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Realtor clone app development

Want to take your real estate business to the next level? Onmobee’s Realtor clone offers a customized end-to-end solution to kick start your online real estate business. We have a readymade solution, you can instantly start your real estate company online. Our Realtor clone has excellent inbuilt features to increase the business revenue. Onmobee’s realtor clone would be the right platform to search for real estate for sale, discover new homes, shop mortgages, find property records, etc online. We do offer customized solutions according to your business needs.

Realtor Clone Script is a perfect platform for entrepreneurs who want to start their own online Real Estate property platform. Our Realtor Clone Script is the most simple way for purchasers to seek an online housing with precise details such as property type, room type, amenities, price, space, location, descriptions, and images obtained through online and computerized cash activities. We help you convert real estate business ideas into reality with our Realtor clone app. Onmobee has highly skilled designers and developers to deliver innovative solutions. We make a robust and attractive real estate portal to fulfill the needs of your customers and the real estate industry. Get a world-class online real estate portal supporting on the web and mobile app with unique inbuilt features to kick start your business online.

The app we provide for the Realtor clone script

Realtor Clone is a real estate script that allows sellers to register and advertise their property. They can also use their account to delete the area. Buyers can also register and search for open areas in a specific region at an affordable price, as well as submit a request to purchase, rent, or lease any property for a specific period of time. Realtor Clone Script can be used as a rental script for a house, a vacation rental screenplay, a room rental script, a villa rental script, a real estate rental script, or a rental script for a home. Admin can choose from a wide range of customization choices.

SOur Realtor clone script is designed to boost up your business. Do you have any new ideas in your mind? Onmobee is ready to work on your ideas. We are ready to provide customized solutions according to your business needs. Our Realtor clone delivers a wide mobile audience. Now start your own real estate business with excellent features. Contact us for a customized Realtor clone application.

  • Admin - Back end panel (Web)
  • Vendor / Seller - Back end panel (Web)
  • Customer / Buyer - Front end panel (Web & Mobile)

Features you find in our Realtor clone

Want to start your own Realtor like online real estate portal? Onmobee has highly skilled designers and developers to offer you the complete end-to-end solution to kick start your online business. Our application supports both web and mobile apps.

Buy home

Our Realtor clone script allows your customers to look for the perfect homes with the complete source of homes for sales near the chosen location. The home is displayed stating whether it's a single-family home, condo, or just land, etc.

Selling home

Your customers can easily sell homes on our Realtor clone platform. The Realtor clone application lets you know the offers for your home and you can track the home value. This makes it easy to sell your home online with the Realtor clone app.


Let your customer explore the list of rental apartments along with the home pics, price range, number of bedrooms available, bath, area, etc. Complete other details are provided with the separate landing page.


Our Realtor clone script lets your customer compare up-to-date mortgage rates and allows you to find the right one. We have inbuilt mortgage tools like affordability calculators and mortgage payment calculators.

Find realtor

Now your customers can easily find real estate agents. Our Realtor clone script allows your customers to search for more than millions of verified agents online. Your customer gets multiple choice.

Home value

Our Realtor clone script has unique inbuilt features to estimate your home value and helps you to make a better decision. Your customer gets to know more about home value estimates, track equity, view local market trends, etc.

New home construction

A separate list of new home constructions and communities in specified areas is found here. Your customers get the complete list of the new home construction area from the Realtor clone script. Get a customized Realtor clone solution.

Recently sold homes

Onmobee’s Realtor clone script lets you discover the just sold home and properties under the recently sold home / just sold section. The just sold are provided with a home image, price range, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

Property records

Make it easy for your customers to search for property and real estate records online. Our Realtor clone script makes it easy for you customers to search for sales, rent, and off-market properties and claim their homes online.

Home buying/selling tips

Onmobee’s Realtor clone script has other excellent features such as a separate section for home buying tips and home selling tips. This would help customers to know more about the areas and home property.


Your customers get to know more about the land in sight, buying, selling, renting, financing, home improvement, research, etc. Realtor clones provide complete end-to-end details to your customers.

Foreclosure home

Your customers can discover a foreclosure home for sale and property listing nearby and specified location. There are separate sections such as price-reduced home, affordable home, foreclosure home, etc.

Looking to develop an online real estate marketplace platform like Realtor?

