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Nestaway clone app development

A white-labeled solution with complete source code

The Nestaway clone script is an online home rental network for shared accommodation, specifically catering to the long-term needs of the end-users. An app like Nestaway clone offers a wide range of home rental services along with customized features and functionalities. Our Nestaway clone app lets the users browse, book, buy or rent a home according to their choices across different cities

The online home rental network like the Nestaway clone script provides user-friendly interfaces to ensure a standard experience for the end-users. Our Nestaway clone is flexible with both the web and mobile (Android and iOS) platforms. The profitable Nestaway clone app lets the service seekers easily connect with the home rental professionals or agents to meet their necessities in no time

What are you waiting for? Develop a promising home rental platform like the Nestaway clone app and serve the end-users with a standard quality service. Onmobee offers a determined team of professionals to help you in building an app like Nestaway clone for your online home rental business. Launch your Nestaway clone app and empower your business in a streamlined manner by earning more growth and profit

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Why build an app like Nestaway clone?

Onmobee provides the lucrative Nestaway clone app that thrives the real estate marketplace and brings large investments from the end-users. The home rental portal like Nestaway clone gathers both the users and agents under a single roof. The investment is manifold in the real estate home rental networks such as the Nestaway clone script. Our 100% customized Nestaway clone script is pre-loaded with advanced features and user-friendly interfaces to cater the services to users all over the world

if you're one of the hopeful business professionals waiting to build a successful app like Nestaway clone for your business? Then I would strongly recommend the appealing Nestaway clone script for your online home rental platform. On the other hand, it uplifts your home rental Nestaway clone app business by providing massive popularity and benefit the stakeholders of the real estate business in many aspects

The packages offered by Nestaway clone script

Comprehensive stakeholders provided by the home rental platform to meet all your business needs in a possible way

  • Customer Mobile App
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel
  • Agent Mobile App
  • Agent Web Panel

The Highlighted Features offered by our Nestaway clone app

Onmobee provides exclusive features and functionalities for your home rental marketplace

Featured home rentals

The admin can display the featured home rentals on the top of the home page in the Nestaway clone app

Manage ads and banners

The admin manages the ads and banners of the Nestaway clone script home rental platform effectively

Multi-language system

Our Nestaway clone home rental marketplace offers multiple languages for the convenience of the users

Multiple payments

The Nestaway clone script offers multiple payment methods to ensure safe and secured payment


Integrate the new version of Google API so that the users will be able to evaluate distance on the map easily

Gallery and media manager

Set up a customized gallery by creating, editing, deleting, uploading the files as per your business needs

Invite and earn

The end-users can share the Nestaway clone app with their family or friends and earn reward points

History portal

The previously sold-out home rentals details along with the user's info can be viewed in the Nestaway clone

Rate the properties

This feature lets the users rate the respective home rentals accordingly in the Nestaway clone script

The captivating Nestaway clone script for your home rental business

What makes us unique from other home rental platforms?

Our home rental platform like Nestaway clone script stands apart from its competitors due to its exclusive characteristics

  • Analytical dashboard for admin
  • Extensive customizations
  • Safe and secured installation
  • Multi-service platforms
  • Scalable performance
  • Timely deployment
  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • Support and help

Why do you prefer to choose the Nestaway clone app from us?

User-friendly system

The home rental portal like Nestaway clone offers end support and cutting-edge technologies

White-labeled solution

We will provide you a white-labeled solution along with advanced features and functionalities

100 % source code

Our Nestaway clone script offers the complete web and mobile source code for your business

Highly customizable app

An app like Nestaway clone can be easily customized according to your business requirements

Third-party integration

The third-party tools can be integrated into the Zoopla clone to enhance your business

Support and assistance

We have a powerful team of professionals to offer their full support and assistance anytime

The working module of the Nestaway clone script

Easy login

The user can log in to the Nestaway clone app using their social media credentials

Browse properties

This feature lets the user browse the desired homes listed in the Nestaway clone script

Send request

The users can also send a request to the agent to buy the respective home they wish to

Integrated payment

Our Nestaway clone provides various payment options for the end-users to ensure secure pay

Accept request

Once the agent approves the incoming request the users will receive a confirmation message


