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Quiqup clone app development

A white-labeled solution with complete source code

Our Quiqup clone script provides on-demand delivery services through a network of self-employed drivers. A delivery platform like the Quiqup clone is fully equipped with advanced features and functionalities to upgrade the business in a streamlined manner. The customers can easily access the Quiqup clone app can order their respective essentials and get them delivered right away to their doorsteps

Our Onmobee developers are well known to build a delivery app like Quiqup clone with easy-to-use attributes and cutting-edge technologies. The Quiqup clone script is well furnished with essential features such as GPS real-time tracking, in-app payment, options, and more. The pragmatic delivery app like Quiqup clone is compatible with all the web and mobile (Android and iOS) platforms

Are you planning to kick-start your on-demand delivery business? Then the profitable Quiqup clone script will be the perfect choice to bloom your delivery business in a seamless manner. Onmobee has a brilliant tech team to develop a robust delivery app like Quiqup clone in no time. Get a sneak-peak into the Quiqup clone app and enhance your delivery business to great heights by offering standard service to the customers

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Build an on-demand delivery app like Quiqup clone for your business

The Quiqup clone app is a leading on-demand delivery platform that has been used by many customers to purchase their essentials from the respective stores and get them delivered right away to their doorsteps without any disruption. Our Quiqup clone script has been used by many small-scale, large-scale businesses and numerous business professionals around the world, including you, and has begun to broaden its industry globally

Onmobee provides a user-friendly platform like the Quiqup clone that creates life-changing experiences for the end-users who make use of our delivery portal. So, if you're one of the hopeful business professionals waiting to build a successful delivery app like Quiqup clone for your business? Then I would strongly suggest you to go ahead with the Quiqup clone script for your online delivery business. Our Quiqup clone offers multiple product delivery and fits all your day-to-day operations in a well organized way

The packages offered by our Quiqup clone script

The comprehensive stakeholders of our Quiqup clone app delivery platform

  • Customer android app
  • Customer iOS app
  • Customer web panel
  • Delivery agent android app
  • Delivery agent iOS app

The highlighted features offered by the delivery platform like the Quiqup clone script

The top-notch features and functionalities of the Quiqup clone delivery marketplace

Easy Management Tools

Our Quiqup clone capabilities, skill sets, methodologies, etc are evaluated and in an appropriate manner

Featured products

The delivery platform like the Quiqup clone script displays the featured products/items on the home screen

Uninterrupted payment

An app like Quiqup clone provides customers with various payment options to ensure secure payment

Global language

Our Quiqup clone app supports multiple languages so that the customer can choose their convenient one

Location-based search

The customers can search for the nearby store based on the preferred location in our Quiqup clone script

Digital statement

This section permits the customers to get a copy of the purchased products/items via digital statement

Contactless Delivery

The delivery agent avoids direct contact with the customers and drops off the respective order at the doorstep

Insight reports

The admin manages the complete Quiqup clone script business insight reports in a consistent manner

In-app chat

Our Quiqup clone app delivery platform lets both the end-users interact easily via the in-app chat option

Resolve queries

All the customer queries regarding the delivery, orders, etc are answered and resolved in a smooth manner

Social media network

It directly converses to the customers about the products and expands the on-demand delivery business platform

Newsletter management

This feature lets the subscribers and the customers get engaged with our Quiqup clone products

End to end support and cutting-edge technologies based quiqup clone script for the delivery business

What makes us unique from other home rental platforms?

Our home rental platform like Nestaway clone script stands apart from its competitors due to its exclusive characteristics

  • Analytical dashboard for admin
  • Extensive customizations
  • Safe and secured installation
  • Multi-service platforms
  • Scalable performance
  • Timely deployment
  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • Support and help

Why do you prefer to choose the Quiqup clone app from us?

User-friendly system

The Quiqup clone script is designed in a user-friendly manner to enrich the user-experience

White-labeled solution

We will provide you a white-labeled solution along with advanced features and functionalities

Complete source code

Our Quiqup clone app offers the complete web and mobile source code for your business

100% customizable app

An app like Quiqup clone can be easily customized according to your business requirements

Third-party integration

The third-party tools can be integrated into the Zoopla clone to enhance your business

Support and assistance

We have a powerful team of professionals to offer their full support and assistance anytime

The working process of the Quiqup clone script delivery platform

Easy login

The customer can easily log in to the Quiqup clone app using the social media credentials

Browse essentials

This featured section lets the customers browse for their essentials in the Quiqup clone script

Place the order

The customers can add the respective product/items to the cart and then proceed to checkout