Why choose our online real estate software for your business?

Onmobee offers all one real estate solutions similar to the Realtor clone script. Our readymade realtor clone script helps you to manage the complete rental process, buy & sell property, etc. We are ready to offer customized solutions for all kinds of business sectors.

SEO friendly

Our Realtor clone script offers SEO-friendly features such as user-friendly URL, meta tags, sharing, title, keywords, etc.

Go Mobile

Realtor clone script attracts your customers with a user-friendly mobile app. Let the customers and rental owners handle everything via mobile.

    Continuous support

    Onmobee has highly skilled designers and developers offering continuous support after the delivery of the project also via call, chat, mail, etc.

    Readymade solution

    A perfect readymade Realtor clone script to instantly kick start your online real estate business online.



Our Realtor clone application supports both RTL (Right to Left) and LTR (Left to Right) features. Contact us for a custom-made solution.

Latest technology

OnMobee developer uses the latest technology to work on the development of the Realtor clone. It helps to increase the performance of the app.

Skilled developer

We have highly skilled and experienced developers to work on the development of the Realtor clone project.

In-app chat

We have excellent features in-app chat allowing customers to instantly get in touch with the real estate agent via chat.

Highlighted features of our Realtor clone app

Manage rentals

Now managing rental has become easier with just one click you get instant credit, background, and eviction history. It's never been easier to find and keep quality tenants. Contact OnMobee for customized Realtor clone apps.


The Realtor clone application has an inbuilt Mortgage calculator to compare lenders and track the lowest mortgage payment details. This feature lets customers know whether the mortgage fits their budget or not.

Payment method

Admin can easily make money on the Realtor clone platform by charging for every submission or for membership. The features submission is listed at the top. Free submissions are next to it. Realtor clone help admin to earn in different ways.


Our Realtor clone script comes with integrated geolocation technology allowing customers to view the property located nearby. It makes the search easy for the customers to track the distance and find the exact location.


Admin receives an instant quick notification on every customer's submission and agents' request approval. The notification is received in the form of mail and message. Our Realtor clone script has powerful inbuilt features.


Your customers can share their reviews and ratings in our Realtor clone script. This feedback lets other customers know more about the agents and their property-related details. This review helps to improve credibility.

CMS setting

This functionality is available in the admin panel and allows you to effortlessly handle data (profiles) for both vendors and buyers. Client relationship management, on the other hand, allows you to resolve customer issues.

Map Integration

This will make it easier for users to identify local properties while also guaranteeing that the app's location access is secure. They must, for example, identify their current location and conduct a search for neighboring houses.

Real-time Analysis

For a real estate app like Realtor, this is a must-have feature. This function will provide you with information about the company's performance. As a result, you can concentrate on improvising it.

Realtor clone’s revenue model

Banner ad placement

Admin can earn extra revenue by placing banner ads or text ads on the realtor clone platform. Banner ads can easily attract customers and gain profit via banner ads. This helps to generate recurring income for the business.

Advertise with Realtor clone

Our Realtor clone script offers an advertisement platform allowing vendors or others to advertise on the Realtor clone applications. The featured promotion can easily capture the attention of users on real estate portal sites. Admin can earn more via the featured listing.


It can give real estate agents or businesses a place to advertise their services. It will be prominently displayed on the home page, at the top of the real estate agency listings. Those real estate agencies will be able to raise their brand awareness in this manner. Offer them a hefty promotional fee in exchange.

The Frequently asked questions

We have provided some FAQs of the Fundly clone app for a better understanding

We do provide white-labeled solutions along with exclusive deliverables and packages for an app like Realtor clone
We will provide the complete web and mobile Realtor clone source code for your freelancing platform
Yes, we will provide our complete guidance in launching the Realtor clone on all major platforms such as Google play store, Apple play store, and in your company’s server
Yes, the Realtor clone can be easily customized according to your business requirements
We will offer our full support and assistance even after the Realtor clone app post-delivery launch
The cost of development completely relies on the following factors such as features, functionalities and other such resources to be incorporated in the Realtor clone script
Yes, we can integrate multiple payment options in the outsourcing platform like the Realtor clone app according to your business requirements
There is no such specific number. Many users can access the Realtor clone app and avail the services simultaneously

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