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Build your online ecommerce platform like the Meesho clone script for your business with white-labeled solutions

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Meesho clone app development

OnMobee offers you the ready-made reseller e-commerce platform like Meesho clone script for your online shopping and delivery business. Our meesho clone script app lets the seller buy the products or items online from the wholesalers of the reselling platforms. The sellers by adding a profit line resells the purchased products directly to the customers via social media platforms

The re-sellers can also promote their products through social media campaigns and advertise their products online and earn more growth in sales and revenue. An app like Meesho clone provides white-labeled solutions along with customized features and functionalities. Our Meesho clone app provides end to end support along with cutting-edge technologies for your business. Our Meesho clone script is highly compatible with the web and mobile platforms

What are you waiting for? Launch a profitable reseller e-commerce platform like the Meesho clone app for your online shopping and delivery business. We have a dedicated team of professionals to assist you in building an intuitive e-commerce platform like the Meesho clone app and enrich your business in a standardized manner.

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Packages offered by our Meesho clone app

The inclusive packages provided by our Meesho clone app for the online e-commerce marketplace business

  • User Android app
  • User iOS app
  • User web app
  • Seller Android and
  • Seller iOS app
  • Admin web app

The comfy platform like Meesho clone app

Our Meesho clone script enables multiple sellers to sell their products online without any disruptions. The major advantage of the robust built Meesho clone app is that it lets the sellers earn enormous profits and revenue with zero investment.

Develop an app like Meesho clone for your business with attractive features, functionalities along with user-friendly interfaces and earn more sales and profits. In our Meesho clone app, the admin earns a commission on each vendor’s sales. Onmobee is ready to provide Meesho clone as a white label solution, allowing you to launch the successful online reselling app.

Why do you prefer to buy our Meesho clone script?

Onmobee’s Meesho clone allows even small business to enlist their products in the app. Any business type and size can launch its own Meesho clone app. Why wait? Contact our experts to know more about tailor-made Meesho clone applications suitable for your business. We are ready to offer a readymade Meesho clone script and customized solutions as per your needs.

Complete source code

We offer complete Meesho clone script web and mobile source code for your business requirements.

User-friendly system

Our Meesho clone app is designed in a user-friendly manner in order to enrich the user experience.

White-label solution

We provide you with a white-labeled solution along with highly advanced features and functionalities.

Easily customizable app

Our Meesho clone app can be highly customized in accordance with your business type and requirements.

Reduced cost and time

Our re-seller platform like the Meesho clone script reduces the cost and time of the end-users significantly.

Third-party integration

The third-party tools can be integrated with the Meesho clone script to enrich the business development.

The working module of Meesho clone script

  • Login

    Both the customers and seller can log in to the Meesho clone app using their username or other credentials.
  • List products

    The sellers can list their products information such as price, image, description, etc under various categories.
  • Browse products

    The users can browse the product and share it with their family, friends, etc through social media platforms.
  • Place an order

    The end-users place an order if they wish to buy the respective items/products from the Meesho clone app.
  • Order confirmation

    The seller either accepts or rejects the incoming order request of the customers by adding a profit margin .
  • Order delivered

    The order gets delivered to the customer and the profits will be generated back to the user’s bank account.

Are you ready to develop an ecommerce platform like the Meesho clone app for your business?

Features of Our Meesho Clone Script For Your Business

You Can Reach The Swiftly Social ECommerce Market With Our Meesho Clone Script App

Easy login

Customers can log in or register to the Meesho clone app by using their social media or other credentials.

Search and filter

The customers can surf for the respective product or item with the help of search and filter options.

    Wish lists

    This feature lets the customer to save their favorite products / items in the wish list and purchase them later.

Order history

The customers could view all the previously made orders and delivered products in the order history portal.

Meesho clone app

Apply the promo codes

The customers can avail of the promo codes and apply them for the products they order and get the discounts.

Order tracking

By using the order tracking system the customer can track the status of their order anytime and anywhere.

Live support

The customer can reach out to the live support team anytime and get their inquiries and doubts answered.

Ratings and reviews

Buyers can rate their purchased products quality and feedbacks of your service with our meesho clone script.

Features of Admin Panel - Meesho clone


Admin monitors and manages all the ongoing activities of the Meesho clone app in a significant manner.

Manage users

The admin manages and maintains all the registered users of the Meesho clone app appropriately.

Manage items

Admin can update, delete, add or modify the products or items accordingly in the app like Meesho clone.

Manage orders

The admin manages the number of orders dispatched, canceled, in progress, yet to delivered, etc efficiently.

Offers and discounts

The offers and discounts for the products are displayed on the homepage of the Meesho clone app.

Push notifications

Admin updates the customers about the orders, new arrivals, offers, and deals, etc via the SMS or email.

Commission setup

The end-users gets their commissions paid based on the profit or the number of sales carried out.

CMS settings

This feature lets the admin add, update and modify their websites content, images, etc accordingly.

Manage ratings and reviews

Admin manages the ratings and reviews uploaded by the customers in the Meesho clone app.

Features of Seller App - Meesho clone


The seller can register their product to the list in the Myntra clone app using their credentials.

List the products

The seller can upload the details of the product such as price, image, description, etc in the Meesho clone app.

    Product management

    The seller maintains and manages their products, categories, sub-categories, etc in an organized way.

Order management

This feature lets the seller manage all the incoming order requests from the customers significantly.

meesho clone seller

Accept or deny

The seller can either accept or deny the incoming order request sent by the customer from their end.

Manage inventory

The inventory is managed seamlessly by integrating the third-party tools into the Meesho clone script.

Resolve inquiries

All the inquiries about the product, product’s price, etc are answered and reloved by the seller smoothly.

Social media sharing

The seller can share the products with their family and friends via social media platforms such as WhatsApp etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Meesho clone

Yes, we will provide you with white-labeled solutions that can be integrated according to your business requirements.
Yes, we provide the complete web and mobile source code to you for your business. We just host the app on the server-side.
We can integrate multiple payment methods such as COD(Cash on delivery), UPI pay, credit/debit card, etc according to your business needs.
Yes, the Meesho clone app is 100% customizable loaded with highly advanced features and functionalities.
We provide our full support anytime. So do not worry we won't leave you as such even after your final release.
We assist you in launching the Meesho clone app on all major platforms such as google play store and apple play store and also in your company’s server.
The development process completely depends upon the features, functionalities, and requirements of the app.

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