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Buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes with the pragmatic thredUP clone app

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ThredUP Clone

A white-labeled solution with complete source code

The thredUP clone script is a fashion resale platform that lets consumers easily buy and sell second-hand clothes with ease. An app like thredUP clone is an interactive marketplace used by middle-class and lower-economic people to purchase the reused second-hand clothes. Our thredUP clone offers unique features and functionalities along with white-labeled solutions for your business

The peer-to-peer online marketplace like the thredUP clone is compatible with both the web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS). Our thredUP clone script offers end-to-end support along with cutting-edge technologies for your business. Onmobee provides business professionals, entrepreneurs with a cost-efficient thredUP clone app to Kickstart their fashion resale business for selling the re-usable, second-hand products

What are you waiting for? We have an energetic team of professionals to build a ready-made thredUP clone for your buy and sell marketplace. Our thredUP clone also offers responsive designs and white-labeled solutions for your classified buy/sell business. Get started with the leading thredUP clone script for selling the used second-hand products like clothing, shoes, accessories, etc to the buyers and earn massive profit and revenue

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The packages offered by our thredUP clone app

Comprehensive app deliverables offered by our thredUP clone script

  • Android app for buyers
  • iOS app for buyers
  • Web panel for buyers
  • Android app for seller
  • iOS app for seller
  • Web panel for seller
  • Web panel for admin

Planning to build a buy and sell platform like the thredUP clone for your business?

The largest online fashion resale platform for selling second-hand products

thredUP clone script- An online consignment and thrift store marketplace that lets the consumers sell their high-quality clothes to their customers without any disruptions. Onmobee provides the thredUP clone app with alluring key features and exclusive benefits. An app like thredUP clone enhances the working process of your eCommerce business sites. The thredUP clone lets entrepreneurs, business professionals generate a massive profit and revenue easily by selling second-hand products in these classified marketplaces. Are you one of the business people looking forward to developing a robust-built thredUP clone script for your business? Then I would strongly recommend going ahead with the thredUP clone app for your buy and sell marketplace business. Get a sneak-peak into the resale platform like the thredUP clone script and broaden your business globally all around the world. The categorized products listed in our thredUP clone script are listed below for your reference

  • Women’s clothes
  • Men’s clothes
  • Kids clothes and accessories
  • Designer clothes
  • Shoes
  • Goody boxes
  • Bags
  • Other category products

Why do you prefer to choose the thredUP clone app from us?

The scalable thredUP clone script buy/sell marketplace for your business

User-friendly system

Our thredUP clone script is designed in a user-friendly way and offers customized features and functionalities

White-label solution

We offer a white-label solution with comprehensive deliverables and interactive packages in an app like thredUP clone

Highly customizable app

The thredUP clone app can be easily customized according to your buyer/seller platform business requirements

100 % source code

We offer you the complete thredUP clone script web and mobile source code for your resale platform

Third-party integration

The third-party tools can be integrated with an app like thredUP to enhance the business development

Support and assistance

A Dynamic team of professionals offers their full support and assistance anytime in our thredUP clone app

Exclusive add-ons of our thredUP clone script

Onmobee offers scalable features for your classified buy/sell business

  • Products listing

    The seller maintains and manages the listed products in our thredUP clone script in a simple and effective way

  • Featured ads

    Our thredUP clone app advertise a list of featured products or items to bring them to the buyer's view

  • Offers and discounts

    An app like thredUP clone admin sets forth the offers and discounts for the products at the back end

  • Avail deals

    Our thredUP clone app provides deals for a respective product or item and displays it on the homepage

  • Setup listing fee

    An online classified marketplace like thredUP clone script charges seller with a small amount of listing fee

  • Pick up options

    The buyer can choose their convenient pickup options according to their priority in the thredUP clone app

  • Insight reports

    The admin manages the insights and analytical reports of your classified thredUP clone script platform

  • Location-based search

    The buyers can search for their location-based shops in an app like thredUP clone and place the order

  • Inventory management

    The inventory is managed seamlessly by integrating the third-party tools into the thredUP clone app

  • Social media sharing

    The seller can also share their work process, products details and advertise them on the social media platforms

