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Coursera clone script development

Develop an online tutoring and e-learning platform with complete source code

The Coursera clone app is a user-friendly online tutoring and education marketplace used by millions of professionals and students to learn about new topics and keep themselves updated by gaining more knowledge. The online education platform like the Coursera clone script lets the e-learning process a more convenient one for the end-users as they can log in to the Coursera clone app anytime and anywhere without any disruptions.

OnMobee provides you an inclusive e-learning marketplace like Coursera clone app with alluring features, functionalities along with user-friendly interfaces. An app like Coursera clone offers end-to-end solutions for the online education business along with cutting-edge technologies. The Coursera clone script enables startups, entrepreneurs to build a cost-efficient e-learning marketplace and enrich the business in a standardized manner.

What are you waiting for? We have a dedicated team of professionals to assist you in developing the Coursera clone app for your business. Launch a lucrative Coursera clone app for your online tutoring and e-learning platform and kickstart your business in a streamlined way.

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Why do you need an app like Coursera clone for your business?

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic situation has made people stay in their homes and follow the lockdown as per the norms provided. This affected a wide range of business people, schools, colleges, and other businesses as well as organizations. The students got highly affected due to the loss of learning in this pandemic.

In these cases the e-learning software like the Coursera clone app helped the students to study the respective courses by being in the comfort of their homes. An e-learning platform like the Coursera clone script incorporates a vast array of courses with the aim of providing a clear cut understanding to the end-users.

The demand for educational software like the Coursera clone app has increased in rapid popularity during this lockdown period. Developing an inclusive educational platform like Coursera clone script is highly reliable and it eliminates the time and energy of the end-users in a significant way.

Why do you prefer the Coursera clone app for your business?

  • White-labeled solution
  • User-friendly application
  • Complete source code
  • Easy customization
  • Third-party integration
  • Multi-lingual support
  • End to end support
  • Support and maintenance

What do we offer in our Coursera clone app packages?

The Coursera clone script for online tutoring and e-learning is one of the most effective and simplest means of education platforms used by various users in their day-to-day life. Our Courser clone script permits multiple users to access the online platform and learn their respective topics with ease. The Cousera clone script offers comprehensive deliverables along with intuitive packages

  • Learner Android app
  • Learner iOS app
  • Learner web app
  • Web for admin
  • Instructor Android app
  • Instructor iOS app
  • Instructor web app

The working process of the Coursera clone app

  • Login

    The user can log in to the Coursera clone app by providing their username or other credentials.
  • Search for the course

    Users can search for the preferred course in the app like Coursera clone using search and filter.
  • Add to checkout

    After selecting the specific course the user can proceed to checkout in the Coursera clone app.
  • Initiate payment

    The user can choose their convenient payment method listed in the app like Coursera clone.
  • Get the course

    Once completing all the processes the user can access the Coursera clone app anytime.
  • Complete course

    The user can complete the specific course and get their course completion certification done.
  • Real-time support

    The user can reach to the support team anytime and get their full support or assistance.
  • Ratings and reviews

    The users can upload their ratings and reviews about the course etc in the Coursera clone app.

The e-learning platform like the Coursera clone script benefits

Onmobee’s Coursera clone script offers a complete end-to-end solution for any kind of type of educational and corporate sector. Our Coursera clone has excellent features such as live video streaming, quizzes, one on one training, group training, interactive online classes, study material download, assessment, etc. Our Coursera clone has top-notch features providing an interactive solution for the users. Onmobee has highly skilled designers and developers providing a customized Coursera clone application. Looking for a readymade Coursera clone? Contact us for the Coursera clone demo.

University / Institutions

The educational software like the Coursera clone app has set a high standard by providing personalized online courses.

School academies

The app like Coursera clone e-learning platform is highly flexible with the academics of the organization and benefits the school goers in many aspects.

Job related courses

It also provides job based technical courses to improve the insights, knowledge and skill sets of the professionals to stick with the updated technology.

Corporate training

Coursera clone offers your employee a perfect learning platform, helps to organize work and manages everything in the corporate sector.

