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Launch your own online classified platform with our Quikr clone app for your business. Best online marketplace platform for buyers and sellers

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Quikr Clone Script App

Planning to start your own online business similar to Quikr?

Onmobee offers a one-stop solution for online classified app development similar to Quikr. Our Quikr clone has standard features to attract your customers online. Our readymade Quikr clone application is perfect for any kind of business sector such as any marketplace script, educational, eCommerce, sports material, travel, online service, real estate, etc. We are ready to offer customized solutions according to your business. With our Quikr app script, you can expand your business and run it globally. Looking for a complete end-to-end solution? Onmobee provides the right platform for buying, selling, renting, and finding other products based on category and sub-category.

Onmobee has highly skilled designers and developers to develop your Quikr app from scratch. The Quikr clone script features enable you to kick start your business with ease. Our classified clone app is highly scalable, robust, and user-friendly to use for your customers. We develop a Quikr app script using advanced tools and technology to maintain the performance of the app. Provide an easy buying and selling platform for your customers. Our Quikr clone script connects your buyer and seller globally.

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Why Do You Need An App Like Quikr?

As you all know, Quikr is India’s no. 1 online classifieds platform. Allowing buyers and sellers to get in touch in this marketplace software. Onmobee's main aim is to empower and independently connect each other on this platform. Our Quikr clone script allows you to buy, sell or rent such as cars, bikes, mobile, electronics appliances, real estate, home, lifestyle, service, education, etc.

  • Sell your products online
  • List your business online
  • Hire a candidate
  • Run an Ad

Our Quikr clone deliverables :

Our Quikr clone script can be used by both the individual or business /dealers/ agencies. We offer the classified clone script on both the web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS).

  • Web app for customers
  • Mobile app (Android & iOS) for customers
  • Web back end panel for Admin
  • Web and mobile app for buyers
  • Web and mobile app for sellers
  • Web and mobile app for sellers

Unique features of our Quikr clone App

Get customized classified app solutions on the web and mobile platforms

Share & comment

Our Quikr clone script allows your buyers to comment on their ads and share the ad link via social media channels.

Text, image, video

The seller can send text messages, share images or videos based on the products to the buyer from the Quikr clone app.

Daily deals

The daily deals can be a great way for driving traffic to your classified sites and keep the buyer and seller engaged.

Verified customers

Only customers who share their contact number and address proof are termed as verified customers.

Number privacy

In our Quikr clone script, the contact number of the buyer and seller are secured, they cannot misuse the number.

Post ads

Let your sellers post ads for their individual or for their business. Quikr clone app allows posting free ads for sellers.

Premium ads

Premium ads are paid ads, which are displayed at the post of all ads. As those are featured ads in Quikr clones.

Secured payment

Our Quikr clone script offers 100% secure online transactions for buyers as well as sellers.

Assured products

Our Quikr clone script has an assured product feature, which denotes the products are quality assured and value for money.

Why choose the Quikr clone script from Onmobee?

Our Quikr clone script offers the best buying and selling platform.

  • 100% source code

    We offer complete 100% source code of Quikr clone script on web and mobile platforms.

  • Highly customizable

    Get customizable solutions for your classified script according to your business.

  • White label solution

    We offer a white-label solution for Quikr clone script in your own brand name and logo.

  • Free installation & set up

    Onmobee offers Quikr clone installation & setup done on your server free of cost.

  • Continuous support

    We offer continuous 3 months of free support and maintenance after the delivery of the project.

  • Latest technology

    Onmobee uses advanced tools and technology to maintain the performance of the app.

How does our Quikr clone app work?

  • 1

    Register / login

    Buyer/seller can register & login to the respective buy or sell platform by providing username & password.

  • 2

    Post your Product ads

    The seller can post the product ads with details such as product details, product image, prices, and etc.

  • 3

    Request buying a product

    If the buyer is interested in the product, the buyer can request for price via the Quikr clone app platform.

  • 4

    Buyer & seller contact

    The seller receives the notification, the buyer and seller get in touch via chat or call from the Quikr clone app.

  • 5

    Product sold

    Once the deal is closed. The product is marked as sold out on the Quikr clone script platform.

Want to develop your own classified platform like the Quikr app?

Features of Quikr clone app for buyer - Mobile app

  • Register & login

    In our Quikr clone script, the buyer can register by providing the contact number and verification proof.
  • Advanced search option

    The buyer can search for any products or services using the advanced search box.
  • Send a request to the seller

    In our Quikr clone script, the buyer can send a request to the seller on the purchase of the products.
  • Sort & filter

    The seller can simplify the search options by filter and sort based on popularity, price (low to high), brand, etc.
  • Chat / call

    The buyer can get in touch with the seller via chat option or call within the app. The contact number is private and kept secure.
  • Products details

    The buyer can view the product details such as when the post was posted, check the comments on products, etc.

Features of Quikr clone app for Admin panel - Web app


Quikr Clone script provides an intuitive dashboard to manage the complete buyer and seller process online.

Push notification

Admin gets notified continuously regarding the buyer’s request, seller post, new deals, discount updates, etc.

Manage customers

Verified customers are managed from the admin backend panel. The newsletter can be sent to customers.

Manager seller

The list of sellers is managed and tracked from the admin backend panel. Each seller is provided with a business profile.


In our Quikr clone script, reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Statistical data can be collected.

CMS settings

Admin can all access to update and modify their website, content, layout, images, and other features in Quikr clone.

Manage reviews

Customer ratings and reviews on the products can be managed by admin from the backend panel.

Multiple currencies

You can now run your online classified business globally, our app supports multiple currencies.

Category & sub-category

Admin can create multiple categories and subcategories for products to be updated on the Quikr clone app.

Features of Quikr clone app for the seller - Mobile app

  • Register & login

    The seller can register by providing a contact number and verification proof for login in the Quikr clone app.
  • Category & sub-category

    The seller of the products needs to select the suitable category and subcategory to update the products on the Quikr clone.
  • Product details

    In our Quikr clone app, the seller needs to provide the details of the product such as the year of purchase of a product, brand name, price, etc.
  • Ad title and description

    An attractive ad title and description need to be provided along with the price and condition of the products.
  • Individual or dealers

    Both the individual as well as the dealers can sell their products or services via the Quikr clone app platform.
  • Upload multiple pics

    The seller is allowed to update the current multiple pics of the products in the Quikr clone script.
  • Type of ads

    The seller can post the ads either on free or premium or featured types. The premium and featured ads are shown at the top.
  • Notification

    When the buyer requests the product a quick push notification is sent to the seller via Quikr clone script.

FAQ on Quikr Clone Script

Yes, we are ready to provide you with a customized Quikr clone app according to your business requirement. Any features and functionality can be added or removed from the app.
The delivery time of a Quikr clone app depends on several factors such as customization requirements, features, functionality, deliverables, etc.
Onmobee offers post-launch maintenance and support to our clients. We help you run the business smoothly in the initial days. We provide 3 months of free support and maintenance.
Apart from the regular chat system, we can also include WhatsApp API integration, Facebook messenger API, Google Hangout API, another chat app that can be integrated into your Quikr clone app.
Yes, We have a ready-made solution to kick start your business instantly. With our Quikr clone app, you can launch your classified business.
The cost of the Quikr clone application depends on your requirement of the project, deliverables web or mobile, the scope of the project, features and functionality, etc.
We have highly skilled designers and delivers, who are ready to offer you the Quikr clone app in your own layout, theme color, etc.
Yes, we provide you the complete 100% source code of the Quikr clone app. You can edit the code from the admin backend panel.

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