  • Newsletter management

    This feature subscribers and the customers get engaged with featured products in the thredUP clone script

  • CMS settings

    The admin can update, add, delete or modify their business websites, images in this featured section

Features of thredUP clone for admin panel

The admin takes care of the ongoing activities of your business effectively

  • Screening dashboard

    The admin monitors and manages all the operational activities of your business appropriately
  • Manage seller

    The registered seller's particulars are managed and maintained by our thredUP clone script admin
  • Manage buyer

    This feature maintains the complete database of thredUP clone script buyers in a safe and secured manner
  • Manage categories

    The admin manages multiple categories listed in our thredUP clone app in a well-organized way
  • Payment transactions

    The admin monitors and executes every payment transaction of the thredUP clone app safely
  • Stats and reports

    An app like thredUP clone complete business stats and reports are managed and maintained by the admin
  • Alert notifications

    Admin notifies buyers about their orders, offers, and discounts, etc via the thredUP clone alert notifications
  • Deduct commission

    The admin deducts the commission to the seller's bank account after the successful order completion
  • Reviews and ratings

    The admin manages the reviews and ratings uploaded by the buyers in our thredUP clone script

Features of thredUP clone for seller app

The seller manages all the orders and addresses the buyer concerns promptly

Verify documents

The authenticity of the documents are verified thoroughly to run the business in a significant manner

Categorize products

The seller categorizes all the products and items in a proper manner in an app like the thredUP clone

Accept or reject

This feature lets the seller either accept/reject the incoming request from the buyer accordingly

Gift cards and deals

This feature allows the seller to display and list various gift cards and deals in the thredUP clone app

Enable availability

This feature lets the seller enable their availability status in the thredUP clone script significantly

Resolve inquiries

The seller also resolves the concerns and inquiries of the buyers in a smooth and timely manner

Review earnings

Seller can review their earnings for a particular week/day/month in thredUP clone app earning portal

History portal

All the previously sold out products along with the date and time can be viewed in this history portal

Features of thredUP clone for buyer

The thredUP clone app provides a productive buy-sell platform for buyers

  • Onboarding

    The buyers can make their boarding into the thredUP clone script by using the social media credentials
  • Search and filter

    The buyers can also search for their preferred product or item in the thredUP clone app with ease
  • Proceed to checkout

    The buyers can proceed to checkout after selecting the preferred product from the thredUP clone app
  • E-wallet

    The buyers can easily process their payment by using the e-wallet option of an app like the thredUP clone
  • Purchased history

    The previously purchased products along with cost and other details can be viewed on this portal
  • Manage favorites

    Buyers can also add their favorite products to the thredUP clone app and purchase them later accordingly
  • Invite and earn

    By sharing an app like thredUP clone with their family or friends the buyers can earn reward points
  • Rate products

    The buyers can also rate the ordered products or items accordingly in the thredUP clone app

The monetization model of an app like thredUP clone

Earn a consistent revenue from our classified marketplace thredUP clone app

Commission on sales

The thredUP clone makes a commission on each and every transaction whenever any product or item is sold on this classified buy/sell marketplace

Third-party ads

This lets the third party business persons post the promotions or ads of their products in our thredUP clone script and earns a specific amount of commission

Premium subscription

The customers can sign up for the premium subscriptions in our thredUP clone and gain exclusive benefits such as free delivery, offers, and other additional perks

Transaction fees

An app like thredUP clone charges the respective sellers with a specific amount of transaction fee for every successful completion of the order

Frequently asked questions

The FAQ of an app like thredUP clone for classified business

Yes, the thredUP clone can be easily customized according to your business requirements
Yes, we will provide you a white-labeled solution along with an end to end support and cutting-edge technologies
We will assist you in launching the thredUP clone on all major platforms such as Google play store, Apple play store, and on also in your company’s server
Yes, we will provide the complete web and mobile thredUP clone source code for your business
We will offer our support and assistance anytime even after the post-delivery launch of an app like the thredUP clone
There is no such specific number. Many users can log in to the thredUP clone app and access it accordingly
The development process of the thredUP clone app completely relies on the following factors such as features, functionalities, and other such requirements
Yes, we can integrate multiple payment options in the thredUP clone app according to your business requirements

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