocdoc clone app source code for your business

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