Tuition centers

Using software like Coursera clone provides a better communication connection between organizers, students, and teachers.

Orientation center

New recruiters feel much more comfortable with our uniquely designed Coursera clone script. We are ready to offer a customized Coursera clone app.

Inclusive features listed in our Coursera clone app

  • Login or register

    The learner can log in to the Coursera clone app by providing their email ID or phone number.
  • Learner profile

    The registered courses list, completion status, etc can be viewed on the learner profile page.
  • Browse for courses

    The learner can browse for their respective courses from the list in the Coursera clone app.
  • Download lectures

    This feature lets to download the lecture notes in the Coursera clone app in a simplified way.
  • Social media sharing

    The learners can also share their lectures with their friends via the social media platforms.
  • Add to wishlists

    The leaner can add their preferred topics in the wishlists and study them later accordingly.
  • Premium courses

    This feature allows the learners to access the advanced and premium courses with ease.
  • In-app chat

    The learner can communicate to the instructor via in-app chat and get their assistance
  • Ratings and reviews

    This feature lets the user drop off their ratings and reviews in the Coursera clone app.
  • Dashboard

    The admin takes care of all the ongoing activities of the Coursera clone app appropriately
  • User management

    The admin manages and maintains the database of the end-users in a secured manner
  • Blog management

    Our Coursers clone app manages the blog effectively in order to increase more popularity
  • Page management

    This feature displays all the pages which involve hidden, users and other authorized pages
  • Commission management

    The admin deducts the commission to the instructor once the course gets completed
  • Manage courses

    The admin manages and maintains all the courses in the Coursera clone in a significant way
  • Push notifications

    This feature lets the admin send notifications regarding the courses, offers, new courses, etc
  • Payment transaction

    The admin manages the payment transactions of the Coursera clone app in a secured manner
  • Analytic report

  • Login / register

    The faculty can log in or register to the Coursera clone app by providing their credentialscredentials
  • Tutor dashboard

    The faculty manages a multiple course details, lectures in the Coursera Clone app
  • Manage lectures

    The faculty appropriately manages all the lecture notes in the Coursera clone app
  • Sharing file or lectures

    The Instructors share their lectures as PDF, docs, images, videos etc to the learners
  • Add or delete

    This feature lets the faculty add, delete or modify the Coursera clone app’s listed courses
  • Resolve inquiries

    All the inquiries and doubts are resolved by the faculty in a smooth and timely manner
  • Schedule meetings

    The faculty can schedule their meetings in the Coursera clone app according to their availability
  • Setting Q/A sessions

    The faculty can also set the Q/A sessions for the learners registered in the Coursera clone app
  • Feedbacks

    The users uploads their feedbacks in the Coursera clone app regarding the lectures, notes, etc

The revenue model of our e-learning platform like the Coursera clone app

Streamline your business with the Coursera clone app by earning more revenue and profit. Take your Coursera clone app to the next level by generating revenue. Now educational sector or any corporate organization can earn commission easily with Coursera clone script. Do you have any new ideas to develop an app similar to Coursera with unique features and functionality? Onmobee team is ready to offer a customized Coursera clone app.

Subscription for courses

The users can access the Coursera clone app by choosing a monthly/yearly subscription according to their preference. This enables the business professionals to earn.

Commissions earned

The business professionals can charge the instructors a desired amount of fees after the successful completion of the subscribed courses. This is one of the substantial ways of earning revenue profit.


Business professionals can advertise their e-learning courses in the various third-party advertisements, google ads, etc by reaching out to a huge number of people and earn massive revenue from it.

Frequently asked questions about our Coursera clone

Yes, we offer a white-labeled solution in our Coursera clone app that can be integrated according to your business requirements.
Yes, the Coursera clone app is highly customizable loaded with advanced features and functionalities.
We provide our full support and assistance even after post-delivery. So don't worry we won't leave you as such.
We provide you with the complete Coursera clone script source code for your business. We just only host the app on the server end.
The development process completely relies on the features, functionalities, and resources required to add to the application.

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