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Launch your ready-made crowdfunding app by getting our Kickstarter clone script for your business that incorporates inclusive features and functionalities

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Kickstarter clone app development

Customizable Kickstarter clone script app with complete source code

Kickstarter clone app in an intuitive fundraising and crowdfunding marketplace that enhances the fundraisers and investors to choose a project and raise their funds on their interests. This process is called crowdfunding websites or crowdfunding platforms. A crowdfunding app like Kickstarter clone script lets people post their projects to raise funds from a crowd of investors. Looking to kick start your crowdfunding platforms like a Kickstarter clone app? Then you are at the right place!

OnMobee offers customizable and white-labeled solutions for your crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter clone app development to help entrepreneurs, companies, startups, etc. Our Kickstarter clone app provides top-notch features and functionalities for your crowdfunding platforms. The custom-built crowdfunding clone app delivers fundraising scripts for the app like Kickstarter clone and enhances your business in a scalable way. We have a dedicated team of professionals to build a user-friendly crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter clone app four business.

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Why are the investors choosing the Kickstarter clone app for their businesses?

In today’s world, entrepreneurs or individuals face lots of challenges and hurdles in finding the fundraiser for their startups, businesses, etc. The increasing difficulties in arranging bank loans and stuff tend to cause individuals or the entrepreneurs to choose the online crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter clone app for their business.

Our Kickstarter clone app packages for a crowdfunding platform

The Kickstarter clone app offers inclusive packages along with comprehensive solutions

  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • User Web App
  • Android App For Campaign Owners
  • iOS App For Campaign Owners
  • Web App For Admin

Custom Crowdfunding Script Development like Kickstarter

Bring a creative and one-of-a-kind crowdfunding solution to your company's needs.

Reward crowdfunding

The fundraiser who provide their fund for a respective project is given a small reward for their contribution towards the project

Donation crowdfunding

It is one of the most preferred fundraising ways. The individual who supports the person who campaigns and communicates via social media platforms

Real Estate crowdfunding

The fundraisers initiate funding for a large amount of money for a project, product, or company hoping for better profit in future

Lending crowdfunding

It is the process in which the fundraisers offer funds for business through small loans and earn the return via interests

Equity crowdfunding

The process of offering funds from private company securities for a group of people for their businesses as a part of capital markets

Debt-based crowdfunding

Debt-based crowdfunding is that getting money from the fundraiser for interest and paying them back

Salient features of the crowdfunding marketplace for
Kickstarter clone app

Build your online crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter clone app for your business along with white-labeled solutions and customized attributes

  • Dashboard

    We take care of the entire ongoing activities of the Kickstarter clone app in an appropriate manner
  • Browse projects

    The user can browse the project or ideologies according to their preferences in the app like Kickstarter clone
  • Listed projects

    The projects are categorized according to their fields in the crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter clone script
  • Multiple payment

    Our Kickstarter clone app supports multiple payment gateway options to provide a better user experience
  • Multi-language support

    The app like Kickstarter clone offers multiple languages to enhance better user experience
  • Real-time funding

    The fundraiser can initiate their payment in real-time for the respective projects according to their wish
  • Push notifications

    Instant updates regarding the projects, ideas, and other kinds of stuff are notified via SMS or email
  • Management tools

    The management tools enhance the hierarchy of the tasks and activities of the business in an efficient manner

Why choose a crowdfunding Kickstarter clone script from us?

Our Kickstarter clone app offers white-labeled solutions along with top-notch features and functionalities to enrich your business in a highly scalable manner. It is compatible with both the web and mobile platforms.

User-friendly system

Our Kickstarter clone app is designed in a user-friendly manner to enrich the user-experience

White-label solution

We offer a white-label solution along with comprehensive features and functionality in our crowdfunding app like Kickstarter clone

Easily customizable app

The crowdfunding Kickstarter clone app can be easily customized according to your business requirements

Complete source code

We offer complete Kickstarter clone script web and mobile source code for your business

Reduced cost and time

The Kickstarter clone script reduces the cost and time of the end-users in a significant way

Support and maintenance

Our Kickstarter clone app has a dedicated support team available 24x7 to provide their full support and assistance

Want to develop your crowdfunding platform?
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Admin panel features for crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter clone app

Some of the major features of the admin panel for crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter clone script is listed below

Intuitive dashboard

Admin monitors and manages all the activities taking place in the kickstarter clone app

User management

Our kickstarter clone app admin manages all the user profiles in an appropriate manner

Manage categories

The admin manages the project categories in the kickstarter clone app in a significant way

Manage projects

Admin takes care of all the projects uploaded in the kickstarter clone app

Campaign management

The campaign management process lets admin to manage the campaign seamlessly

Analytical reports

It lets to analyze the quantitative and qualitative datas of the kickstarter clone app

Payment gateway

Admin maintains the payment gateway of the app like kickstarter clone in a safe and secured way

CMS and settings

The CMS settings manages all set of datas and tools of the kickstarter clone script

Features for Fundraisers - Kickstarter clone app

Major features of the fundraisers for the crowdfunding website and mobile app like Kickstarter clone app is listed below

Captcha signup

The fundraisers can get into the kickstarter clone app by using the secured captcha signup

Surf and filter

This feature lets the fundraiser to surf their preferred projects listed in the kickstarter clone app

Choose projects

Fundraiser can choose their respective project from the wide range of categories

Initiate to fund

Once after the selection process, the fundraiser can fund his / her money accordingly

Multiple currencies

Our kickstarter clone app supports multiple currencies to enrich user’s experience

SMS notifications

The end-users can enable or disable the notifications from the various campaigns, projects etc

In-app chat

The fundraisers can also get their queries answered through the kickstarter clone’s in-app chat


Users upload the feedbacks about the projects or ideology in the kickstarter clone app

Kickstarter Clone App - Features for Entrepreneurs

Important features of the app like the Kickstarter clone script are listed below

Easy login

The user can easily login to the kickstarter clone app by using the captcha signup or other credentials

Explore categories

The user can explore categories in the kickstarter clone and check in which their project fits

Maintain campaigns

It lets the user to maintain and manage the campaigns related to their projects


All the specifications such as the project’s banner image etc are listed on the homepage

Launch and live

Entrepreneurs can launch their projects live and seek the attention of the fundraisers

Analytical reports

It lets to analyze the quantitative and qualitative datas of the kickstarter clone app

Getting funds

Once the fundraisers analyze the complete project he/she will initiate to fund from their end


The users of the kickstarter clone app can view the insights for the respective campaigns

Invite followers

The users can share the kickstarter clone app to their friends, family and invite them

Empower your investors with a our Kickstarter clone app

Frequently asked questions

We have offered lots and lots of features and functionalities for the Kickstarter clone app. But we could completely understand that many inquiries and doubts are snatching your mind. We have provided some FAQs for your reference

Yes, we offer white-labeled solutions for your Kickstarter clone app along with customized features and functionalities
Yes, you are the one and only owner of the Kickstarter clone script source code. We only host the app on the server end
There is no such specific limit, as many projects can be added to the app like Kickstarter clone
Yes, we do provide full support and assistance even after launching the Kickstarter clone app
Yes, we can integrate multiple payment options to provide a better user experience
Yes, the app can be launched on all major platforms such as google play store, Apple play store, and the company’s server

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