The users can also drop their honest feedback about the rental homes in the Nestaway clone

The features of Nestaway clone for admin panel

The admin manages the complete operations carried forward in the home rental platform

  • System dashboard

    The admin monitors all the ongoing functional activities of your home rental business appropriately
  • Monitoring users

    The admin manages and maintains the entire database of the users registered to the Nestaway clone app
  • Multiple categories

    This featured section manages multiple categories of rental homes listed in an app like Nestaway clone
  • Apply offers

    The admin manages the promo codes or offers which is to be applied for the desired rentals in the Nestaway clone
  • Inventory management

    The inventory is managed seamlessly by integrating the third-party tools into the Nestaway clone script
  • Subscriptions

    Our Nestaway clone creates multiple subscription plans for the home rental agents or brokers accordingly
  • Analytics and reports

    The analytics and reports of the home rental platform are managed by the admin in an effective manner
  • Retention

    Our Nestaway clone app rewards the home rental agents for their good conduct by gifting loyalty points
  • Help and support

    An app like Nestaway clone provides easy access to help and support the end-users inquiries and more

The features of the Nestaway clonefor users

Our Nestaway clone app provides the users with a productive home rental marketplace

Smooth onboarding

The users can easily board into the Nestaway clone script by using the username or other credentials

Dynamic search

The users can also search the listed home rentals in the Nestaway clone app according to their preferences


    The user can send a request to the agent to buy a desired home rental listed in the Nestaway clone script

    View agents info

    The users can check agents details, listed home rentals, reviews, etc in the Nestaway clone script


In-app notification

Our Nestaway clone app notifies users about bookings, newly added rentals, etc via in-app notification

E-wallet pay

The users can directly pay their payment using a house rental Nestaway clone app e-wallet pay

Optimized routes

An app like Nestaway clone has an in-built map for users to reach the location quickly using the optimized routes

In-app chat

The users can reach out to the respective agents directly in case of any inquiries using the in-app chat

The features of Nestaway clone for agent panel

Our Nestaway clone app agents/brokers lists out their home rentals easily

  • Registration

    The agents can register to the Nestaway clone script home rental platform using their credentials
  • Manage account

    The agents can set up their account by providing names, contact details, properties in the Nestaway clone
  • Verify documents

    The originality of documents are checked thoroughly to run the home rental business appropriately
  • Manage homes

    This feature lets the agents manage the listed home rentals in an app like Nestaway clone accordingly
  • Categorized properties

    The agents can categorize the properties listed in the Nestaway clone script home rental portal
  • Accept or reject

    The agent either accepts or rejects the incoming request from the users according to their comforts
  • Availability toggle

    The home rental agents can enable their availability, working hours, etc in our Nestaway clone app
  • Earnings portal

    This featured section lets the agents track their earnings on a weekly/monthly basis and keep updated
  • Resolve inquiries

    The agents clarify the inquiries and doubts of the users and provide them constant support anytime

How to earn revenue from the Nestaway clone home rental platform??

The revenue model of the pragmatic Nestaway clone script

Hosting fees

Our Nestaway clone app charges the home rental agents who make use of the platform to sell/rent their homes

Subscription-based model

The users can sign up for the subscription model and access the Nestaway clone script without any ads and gain additional benefits

Promotional posts

An app like Nestaway clone permits the home rental agents or brokers to promote the business and services for free

Commissions earned

Earn a respective commission for every successful selling of homes through the Nestaway clone app platform

Frequently asked questions

We have provided some FAQs of the Nestaway clone app for your reference

We do provide white-labeled solutions along with interactive deliverables and packages for an app like Nestaway clone
Yes, we will provide our complete guidance in launching the Nestaway clone on all major platforms such as Google play store, Apple play store, and in your company’s server
Yes, the Nestaway clone app can be easily customized according to your home rental business requirements
We will offer our full support and assistance even after the Nestaway clone app post-delivery launch
The cost of development completely relies on the following factors such as features, functionalities and other such resources to be incorporated in the Nestaway clone script
Yes, we can integrate multiple payment options in the home rental Nestaway clone script according to your business requirements
There is no such specific number. Many users can access the Nestaway clone app and avail the services simultaneously

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