Initiate payment

Our Quiqup clone script offers various payment options to ensure safe and secured payment

Order delivered

The delivery agent delivers the order to the respective customer's locality in a timely manner

Deduct commission

The admin receives the specific payment and then allocates the desired amount for the seller

The features of Quiqup clone for admin panel

The admin manages the ongoing functionalities of the delivery platform effectively

  • Analytical dashboard

    The admin monitors and manages all the functionalities of your on-demand delivery business approximately
  • Manage customers

    Our Quiqup clone script admin maintains all the customer databases in a safe and secured manner
  • Manage delivery agent

    The registered delivery agents details and proof documents are maintained safely and securely by the admin
  • Manage orders

    The admin manages and monitors the incoming and outgoing orders taking place in the Quiqup clone app
  • Offers/discounts/deals

    The admin manages the deals, offers, and discounts for the products in the Quiqup clone app delivery portal
  • Custom notifications

    The admin updates the info such as new items arrival, deals, offers, and discounts, etc via custom notifications
  • Manage inventory

    The inventory is managed seamlessly by integrating the third-party tools into the Quiqup clone script
  • Manage refunds

    Our Quiqup clone admin manages the refund requests for the respective products/items accordingly
  • Payment transactions

    The admin monitors and executes every payment transaction of our Quiqup clone app in a secured way

The features of the Quiqup clone for customer app

Our Quiqup clone script offers paramount attributes for the on-demand delivery platform


The customer can log in or register to the Quiqup clone app delivery platform by using their credentials

Browse stores

This lets the customers explore various products from the stores that are registered to the Quiqup clone

    Product details

    On selecting the store, the customers will be able to see the respective product's price, description etc

    E-wallet pay

    The customers can easily pay their bills directly by using our Quiqup clone app e-wallet option


GPS tracking

Our Quiqup clone script offers an in-built GPS tracking system to check the whereabouts of the delivery agents

Invite and earn

The customers can share the Quiqup clone app with their family or friends and earn reward points

Order history

All the previously made orders in an app like Quiqup clone can be reviewed in this order history portal

Review and ratings

The customers can drop their valuable reviews and ratings in the delivery platform like the Quiqup clone app

The features of Quiqup clone for delivery agent panel

The delivery agent navigates to the customer’s location and delivers the orders promptly

  • Register

    The delivery agent can register to the Quiqup clone script using their contact number or email address
  • Agent dashboard

    Our delivery portal like Quiqup clone app lets the delivery agents view the overall activities easily
  • Verify documents

    The originality of the documents are completely verified to run the on-demand delivery business efficiently
  • Accept/reject request

    This lets the delivery agents either accept/reject the incoming order request according to their preference
  • Orders info

    The delivery agents can check the order information such as the customer’s name, address contact number, etc
  • Time of availability

    The delivery agent can enable their availability time in the Quiqup clone app according to their preference
  • Earnings

    An app like Quiqup clone incorporates the earnings portal for the delivery agents to view their earnings
  • Access optimal routes

    The delivery agent can access the optimal routes and deliver the order to the respective customer’s location
  • Feedback system

    The delivery agents can also give feedback about the respective customers of the Quiqup clone script

How to earn revenue from our delivery app like Quiqup clone?

The revenue model for earning a consistent income from our Quiqup clone app delivery portal

Commission via sales

The Quiqup clone makes a commission on every successful completion of transaction whenever any product is sold via the delivery platform

Promotions and advertisements

Advertising products in our Quiqup clone script will boost your business to a wide sector and let the parties involved in the business earn huge profit

Subscription type

The customers can sign up for monthly/yearly subscriptions in our Quiqup clone app and gain exclusive benefits such as free delivery, offers, discounts, and other additional perks

Setup listing fee

The delivery app like Quiqup clone charges the respective professionals with a specific amount as a setup listing fee

Frequently asked questions

We have provided some FAQs of the Quiqup clone app for your reference

Yes, we do provide white-labeled solutions along with cutting-edge technologies and end-to-end support for on-demand delivery app like Quiqup clone
Yes, we will provide the complete web and mobile Quiqup clone app source code for your delivery business
We will assist you in launching the Quiqup clone app on major platforms such as the Google play store, Apple play store, and in your company’s server
We will provide our full support and assistance even after the Quiqup clone script post-delivery launch
There is no such specific number. Many users can access the Quiqup clone script simultaneously without any hurdles
Can we integrate multiple payment options in our delivery app like Quiqup clone?
The cost of the Quiqup clone script completely depends on the following factors such as features, functionalities, and other such requirements involved in the delivery business

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