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Oyo Clone Script

Customizable Oyo clone script with complete source code

Oyo clone script for online hotel booking business that offers standard services for the customers as well as the hotel owners by providing advanced features and functionalities. Oyo clone app is a large network of tech-enabled budget hotel featured with highly scalable and beneficial characteristics.

The Oyo clone app was the first among the hotel booking business to start the method of branding the domestic budget hotel segment. Online hotel booking apps like Oyo clone provides a comprehensive and customer-friendly approach for all the user concerns and inquiries.

OnMobee offers a compatible Oyo clone app for hotel booking businesses. The Oyo clone app ensures a better experience for both the customer as well as the hotel booking business professionals. The hotel booking apps like Oyo clone lets the customer book their accommodations online in a hassle-free manner.

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What does the Oyo clone script do for your Hotel booking business?

An online hotel booking script like Oyo clone lets the customer schedule or book their accommodation with ease. It’s not like the old days, making a call to the hotel reception and booking the stay or accommodation

In this modern world, everything seems easy with the help of online applications like the Oyo clone app. The hotel booking app like the Oyo clone app offers highly advanced features and functionalities to enrich the development of the business as well as to provide better service for the users.

Get our Oyo room clone script to start your hotel booking and business management easily.

Our Oyo clone script packages for Hotel booking business

OnMobee offers a highly customized Oyo clone app with inclusive deliverables like customer pane, admin panel, the hotel manager. OnMobee provides an alluring hotel booking app like Oyo clone with white-labeled solutions. Our Oyo clone app lets the end-users meet their business requirements on time. The intuitive packages of the Oyo clone script are listed below.

  • Custom Android App
  • Customer iOS App
  • Vendor Android App
  • Vendor iOS App
  • Vendor Admin Panel
  • Admin Web App

How does the hotel booking app like the Oyo clone script work?

Easy login

Customer can access the app like Oyo clone by providing credentials like username, phone number, or social media accounts.

Explore assisted services

The customer can explore the assisted services and the intuitive features offered in the Oyo clone script.

Schedule booking

The customer can book their accommodation by checking the price, accommodations offered, image, etc in the Oyo clone app

Secure pay

The in-app payments let the users to easily complete the payment transactions without any trouble.

Technical support

Users can get back to the support team anytime and get their queries and doubts resolved in a systematic way.

Are you ready to develop your own application like OYO?

Features of the Oyo clone script for customer panel - Web and mobile app

  • Easy login

    The customer can log in to the Oyo clone app by providing their username or social media accounts like email ID, google, Facebook, etc.
  • Surf for a nearby hotel

    The customer can search for the nearby hotel booking apps like Oyo clone from their desired location and book their accommodation.
  • Search and filter

    Customers can browse for the hotel location, cost of a stay, accommodation type, etc in the Oyo clone app by using the search and filter option.
  • Alert notifications

    The customer gets instant alert notifications regarding their offers, discounts, accommodations, and other featured stuff via SMS or email.
  • Multi payment options

    Our Oyo clone app offers multiple payment options such as COD, credit/debit cards, e-wallet payment, etc to ensure safe and secured payment.
  • Two-factor authentication

    The customer can enable the two-factor authentication in the Oyo clone app to boost the security purposes of their profile.
  • Live support

    The customer can get their inquiries and doubts answered by reaching to the dedicated technical support team anytime.
  • Ratings and reviews

    Customers can upload their ratings and reviews in the Oyo clone app about the service provided or any suggestion has to be done.

Features of the Oyo clone script for admin panel


Admin manages all the business ongoing activities and process in an appropriate manner.

Manage customer

Admin can only manages all the customer details of name, location, phone number, email ID .

Vendor management

Admin manages and monitors all the registered vendors details in a safe and secured manner

Manage advertisements

Admin manages all advertisements and promotionals in the website to increase the growth

Manage revenues

Admin can manage entire revenue such as accommodation costs, bookings, etc effectively.

Analytical reports

Admin manages all the business analytical and revenue reports to enrich business growth.

Manage CMS

The admin can add, remove and modify all the contents, images and videos in this application.

Manage reviews and ratings

Admin manages all the ratings and reviews uploaded by the customers in a secured way.

Features of the Oyo clone script for Vendor panel - Web and mobile app

  • Register

    The Hotel booking systems can easily register to the Oyo clone app by providing their email address, phone number, or other credentials.
  • Hotel information

    The necessary information about the hotel booking app such as name, location, contact, email ID are displayed in the Oyo clone app.
  • Accommodation list

    The hotel manager can list their hotel rooms image, description, cost, assisted services, and other stuff in the Oyo clone app.
  • Accept or reject

    The Hotel manager can either accept or reject the incoming request from the customer according to their preferences.
  • Booking management

    All the overall bookings, requested, canceled bookings are managed by the hotel manager in a simplified way.
  • Promotional discounts

    The hotel manager can post their offers and discounts so that the customer can avail it by getting into the Oyo clone app.
  • Review earnings

    The hotel manager can review all the commissions and payments earned by them in the earnings portal of the Oyo clone app.
  • Feedbacks

    The customers can drop their feedbacks in the Oyo clone app regarding the assisted service, accommodation stay, etc.

Other additional features of hotel booking apps like Oyo clone for your business

Our Oyo clone app offers other additional features in order to ensure the development of the hotel booking in a systematic way

In-app chat

By using the in-app chat the customer can directly communicate with the hotel manager and get their query resolved.

Real-time location

The customer can track the live location with the help of the geolocation tracker and reach the desired location.

Multilingual support

Our Oyo clone script lists multiple languages in the app so that the customer can choose their preferred language.

Push notification

Admin can easily alter to their new and existing customer regarding their bookings, discounts, accommodations, and offers of the Oyo clone app.

Third-party integrations

Our oyo clone script can integrate any third party tool such as SMS, Payment, Email, API integrations and other settings as well.

Packages for a subscription

The hotel booking app like Oyo clone offers subscription packages so that the customer can avail it if needed.

Why do you choose our Oyo clone script for your business?

User-friendly system

Our Oyo clone app is drafted in a user-friendly manner to enrich the user's experience.

White-labeled solution

We offer white-labeled solutions along with inclusive features and functionalities in our Oyo clone app.

Complete source code

We provide the complete source code of our Oyo clone script for your business. So that you can manage it by yourself.

Reduced cost and time

AThe Oyo clone script reduces the cost and time of the end-users in a significant way.

One time payment

The Oyo clone app processes the one-time payment method in a safe and secured manner.

Fully customizable

The Oyo clone app can be fully customized according to your business requirements.

Frequently asked questions our Oyo clone

Yes, we will provide you with white-labeled solutions that can be integrated according to your business requirements.
Yes, we provide the complete web and mobile source code to you for your business. We just host the app on the server-side.
We can integrate multiple payment methods such as COD(Cash on delivery), UPI pay, credit/debit card, etc according to your business needs.
The development process completely depends upon the features, functionalities, and requirements of the app.
We provide our full support anytime. So do not worry we won't leave you as such even after your final release.
We assist you in launching the Oyo clone app on all major platforms such as google play store and apple play store and also in your company’s server.

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